Ciara Covers Ebony / Reveals New Uptempo Album “Takes Me Back to My First” Project

Published: Wednesday 14th Sep 2022 by Sam

Ciara is continuing to prove that she is an unstoppable force and she celebrates aid status on the cover of Ebony Magazine’s September/October issue.

Introduced to the world as a potent performer, the 36-year-old has expanded her empire and is making major moves as a businesswoman.

Indeed, she’s launched fashion line LITA, released fragrances, penned a children’s book, and recently unveiled a new skincare lineOAM (On A Mission).

Still, CiCi has music firmly on her mind. Namely her upcoming eighth studio album.

Fans were treated to a taste of the LP with lead single ‘Jump’ and, within her interview feature, the superstar reveals that there’s more tempo on the way.

Head below for pics and insights into Ciara’s next musical chapter…

Speaking on the album (her first since 2019’s ‘Beauty Marks’), the budding mogul said:

“I’m so excited! It’s such a joy and a gift to share my music with the world; I never take it for granted. I love being able to create a project and show everyone what I’ve been vibing to. For my “Jump” record it’s been so great working with [music video director] Dave Meyers to execute my vision. I think one of the greatest things that came out of the pandemic is realizing we’re all much stronger than we thought we were, and we’re all trying to find ways to thrive. The world can never have enough joy, the world can ever never have enough love and the world can definitely never have enough dance.”

As for what fans can expect specifically, she added:

“There’s so much energy in this album because I want to make the world dance—that’s always been my thing. It’s the tempo and beat I’ve been moving to in my music, and the key sentiments I’ve poured into this album. There is an R&B core in these records. To be honest, this album feels nostalgic. It takes me back to my first album in a way that no project I’ve done to this point has before.”

Peep more snaps below…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Ebony / Keith Major]

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  1. JayDuh September 14, 2022

    I can’t wait for Ciara to come back and show these untalented girls how it’s done😍

    • Clarks0o00ñ September 14, 2022

      Her former label gave her back her master for FREE. Gurl, she ain’t showing nobody nothing and this is coming from a Ciara stan. I grew up with cici

  2. Tori September 14, 2022

    Absolute beautiful shoot❕Absolute wasted cover story❗️For someone who believed in Ciara, one thing she will do is LIE about her music. “CIARA” was her steps stool into mainstream stardom again, she could’ve a powerful force, especially touring❕She let that all go and went back to aspiring Pop star to flop continuously. I don’t think anyone cares anymore.

    • Starbaby September 14, 2022

      I believe Ciara was blacklisted in some shape, form or fashion. I never seen a career deteriorate so fast in my life. It’s not like she wasn’t releasing good music. The music AND the visuals are good. Everyone started hating her at the same time. Ciara should have been up there with Beyonce and Rihanna in terms of success.

      • Clarks0o00ñ September 14, 2022

        Nobody black listed her.

        Ride was a terrible single and that was the start of her down fall. She never had a core fanbase unlike Rihanna or beyonce

        Her label gave her back her masters for free. that’s how useless her music is

      • Starbaby September 14, 2022

        False. She doesn’t own her entire masters. Only her much later work like Level Up etc. No label is giving her Goodies. 1, 2 Step, Get Up or other big hits for free. That narrative needs to cease. 😂 She dropped bomb music and visuals between 2008-2012 and they went majorly ignored. Something was going on behind the scenes. Even artists like Lloyd were openly insulting her as if she was nothing.

      • Dionne Warwick September 14, 2022

        Ciara’s career went downhill after posing n*** for Vibe Magazine. Plus lets not forget how she was ushered in on a trend “The Princess of Crunk ‘n B”. Welp Crunk n B came and went….

  3. Kirby September 14, 2022

    Ciara looks stunning!!!

  4. Pat September 14, 2022

    Jump wasn’t it. Not sure why it got the green light. Her biggest hits are all urban leaning. Give us some mid tempo bass and dance ..swag

    • Keith September 14, 2022

      @Pat: I agree. I want her to win (musically) but I’m not sure who is A&R-ing her. They make the wrong choices…Nice photo shoot, tho!

    • Clarks0o00ñ September 14, 2022

      The video was fire. Everybody were hyping it on Twitter. 4.9 million views. Lol

      Black twitter is evil. Yall hype these girls up but yall never stream

  5. XYZ September 14, 2022

    Hopefully with better material than that last horrible single. Ciara is often hit and miss, though I like her albums mostly by 70-80%. I often dont get why she gets this hate. She is beautiful, can dance and has some bops

  6. Shayla Qunt September 14, 2022

    Is it still a hermaphrodite? That’s all I wanna know lmaooo

  7. Tongue’Fcukk September 14, 2022

    All has been said & done but i just wanna add the fact its literally not easy being black & successful in white America honestly. She’s talented but aint poppin cuz she black or is she just unlucky??

    • eddie93 September 14, 2022

      Ciara is considered one of the baddest and gorgeous women in black entertainment, she is definitely supported by these white fashion designers, her team is made up of white people. I think the problem with Ciara’s music success (or lack of) is her struggling to land on a sound that’s right for her. She’s experimented with Pop, just like Janet did in the 90s and 00s but the industry changed too drastically and too soon, she was trying to incorporate marketing tactics that worked for Janet in the 90s – All for You era but these tactics don’t really work in the newer era. She simply struggled to stay ahead of the curb. The moment 2007 came, crunk was over. She has enough songwriting and vocal talent to do different sounds and pull them off (Love S** Magic, I’m On, Overdose, Give Me Love) those are great pop-leaning records as well as her r&b mid-tempo love songs (Promise, Can’t Leave Em Alone, Body Party). However she paid $100k to get the video done for Gimmie Dat, her label wouldn’t back it and they even had the song removed from urban radio, so she struggled with label support for many many years, if you don’t have a machine behind you, you’re not really in the competition.

    • Tongue’Fcukk September 14, 2022

      Thanx @eddie for sharing that knowledge i was quite confused

  8. Chilepleaseee September 14, 2022

    I like Ciara but she hasn’t had a good album since the self titled one. She needs to get with a real producer to guide her because whatever she’s doing isn’t working.

  9. Paulo September 14, 2022

    I’m reading the theories in the mentions but nothing makes sense lol had Ciara been blacklisted she wouldn’t be as booked as she is when she’s been flopping for so long real talk.

    but she is still paid and pretty and now gets to release the music she wants on her own label at her own pace. a lot of people would kill for that!

  10. Erica September 14, 2022

    Her first album is her best album tbh

  11. True Tea September 14, 2022

    Ciara look AMAZING!

    Maybe modeling is her calling? She is serving FACE & BODY!

    No wonder Russ keep shooting the club up….


    Shoot it up Zaddy. 🫦

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