REPORT: Little Mix Becomes Second Best-Selling Girl Group of All Time

Published: Wednesday 12th Jul 2023 by Ryan

Little Mix may be no more for the time being, but that has not stopped the group from setting a major record.

More details below…

In a new report from Billboard discussing Leigh-Anne‘s solo debut ‘Don’t Say Love,’ Warner Music has revealed to the publication how many records the group has sold.

The outlet says that Little Mix has sales in excess of 75 million. On top of that, the group has received 15 billion streams.

With this, the group now becomes the second best-selling girl group of all time, only behind the Spice Girls who have sold over 100 million records globally.

Two members have released solo music since departing the group. The previously mentioned ‘Don’t Say Love’ from Leigh-Anne and Jesy Nelson released a collaboration with Nicki Minaj called ‘Boyz.’

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  1. Zion July 12, 2023

    Streams, not record sales

    • T July 12, 2023

      ok but stream are in todays world record sales

  2. 🧐 July 12, 2023

    Lies, they sold more than the TLC, Destiny’s Child and the supremes? GTFOH

    • Deronvil Ann Kristel July 12, 2023

      Rien a voir, faut vraiment ramenr tout aux USA? Et d’ailleurs les deux premier albums des Little Mix ont atteint le top 10 des chart 200 aux USA, et on de en matiere de vente elles sont populaire en Europe en Asie et au Bresil et d’ailleur leur record le prouve pas des USA pour avoir une carriere florissante sinon 5H aurait du vendre plus que ça vu qu’elles etaient aux Etat-Unis

  3. Ms. Ling Ling (Thai Me Up) July 12, 2023

    gurl bye! Considering they had no hits in America and America is the biggest market globally. Liessssss

    • Tutti July 12, 2023

      Are you dumb it has nothing to do with. America is the biggest market. If you are selling records all around the world you can hit that numbers without having big hits in the Us. Did you ever had math at school ?????

      • Lisa trump July 12, 2023

        If ur uncultured just say that
        What an accomplishment to not need FAT FILTHY AMERICANS and YELLOW SKINNED SLANTY EYED CHILD MOLESTING ASIANS to sell records.

        U gotta be DUMB, DEAF AND BLIND to not get that. Kpop doesn’t need AMERICA. Brazil doesn’t need AMERICA. Their artist sell millions.
        Stop showing ur Americanism by saying dumb sh it

      • Matt July 14, 2023

        Destinys child sold 60M world wide. Little Mix is second to spice girls with over 75M

  4. Adamo July 12, 2023

    Yet I don’t know a single little mix song 🥴

    • tiara dunkin July 12, 2023

      And if YOU don’t know any little mix songs, it’s ok.
      You’re one little speck that no one gives a f uc k about cuz you’re a nobody. U don’t count. U aren’t important. I’m sure you’re mom mocks you’re very small penis. You are NOTHING

  5. Johny5 July 14, 2023

    This is hilariously wrong. They’re cute but definitely NOT the second best selling girl group. It’s TLC Spice Girls DC and Dixie Chicks

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