LaTocha Scott Clarifies “Open Marriage” Comment / Addresses Latest Tamika Scott Claims & Xscape Drama

Published: Tuesday 11th Apr 2023 by Sam

While ‘SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B’ has concluded its six-episode run, the drama continues to spilleth over.

LaTocha Scott, who has unquestionably been at the center of the melee, made a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live following the airing of the final episode of the hit Bravo show.

As is custom, no stone was left unturned and the 49-year-old was quizzed in earnest about seemingly revealing that she and husband Rocky Bivens are in an “Open Marriage”

her fallout with sister Tamika Scott – revealing that they still haven’t spoken since their volcanic eruption on-screen.

LaTocha also addressed claims of stealing $30,000 from her sister and more.

Watch how she handles the hot seat after the jump…

At the top of the appearance, host Andy Cohen quizzed LaTocha about the “open marriage” remark and she clarified that she does not have an open union. Instead, she  said that she and her hubby have… “open communication.” She added, “he doesn’t have it that good.”

With that, what are…

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  1. Adele April 11, 2023

    The bish is a liar!

  2. NinaSkyy April 11, 2023

    She’s full of hamburgers and lies

  3. True Tea April 11, 2023

    Whenever I listen to “Softest Place On Earth” and hear LaTocha’s beautiful vocals…. I would have never imagined she was so ugly on inside.

  4. SWV April 12, 2023

    She’s ruining her and Xscape’s legacy with this bull s***. We HATE to see it.

    • Divab April 12, 2023

      No she ruined 😡 herself period. No one is buying her or he husband and their deceitful actions and how she really thinks she is above everyone. Go on and be by yourself and with your cheating lying husband, we 🤷🏽‍♀️ and you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself. When it’s all said and done, you go completely broke your husband is gone and what you gone do crawled back and expect everyone to have open arms ?

  5. Gworl Bye April 12, 2023


  6. Divab April 12, 2023

    Girl bye ✌🏽

  7. Luis April 12, 2023

    Yawn all the drama is old now. That’s why SWV is superior to these ugly ragamuffins.

  8. The Truth April 12, 2023

    How DARE her and her husband destroy Xscape’s legacy!!!! It looks like Kandi was right ALL ALONG and we hate to see this!!!

  9. Anne April 12, 2023

    If I recall correctly, she was addressing rumors of him cheating when she said they had an open “marriage” not open communication. She knew exactly what she was saying and is now lying to our face telling us not to believe what we heard her say with our own ears out of her own mouth. The fact that she can sit there and lie with a straight face despite her own words just shows how much of a seasoned liar she is.

  10. Anne April 12, 2023

    Also, I have to mention that there is no way that any Xscape song is good enough to follow “Weak” so they should have allowed SWV to close the concert with “Weak” especially since they forced SWV to sing the opening song. Next thing you know they’ll claim SWV was their opening act although it was a coheadlined show. They are so petty and were not willing to compromise in any way. They even forced SWV to join with them to sing the song of their choice, Living in Vain, because of it’s significance to their career. Where was the joint song signifying SWV’S career launch? Bottom line, Xscape are bullies and SWV, as the more successful group, deserved but did not get any respect! It’s about the music, not social media followers who don’t necessarily all equate to $$$ financial supporters who are gonna buy your music or pay money to see you in concert. Both groups have a following and the show should have involved compromise.

  11. Saucy April 12, 2023

    Liar. That gospel album finna go triple wood lol

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