Billboard 200: Adele’s ’30’ Set for Second Week at #1 with Super-Sized Sales

Published: Wednesday 1st Dec 2021 by Sam

Adele is leaving no doubt about her continued dominance of the music landscape.

For, after launching at #1 with the year’s biggest sales, the superstar’s ’30’ album is now poised to extend its residence atop of the Billboard 200. 

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The ‘Easy On Me’ led LP premiered with mammoth sales of 839,000 in the US and is now tracking towards another week of slayage.

According to Hits Daily Double, ’30’ will remain in pole position with projected sales of 260,000 units. Of that sum 201,000 are traditional sales; which makes clear that the British belter is continuing to excel with physical formats and is also delivering healthily on the streaming scene too.

As reported, Adele is heading to Vegas and has lined up ‘Oh My God’ as the next official single from ’30.’ So, it ought to be interesting to see how the project’s performance plays out in the weeks and months ahead.

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  1. Flopyonce December 1, 2021

    Flop sales compared to her last white træsh albums. It’s what this boring beluga whale deserves. Hope she catches Rona.

    • kevo December 1, 2021

      Dammm!!!!! you sound really f***** up in the head with all that hate and raciest garbage you had to say

      • Traumatica December 1, 2021

        Na… You don’t need to be bothered. They are truly f***** in the head.

    • Paulo December 1, 2021

      girl shut up. Platinum in pure sales in 2 weeks, no one does that anymore. she doesn’t have to worry about breaking her chart records when no one else is even close to breaking them.

    • Marshamarshamarsha December 1, 2021

      Flop? Where loser???

      Adele’s album has sold over 1 million copies in pure sales. She accomplished this feat in just two weeks!

      Most of your flop favs struggle to hit 100k in pure sales!

      Adele has a mature fanbase that consists of mostly 30+ millennials and Gen X. They’re supporting! The TikTok generation only streams.

      They are not the same!

      It’s the holiday season too, so expect major numbers from her throughout the remainder of 2021. 30 is a wonderful stocking stuffer.

  2. Lizel December 1, 2021

    Everybody knows by now that adele ‘s 30 album had huge album sales and sold more than any other artist including drake. Who cares?? Time to move on already. Her album isn’t even that great 🙄 I hope she waits until she is 40 to release a new album and other artists can breathe and have a chance at number one and have huge album sales. I think some us are getting tired of reading about her and reading her name. She is becoming now the meghan and harry on the music scene, overrated, overhyped, overcredit. Just a reminder she started with 116 countries the number one song and album it is less now after a week not that impressive and she is number one on billboard overtook taylor swift. Move on already from adele. It was nice when she was quiet for years now it is only adele this and adele that, only her fans listens to her boring album and think something of her new music. Her non fans (like myself) don’t see the hype and think nothing of her new album or music or her for that matter. Some people say it isn’t her best work and not that impressed. One critic gave her album grade C. So move on already. We all know now she had huge album sales even sold more than drake and taylor swift. Already old news.

  3. Lizel December 1, 2021

    And if people want to know go check the global itunes and how adele is charting and get a clue and i meant some of us are getting tired. She only has the number one song world wide she lost the number one song in the United states and united kingdom on itunes i think. Not that impressive after a week, and her song is at the number one for 40 days only because they release it as a single a couple of days before the full album is released that is why it is so high and looks so impressive. If you only count the days after the album is released it is far less.

  4. Adele Fan December 1, 2021

    Wow this is amazing congrats. Easy On Me Top 2 on iTunes still. The album is still #1. Second single already a Top 5 hit lmao!! Show them how it’s done Adele.

    • NorMotivation December 1, 2021

      Flop, she barely made 200k this week lol. She is doing Meghan Trainors’ number in Title album 😂

      • Adele Fan December 1, 2021

        Next time if your going to comment please come with facts because you’re talking non sense. This is the second week of release and she’s already platinum. Her pure sales are unmatched 893k sold without bundling and concert tickets. There is no comparison. Megan Trainor’s album sales for “Title” 1st week is not even close to what Adele sold FIRST week. Title debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 issued for January 31, 2015, with 238,000 album-equivalent units during its first week and 195K in pure sales that’s a flop!! Adele’s second week sales trumps Megan’s first week. You’re talking non sense. I know your trolling at this point. Easy On Me bout to be #1 next week again. The album is already platinum and her pure sales are massive for 2021. Megan and company could NEVA EVA!! That’s a FACT!!

      • NorMotivation December 1, 2021

        All About That Bass >>>>> Easy On Me lol 😂 😂😂😂😂

      • Adele Fan December 2, 2021

        What’s your point? Adele has two DIAMOND studio albums. Unfortunately Megan Trainor is a one hit wonder. Her last album flopped badly. No comparison at all between the two. If Megan sells 3.4 million first week then she’s on Adele’s level.

  5. Adele and Mariah Fan December 1, 2021

    When your faves sells 3.4 million copies first week or even breaks this record then you can speak to me. If they haven’t broken this record keep it moving. Congrats to Adele on having the biggest sales of 2021 for SPS and pure sales. Your faves could NEVER!!

    • Yonce December 1, 2021

      Yonce outshined your fave with Beyonve visual album which sold 617k in 3 days with no promo and no sympathy sales

    • True Tea December 1, 2021

      Hun ur Fav is not a Billionaire nor the highest selling POP artist of all time. Your Fav has set a record like others have done. Records are a dime a dozen.

    • Adele and Mariah Fan December 2, 2021

      Very good and that’s great. In the U.S. Adele’s 25 sold 2.3 million after three days of availability, becoming the fastest-selling album of the 21st century and the best-selling album of 2015. The album was not available for streaming only for purchase. These are pure sales alone.

  6. Jam December 2, 2021

    Calling Adele a flop is the pure definition of irony… This woman can outsell every other female artist in the entire music industry. I don’t think Taylor can outdo Adele…

    • Yonce December 2, 2021

      Let’s see and wait for Adele’s 8th album. She might not sell as high as Taylor or Beyoncé at all.

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