Kim Burrell Breaks Silence After An Emotional Tyrese Solicited Prayers & Cash Donations for Her Private Health Scare

Published: Sunday 5th Mar 2023 by Rashad

Kim Burrell fans were spun into a frenzy of worry Saturday night (March 4) after GRAMMY-nominated singer-actor Tyrese took to social media to report the Gospel diva was battling an unexpected health scare.

Details inside.

Tyrese frantically called out to his 16.5 million Instagram followers to pray and raise money to help Burrell, his spiritual mentor, with her battle with double pneumonia.

Prior to his announcement, most were unaware of her illness.

“Just three weeks ago mother was in the best of spirits. I just got a call today that brought me to tears stepmother has pneumonia and both of her lungs I’m freaking out I don’t know what to do,” he started the lengthy message. “$15,000 to cover whatever medical bills if you know Kim, you have a relationship with her you can’t donate money that’s fine but just please prayer warriors stop everything you doing and send the most sincere and beautiful prayer for the breakthrough that mama Kim can get to the other side of this unexpected health crisis I am worried I’m in tears. This is my mother and whatever prayers and advice you can give let’s get it done! She had to cancel five shows and she stressed out about it, but I just wanted to have more than enough money to where she don’t have to worry about the shows if she could just focus on resting and recovering because this world has already became a different place because of Kim Burrell and we want to keep it that way I love you mother I hope I don’t make you mad from putting up this post but there’s so many of us out here that love you and let’s do whatever it takes to get you back on your feet at 100%. She’s on PayPal cash app Venmo Zelle just do whatever it takes to get some money into mom to make sure she’s OK but more importantly, all of you, kings and queens in the gospel with those powerful prophetic prayers to cover her energy, her spirit, her confidence and her health to get her to the other side, please I’m begging of you pray for Kim Burrell!!!!!!”

As the story began to make its rounds, Kim took to her official Instagram to thank Tyrese and her fans for their concern.  Ultimately, she assured them she was doing okay.

“Good late evening. I’m so happy to report that all is well🙏🏾. As most of you know, there’s NOTHING that @tyrese wouldn’t say or do for me. Everybody please relax and continue to pray for my recovery.♥️. I love you all,” she wrote (as seen in the photos above).

[main photos: Getty Images/Instagram]

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  1. Rellphisto March 5, 2023

    If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t. So I’m not.

  2. Yolanda Adams March 5, 2023

    She’s so brash and offensive. It will be hard to find anyone willing to pray for her.

  3. F*** Kim March 5, 2023

    F*** Kim. Die Slow Evil Hearted B****

    • yup! March 5, 2023

      Glad she is doing well. Life is precious.

  4. Jenni from the block March 5, 2023

    15,000 really?? Tyrese always begging and crying bout something. God won’t more than you can handle on you! It’s in the Bible. Tyrese that’s your mom, stepmother, and mentor. You cover her finances! That’s what anyone in your position would do for their dear mother!

  5. Thoughts&Prayers March 5, 2023

    I always find it weird when celebs ask us for money. It’s $15K, Tyrese you can easily cover that on your own. You have another Fast and the Furious movie coming out. You’re definitely getting at least 10x of that.

  6. No words March 5, 2023

    Tyrese hand that lady 15k as a donation/gift and write it off. The hell you asking people to put in for people she clearly looks down on. Karma ain’t no joke smh

  7. Anne March 6, 2023

    I suspect that she’s trying to keep up a certain lifestyle while paying medical and canceling shows. She’d be able pay those medical bills if she didn’t also have a certain lifestyle that leads to high monthly expenses that don’t go away when you stop doing shows. Tyrese probably really wants folks to help her maintain her lifestyle and the medical bills is only part of the picture. She just seems so hateful and the comments she has made about other people make it really hard to feel sorry for her. On top of that others are not responsible for donating to the upkeep of her means.

  8. Bravo!! March 6, 2023

    We still don’t like her.

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