Kim Burrell Apologizes for “Ugly” Church Sermon, Threatens Critics with Legal Action

Published: Tuesday 19th Jul 2022 by Sam

Kim Burrell has expressed regret for the shocking remarks made during a church sermon that has gone viral.

However, her words were paired with a warning for those dabbling in “slander and defamation” of her name.

Full story below…

In a video that has now been watched millions of times online, the Gospel singer is seen saying:

“You choose up. Find you some value, you know?

Sometimes before we get friends we have to do an interview: How long you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your light bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer home or a house?”

Elsewhere, she quipped:

“I don’t know maybe you got a little left from your PPP loan. Prayer, Praise and Power.. you understand.” 

Oddly, concluding she said:

“I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is great. You all look great. Most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway. Here’s to you.”

While the congregation appeared to agree, social media en masse did not. And the blowback has been unrelenting.

Addressing the drama, Burrell said:

“As a kingdom citizen and a woman of integrity, I can acknowledge that some of my words, even if said in jest can be offensive. My intention is never to hurt anyone but to spread love, laughter and more importantly, the gift which God has given me in song.

If anyone was offended I can sincerely say I apologize.”

She then went on to threaten legal action against critics for “slandering” and “defaming” her character.

Read after the full statement:

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  1. True Tea July 19, 2022

    WTF? I’m so f*ckin’ confused. I read her comments and I don’t understand the outrage. She did NOT slander anyone particularly and the read was lightweight.

    She went viral over this yet Khia has roasted damn near the entire Industry and told them to suck her p**** for a pork chop, lol

    • SoPlush July 19, 2022

      She is always in the pulpit being offensive and nasty. This is church where the standards are supposed to be higher. She’s supposed to be exhibiting Gods love. Throwing shade and being outright rude has no place in the pulpit. There’s no comparison to Kanye. She’s supposed to be a minister of the gospel. She’s proven time and time again to be a hypocrite. That’s why people don’t f*** with church now…

      • Zenn July 19, 2022

        I stopped f****** with her after that contestant on Sundays Best rightfully got her and Donnie’s disrespectful asses together.

      • Kelly December 27, 2022

        I do, I F#%& with church because I believe in and love Jesus, and I don’t look for perfection in others, even in church, but my focus stays concentrated on Jesus and the commonality between other believers I meet and worship with at church, and I don’t concentrate or let my focus be on others or where we differ or their mistakes or anything. It’s all about Jesus and that’s where we celebrate a commonality. There are also many others doing the same so many people F%#^ with church and love it and enjoy it because they learn about Jesus and God’s word and get to meet others with totally different backgrounds, social status and skin color and learn to understand and love Jesus as well as each other.

    • WTF July 19, 2022

      💯 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
      This was fun shade during a sermon…. pastors/speakers do it ALL the time in the black church. Misplaced outrage chile

      • True Tea July 19, 2022

        Her speech is about “standards”. So when ppl talk about standards, y’all say it is hate speech.

        WTF is she suppose to talk about then? Especially given the current state of the youth. Our youth is literally crying out for role models yet you guys cancel them all while upholding drug addicts, ratchet a$$ hos and some of the most problematic individuals such as Lizzo who publicly stated…she has no rules in her relationship, lol And there was no outrage yet she promotes Black girl magic.

        Everyone is NOT a hater. Facts are Facts…Some of us don’t GAF if you like it or nah!!! Kim is actually very PC. The church apparently ain’t heard no real reads since this here is going viral.

      • Hmm July 19, 2022

        It’s simple, Kim Burrell is a pastor. Her comments may have been playful, but they still were crass and offensive. Pastor’s should be held to a standard and level of integrity that exceeds the standards for the Kanye’s and Khia’s of the world. Kim needs to be mindful of what she says. But she’s apologized and now people need to move on.

      • Apostle July 19, 2022

        Gays need to leave all that shade and reads in the ballroom and out of the church… that’s why the church is a joke now! There is a time and place for “fun shade” and the house of the Lord isn’t one of them! How many people did she draw to Christ with her negativity?

      • True Tea July 20, 2022

        Yes Kim should have standards, no one is disagreeing with this. I’m seeing where ppl have canceled Kim because she is “mean” lol

        Considering the crop of ppl we have representing the culture, we definitely shouldn’t be canceling Kim over her recent statements or slandering her to the point…she has to sue.

        Again keep that same energy for these ratchet hos, criminals and drug addicts y’all LOVE to stan.

      • Apostle July 20, 2022

        Kim doesn’t represent the culture, shes supposed to represent Christ. Do you even know who she is?

      • True Tea July 20, 2022


        Did I say Kim represented the culture? My argument is ppl are quick to cancel Kim but make excuses for these celebrities whom are far more problematic.

        We agree Kim is suppose to represent Christ.

      • WTF July 20, 2022

        @ Apostle. Just be quiet. A sermon about having standards with a little bit of humor is nothing to be up in arms about. The only people offended are the self-righteous, ultra-sensitive, “churchy” people like yourself who throw around their holiness like a spear. Does the Bible say we can’t laugh in House of the Lord? Does the Bible say we can’t joke with each other? Churchy people being offended by the truth isn’t anything new. Jesus offended the Pharisees with His teachings and kept it moving. Kim will be just fine.

      • Apostle July 20, 2022

        @WTF your name is fitting. Kim is not Jesus. She is a minister of the gospel. This isn’t her first offense to which has proven that she hasn’t seeked true deliverance like yourself. I think her witness proves that she isn’t “fine”. Get saved.

      • Hmm July 20, 2022

        No, the Bible doesn’t say that we can’t laugh. But it does say that we should be compassionate and mindful of our tongues. Kim may not be all of the nasty things people are making her out to be, but she most definitely is not beyond reproach.

      • WTF July 20, 2022

        @Apostle. # 1, I’m saved and I love the Lord. # 2 Who said Kim was Jesus? The point I was making is that Pharisees, who thought there were the holiest of holies, were offended by the message of Jesus Christ Himself…soooo church people being offended by the truth is nothing new! # 3 We’re not talking about Kim’s prior offenses, we’re talking about THIS SPECIFIC offense that’s being levied against her. That’s y’all’s churchy folks’ problem…preaching about forgiveness yet ALWAYS bringing up the past in an effort to condemn someone. YOU need to be saved.

      • WTF July 20, 2022

        @ hmm…yes Kim has issues (as well ALL do…even those who are saved), but I will NEVER co-sign a statement that a child of God is beyond reproach.

      • Apostle July 20, 2022

        The past is very relevant when there’s a pattern of abusive behavior which Kim possesses. You can choose to overlook such because of her runs but she has NO place in the pulpit. She should be sat down and seek God for real. You should do the same. Selah!

      • WTF July 20, 2022

        I don’t give a damn about Kim’s runs, vocally or with her two feet. What I do care about are her actions and her motives behind those actions. I haven’t seen anything to give me pause. Yeah perhaps her manner of conveying the message wasn’t the most eloquent or refined, but it was still truthful. There’s absolutely NO REASON to condemn this woman. You starched and ironed, holier-than-thou church folks would condemn Jesus Christ Himself if he spoke out of turn during one of your services. So clearly, you “woke” Christians need to wake up and stop allowing Instagram and black Twitter to commandeer your thoughts and dictate your opinions towards the Body of Christ.

      • Apostle July 20, 2022

        @WTF oh okay. The word of God is the ONLY truth, not fun shade behind the pulpit. Clearly there’s no getting through to you. We can agree that you’re incorrect. Please be blessed.

      • True Tea July 20, 2022


        The church is bounded by a secular spirit. A whole entire generation is heading for self-destruction while so called Christians remain silent on the side line. (Doesn’t matter the race either)

        People no longer see the church as allies anymore. Case in point….Macy Gray who spoke out recently yet received virtually no “public” support from so called Christian ppl.

        Then of course there is the “racism” within’ Christianity, that’s been overlooked for decades for actual HATE speech and social division.

        The Christian religion has been hijacked by racists and church members who prefer an Americanized lifestyle. Sadly the church has bent backwards to maintain it’s membership.

        Now we can longer identify the differences between church and secular. OG Pastors warned about this decades ago when it’s members 1st began challenging them.

        The Pastor’s job is also telling members how they’re suppose to carry themselves according to scripture but Pastors for decades have been criticized for doing this.

        That’s something you continue to downplay.

      • KimFatAssBurrell July 20, 2022

        So it’s ok to be a sanctified bully? Gotcha 🤣

      • True Tea July 20, 2022

        Sweetheart at the end of the day, Kim hasn’t canceled anyone’s church membership. So who are the one’s with the stank a$$ attitudes?

        You MF’s sure be canceling ppl like y’all don’t be on social media shaking y’all a**es for the whole world.

        Sis we can do this all day if you wanna talk being sanctified, lol

    • Golden July 20, 2022

      Anybody who has spent any length of their life in church knows this ugly spirit and women like this who are just mean, and nasty but cover it in – the truth or the Lord put it on my heart & who can’t be corrected. They are usually the worst with kids and young adults who don’t have the authority to speak back.

  2. True Tea July 19, 2022

    And for those who say…She’s a Christian.

    Kayne is also a Christian and he was embraced by Christians who allowed him to have “free speech” and flaunt Kim K around as a trophy wife.

    Keep the same energy…

  3. Mr. RCW July 19, 2022

    Didn’t they cancel her and those hoarse ass vocal’s already? She’s always been mean spirited in my opinion. Girl bye!!

  4. UHoesFunny July 19, 2022

    I’ve always seen her for who she was, even before she got canceled. You can see the evil in her, if you look 👀

  5. Zenn July 19, 2022

    Kim Barrell is disgusting. Fake ass nice nasty church lady. She can’t be going to heaven with that haughty attitude.

  6. Claremont July 19, 2022

    WHos this old dusty flop?

  7. joyce July 19, 2022

    i lost my interest in her when she laughed and humiliated that young man on sunday best

  8. JustSaying July 19, 2022

    The remarks are not even that offensive. She was clearly joking. The only people who would be offended are the brokies that she was referring to who can’t pay their light bill.

    • Apostle July 19, 2022

      People like you and Kim Burrell are the reason churches sit empty every Sunday now. There was no love in what she said. The pulpit comes with great responsibility and she abuses it time and time again. Seek deliverance:

      • Hmm July 20, 2022

        And you’re right!!!

  9. Laz July 20, 2022

    She’s a vile woman. I never hear her saying anything nice or uplifting. It’s always rude, snarky remarks. Seems to me like she’s projecting her disappointments and insecurities upon her church members but what do I know!!

  10. LUDA July 20, 2022


  11. AvoidtheChurch July 20, 2022

    It’s not the church I avoid, it’s the so-called Christians who are no different than the rest of the world. Especially the ones who are supposedly leaders. She and so many more are the reason why I steer clear.

  12. Don H July 24, 2022

    First, scripture does not allow women to serve in the role of ” pastor” or Co pastor. James says” out of the same mouth Blessing and Cursing” out not to be. Only a false believer ( self serving ) would make a pretense apology then seek revenge on her accusers ” liability “. Scripture bares out the need to pray for your enemies. Greedy dog false pastors and weak bible confused Believer’s ( on milk ) have fed into these so called gospel singers whose god is their belly ( lover of money ). True sincere Godly worship is not to be entertained but to hear , obey and follow the word of God. Gospel shows / theatre are a way that Satan promotes to mislead true worship to God and his son, Jesus Christ.

  13. Eddie Lott July 27, 2022


  14. Eddie Lott July 27, 2022


  15. dwayne August 8, 2022

    kim if u gonna keep saying mean things at church please go have a sit down with god baby thats not right and u know it hurt poeple hurt people.

  16. Millinese Lucas August 29, 2022

    I have watched Kim Burrell for a long time and she has always been nasty and mean spirited. The church world idolized her for her gift, but she had no integrity ever. Now it time to pay the piper. She needs to repent and get it right before she has no more chances. All who have allowed and cosigned her mess is accountable as well‼️

  17. Truly Blessed September 29, 2022

    Well my thought is that there is some things that just should not be said over the pulpit, yes some have little saying and have the congregation laughing but then there is some sayings that you just should not use over the pulpit….when she said some of yall she talking about someone in the congregation, talking about being ugly hiding under hats, people’s ppp loans, light bills in other peoples names she continue to say y’all, so that leaves me to say you are assuming that the people in the congregation are doing this may be true maybe not, but this is not the place to put people down for whatever they might have done because if anything why don’t she put herself on the platform and say what she has done, like people saying she applied for a PPP Loan and how other people are criticizing her about other stuff she mad mad, well think of other people how they feel when you say some of “YALL”..I say to be safe just PREACH THE WORD OF GOD! something is wrong because this is not the first time Kim has been talked about how she does things. This is my opinion.

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