Beyonce’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ Dances to #1 on Apple Music US

Published: Thursday 15th Feb 2024 by Sam

Beyonce is blazing with her foray into Country music terrain.

Most especially with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ – one of two new tracks Queen Bey unleashed to signal the incoming arrival of ‘Act II’ of her three-album project.

For, the catchy cut has climbed to a new peak on the streaming scene.

Full story below…

After slaying out of the gate, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ has line danced to #1 on Apple Music US.

It marks the diva’s fifth time atop of the coveted count.

The win comes in tandem with strong performance on the digital sales front; all of which points to a surefire major debut on the next iteration of the Billboard Hot 100.

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  1. Tatayism February 15, 2024

    This is a news? C’mon…Taylor has done it so many time beechhhhhhhes

    • Truth February 15, 2024

      3-2-1 Drop down

      • Numbers don’t lie, beeechhhesssz February 15, 2024

        Female artists with the most Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100:

        1. Taylor Swift: 40
        2. Madonna: 38
        3. Rihanna: 32
        4. Mariah Carey: 28
        5. Janet Jackson: 27
        6. Whitney Houston: 23
        7. Beyoncé: 21 😭😭
        8. Nicki Minaj: 21
        9. The Supremes: 20
        10. Ariana Grande: 20

      • Girl…Update! Serve☝️ February 15, 2024

        Nicki Minaj becomes the 7th female artist with the most top 10 hits(21) in history on Billboard hot 100 surpassing The Supremes and Beyoncé.

      • RBRT February 15, 2024

        Does anyone know when Rihanna will release her next album?

      • yup! February 15, 2024

        I’m not a beytheft fan but I am not lying when I say I can’t tell you more than 3 mayo stiff songs. Not even after a Google search. I’d take cowbella cabella over her.

    • Texas Hold whaaaat? 💅 February 15, 2024

      Mariah has 28 and 19 of them #1s


      • Queen Cardi February 15, 2024

        Yeah.. but now she ends up in Vegas 🥴

      • Anuby February 17, 2024

        K. Michelle & Monica appeared on country charts years ago. Bey isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. It’s still an accomplishment but they are over the top with her. And this was BEFORE Aribreleased her remix

    • DD February 15, 2024

      And Beyonce has done it all before she even had her first No. 1 album

      • 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 February 15, 2024

        Nobody cares who has done the first

  2. Flakeyonce’ February 15, 2024

    This lame song wont last….

    • Tomie February 15, 2024

      They r not being told. They hate that Nicki is conquering music. THEY STAY MAD!

      • UHoesFunny February 16, 2024

        LOL keep dreaming 😂

  3. Texas Flop Em All February 15, 2024

    Oh Yaassss..

    Her stage presence is top notch. She has zero charisma otherwise… shes the epitome of a successfully manufactured pop star making generic music. Thats aboutit….

    • YAHSHUA IS COMING February 15, 2024

      @Numbers as a consumer we dont care about the numbers like that when comparing talent. Taylor and Madonna are absolute talenetless trash . They cant sing nor dance. Idk why yall champion these hacks. And also @TexasFloppedMe the song is literally #1 so how is it flopping???????????????????????

      • Molly February 15, 2024

        Lame.. Talent is subjective! Just because others don’t move like a dog in heat doesn’t mean they can’t dance. The same goes for rappers.. can they really dance other than the crotch-grabbing? At least Madonna and Taylor can play an instrument. Bey? 🤔

      • Hmm February 16, 2024

        Talent isn’t subjective, you either have it or you don’t. Consumers, however, like famous people for different reasons, which don’t always relate to talent. That being said, Beyonce can sing circles around both Taylor and Madonna.

      • Anuby February 17, 2024

        Taylor is an absolute artist and real songwriter. She is on a level Bey will never see as she is about actual art. Bey & Madonna are amazing entertainers ans will always be held in high regard but Bey does not make timeless music like Madonna. Madge will be played 100 years from now. Not one Bey song has stood the test of time nor is any considered a classic

  4. LOL February 15, 2024

    I don’t get it either her music espeically. She’s hardly the pinnacle of feminism either since she stayed with a cheating spouse.. 🙁

  5. I just don’t get why anytime she puts out ANYTHING, the entire Western World seems to grind to a halt for a minute… February 15, 2024

    Not heart feelings. Never been a fan either, I don’t think even think her music is that good. And yes, fans, you may come at me in the comments and give explanations why her songs are good but no, it won’t do anything to me anyway. Her music just never caught me like other singers did.

  6. Truth Tea February 15, 2024

    Obviously music taste is always a subjective opinion, however …

    I wouldn’t say she’s ever put out a bad song. With that being said, I personally think most of her songs are very average. 😆 She has put out some absolute bangers, but I wouldn’t personally say I’m a fan or think she’s as amazing as the global population seem to make her out to be. I guess she’s just an all-round artist. She’s got a good voice, she’s a good performer, knock-out body but she needs a huge hit like Mariah’s We Belong Together, Madonna’s Like A Prayer, Rih’s Diamond…..etc.

    So far she has NONE that I can really call an evergreen hit!

  7. Maria February 15, 2024

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Beyoncé is a very US-centric phenomenon. I live in Europe and like, I could recognise her sure, but no-one I know tells me about her and I really couldn’t sing one of her tunes by heart.
    Maybe I’m just living under a rock but I don’t think the craze takes the whole western world 🙁

    • UHoesFunny February 16, 2024

      Yes. You are living under a rock 🪨

  8. Barbz February 15, 2024

    Eat 💊🥲👌y’all! Nicki Minaj becomes the 7th female artist with the most top 10 hits(21) in history on Billboard hot 100 surpassing The Supremes and Beyoncé.

  9. Taylorism February 15, 2024

    …and yet none ALBUM OF THE YEAR!! 😉

  10. Not On Repeat February 15, 2024

    People will stan anything Beyoncé does, but her attempt at country music is not good. Her vocals don’t sound country at all, it just seems like Beyoncé trying to be country.

    • UHoesFunny February 16, 2024

      You sound stupid.

      • Iknowthatsright February 16, 2024

        You sound pressed

  11. What a joke February 15, 2024

    This is not a country. This is a Cunty song!

  12. Next?? February 15, 2024

    Once you hit a certain age you become
    permanently unimpressed By a lot of s***!
    This news for example!

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