Jussie Smollett’s Lawyers Cite COVID & His “Compromised Immune System” As Grounds for Immediate Jail Release

Published: Tuesday 15th Mar 2022 by Rashad

Less than a week after Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail for a hoax hate crime against himself, the embattled singer-actor has already seen his short stay behind bar riddled with controversy.

First, his brother – Jocqui Smollett – took to social media to reveal the former ‘Empire’ star was placed under psychiatric care from fear of ‘self-harm’ despite the 39-year-old’s court outburst to assert the contrary.

Next, the #FreeJussie movement took flight and saw names like Academy & EMMY Award nominee Taraji P. Henson among the notable names on board.

Now, the initiative’s charging full steam ahead with Jussie’s defense team mounting a list of reasons why he needs to be freed immediately.

After one of Smollett’s siblings reported they’d received ‘vicious threats’ via a slew of phone calls following the star’s jail sentencing, his defense team moved forward with filing a motion for immediate jail release.

In the motion they suggest protective custody won’t be enough to keep him safe as it would ultimately act as “solitary confinement” which could inflict “extraordinary damage on his mental health.”  What’s more, they assert his “compromised immune system” makes his “potential exposure” to Covid-19 a “serious health risk” if he remains detained.

The news comes shortly after sources connected to Jussie said he believed his race was a key factor in his sentencing.

According to TMZ, the singer-actor fully expected to get jail time before his sentencing and allegedly told his defense team he would likely be treated more harshly because of his skin color.

The sentiment was echoed by his younger sister – award-winning actress Jurnee Smollett.  Click here to read her statement.


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  1. truthteller March 15, 2022

    Jussie’s family are behind the threatening calls. Faking stuff clearly runs in the family.

  2. Shayla Queen™ 👑 March 15, 2022

    This man is just sickening 🤮

  3. Molly the Maid March 15, 2022

    Compromised immune system…what’s his T-cell count and viral load?

    • Josh March 15, 2022

      Not funny.😐 What’s yours?

      • DioraCouture March 15, 2022

        the ONLY THING that can be inferred is that they’re refrring to A***….

  4. Truth March 15, 2022

    So now his status gets outed? Aren’t there one a day pills to keep him undetectable ??

    Said he was good with his punishment but now he’s not, right? Too good for it, right. Narcissist

  5. J March 15, 2022

    Help him Lord. They didn’t have to say that lol

    Y’all stay safe in them sheets

  6. Chilepleaseee March 15, 2022

    Why is everyone assuming he’s positive? There are many other diseases that can cause a compromised immune system like kidney disease or lupus. Don’t jump to conclusions

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