Chrisette Michele Pens Heartfelt Message About Her 3-Year Divorce: “It’s Lasted Longer the Marriage”

Published: Saturday 5th Nov 2022 by Rashad

It’s been nearly 6 years since Chrisette Michele experienced a seismic backlash for singing at the inauguration of former U.S. president Donald Trump, but the R&B diva continues to grapple with the effects of the fall from grace.

The boycott launched against her at the time saw her music streams and sales steeply drop, which led to difficulty filling concert venues on tour and eventually saw her dropped from her record label.  As if the professional woes weren’t doing enough damage, she later revealed the impact the downfall played in the dissolution of her marriage to Doug “Biggs” Ellison.

Because action on the latter is ongoing, the Grammy-winning singer took to Instagram to describe how the process has taken an emotional toll despite her best efforts to soldier on.

Look inside to read her heartfelt words.


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Sharing that a friend recently encouraged her to open up about the divorce proceedings because many of her loyal supporters may have had similarly difficult experiences, Chrisette penned a lengthy post about the split from her ex-husband.

“Some days when I’m traveling, I’m heading to court cases. I smile but I might feel sad that day and wear my shades. Some days, I’m listening to the latest Karen Kingsbury book while headed to the gym for a fun workout with my trainer. I might feel full of joy and excitement,” Michele relayed before writing, “Still some days I feel a little happiness and a little disappointment at the very same time.”

The emotional rollercoaster caused by the end of the relationship is one that’s seen the 39-year-old get candid about the myriad of feelings she’s wrestled.

“Joy and sadness, happiness and frustration. One can be a peaceful warrior. A tranquil advocate. Fearless yet challenged. That’s what divorce is like,” she stated before later adding, “Some days it’s heavy. Some days it’s not on your mind at all. Some days you pray no one asks you about it, because it’s a boring, monotonous topic. There’s so much to do and achieve and think about and one mind is just enough to get it all done with grace.”

All-in-all, the 39-year-old asked for prayer from her 782,000 followers and sought encouragement by having them detail how they got through the challenge of divorce.

Look above to read the full IG post.

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  1. TheDawg November 5, 2022

    She deserves it. I’ll never forget working hard to book and promote this woman and she did not even want to meet the crew that cut her check afterwards. She just bounced. What goes around comes around heffa

    • Agnes November 5, 2022

      Ouch. Chrisette is trash. Delusional and pretentious.

  2. Tongue’Fcukk November 5, 2022

    Looks like a stripper i know called chastity lol

  3. Lavanua Reed November 6, 2022

    You are not alone….I’m going through a divorce it wasn’t a marriage it was a nightmare. There are so many emotions involved everyday. The real pain for me is everyone you really think is genuine and in your corner…they look at YOU as the failure. Because I fought back and won ! What I’ve learned is that when it comes to self health , you have to make the best decision for self even if it’s hard. You come to realize how much you need yourself. So many of us live in fear of being alone so we accept and endure constant affliction…until it becomes “yall can get through this”, “It menopause ” no matter how much you tell them or pour your heart they don’t want to hear because it reminds them of how much they endured and made it normal. I’m walking thus journey with My God. My prayer for all of us is new direction new lasting beginnings..healthy friends encouraging to your growth and success…and most all peace ..inner peace ..don’t rush forgiveness don’t fight off emotions find people who will embrace your whole you and listen without judge ….there are so many of us I feel alone in this too

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