Daniel Caesar APOLOGIZES for Telling Black People to Stop Being “Mean” to White People: “I Was Wrong & I’m Sorry”

Published: Saturday 8th Apr 2023 by Sam

Daniel Caesar has had a change of heart.

The R&B crooner hit headlines in 2019 when he received backlash for telling Black people to stop being “mean” to White people.

Caesar’s remarks came in defense of his friend, media personality YesJulz, who he felt was being targeted by those branding her a “culture vulture.”

The rant, which saw Caesar suggest that Black people ought “build bridges” when engaging with White people, ignited a firestorm. One which burned to degrees that some felt could irreparably scorch his career.

With a new album named ‘Never Enough’ to promote, the Canadian singer has unpacked his present-day stance on the furore that engulfed him.

Find out what he had to say below…

Caesar said:

“I completely understand the response. And after taking time to get over myself and to really look at myself and everything that was happening…I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

@dannycaesarrr “i’m sorry” #danielcaesar ♬ Let Me Go – Daniel Caesar

Here’s the original video that sparked the chaos:

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  1. ThatGarbageJuice April 8, 2023

    Only racist idiots were offended by his original remarks. Everyone should be building bridges to heal the divide between black and white people. People holding on to hate are ignorant, none of us alive owned slaves or were enslaved, this conversation is getting old and ridiculous. Just be kind to each other… smh

    • Truth April 9, 2023

      This ain’t his first rodeo. Read your news. He is the racist against his own kind- and been canceled by the wise ones.

      He who would’ve been in them fields jumping to kiss Massa azzz

      Pay into his mess if you like, it ain’t gonna change his true options or the next pointed opinion from he should shut tf up and sing

      • ThatGarbageJuice April 9, 2023

        It isn’t racist to ask for people to get along. SMH, you are not wise and the fields and “Massa” you speak of haven’t existed for over 100 years. Shut tf up and enjoy the music.

  2. Clarks0o00ñ April 8, 2023

    He was right.
    White people are not even that bad to black people

    Arabs and indians hate black people.
    They are the worst racists even.

    • True Tea April 8, 2023

      Well many Arabs and Indians practice WHITE Supremacy.

      • yup! April 8, 2023

        Facts! ClarksCOON forever caping but a bigger flop than Normani will ever be.

    • Clarkson loves Normani April 8, 2023

      When have Arabs or Indians ever practiced systemic racism though? Riddle me that. NO ONE will ever be more racist than yt people. Go cape elsewhere loser.

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa April 9, 2023

        There still slavery of black people in Muslim countries. Wake up.

      • True Tea April 9, 2023

        Indians and Arabs definitely practice WHITE Supremacy love, with Africans being their main victims.

        The Indians and Arabs turned on Africans and happily went along with Europeans.

        Of course this has backfired on them also, lol

      • zedmoe April 9, 2023

        Indian caste system?

      • True Tea April 9, 2023



        Can’t believe that person said Indians don’t practice white supremacy with their racist Bollywood Industry.

      • JYKELLLLY April 10, 2023

        Systemic underachievment is far more prevalent, in the black community, than systemic racism in America especially these days in 2023… Black people need YT people far more than white people need any black people ari d them..
        …. Remember every single black country is a 3rd world country and no white country is a 3rd world country… That’s , all you need to know about you people..

  3. True Tea April 8, 2023

    Sweetheart only White male artists receive second chances. You are DONE!

    You foolishly believed you acquired “white privilege” in America because some white ppl were rocking with ur music.

  4. Karen April 8, 2023

    We are definitely tired of the crackers Daniel

  5. Lisa trump April 8, 2023

    Pick a side you c***.

  6. Rev. Jim Sutton April 9, 2023

    Money is involved.
    He wants Blacks to buy his stuff so he apologizes for telling the truth.
    But it’s a partial truth.
    It’s not just Whites they hate, there’s the Black-on-Black violence (and shootings in Chicago).

    • True Tea April 9, 2023

      Sweetheart WP are currently killing each other in Europe and have surpassed the bodies in Chicago. Y’all really be saying the dumbest sh**.

    • KAREN April 9, 2023

      Cracker on Cracker crime be in the millions. World War 2 says hi sis

      • Tea Fiesta April 9, 2023

        Looks like all the racism is coming from the black people here…
        And no one here has ever studied the history of humanity apparently either.

      • Toyota April 9, 2023

        Do you know what the definition of racism is? White people wanna be oppressed so bad but never forget y’all are the originatiors and main carriers of racism!!!

  7. Debra Tolliver April 9, 2023

    This is an individual that has had hard times, feels he made it with the help of a Caucasian and now wants us all to capitulate. I’m glad for you, but everyone has not had that same chance! Black people have endured hardship long before he was born. To tell us who are older and have endured much different circumstances have reasons to be very cautious when it comes to being friends with Caucasian people. For him to try to wipe out 700 years of hurt because he is doing so well is absolutely ludicrous! I will tell this young man this, you better hope they by your music because you shall be banished for a little while from me. For the individual that said only racist people” have an issue. “Walk in my shoes. And let’s see if you make the same statement. “

  8. Thick & Delicious April 10, 2023

    Wait.. who?

  9. reyhan April 14, 2023

    thanks alot of information goodjobs

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