Racist Man Who Attacked Black Woman On Ryanair Flight Named & Shamed

Published: Wednesday 24th Oct 2018 by David

David Mesher is the name of malodorous swine who verbally assaulted an innocent black woman on a Ryanair flight.

How his name surfaced? His disgusted friends and neighbours.

Trigger warning below….

Delsie Gayle, 77-years-old, was called the N-word and an “ugly bastard” by the dog simply because she was seated next to him on a flight in Barcelona.

Why is he treating me because the colour of my skin, that’s how I look isn’t it? Because if I had done that to him I’m sure they would have called the police.

Mesher’s identity was unveiled by those who say they have also encountered his nastiness.

His neighbour shared…

No one really likes him. He keeps himself to himself and we don’t know much about him but we all knew he was going off to Spain on holiday.

The mayoress of Barcelona, stunned by the scene, has now pledged to bring him to justice.

Thank you, by the way, to the person who made the video, because it brought to public attention an event that can’t go unpunished.

As the mayor of a feminist city that fights against all forms of discrimination, the images in the video are unbearable to me.

So I can’t even imagine how the victim of this aggression felt. The flight was leaving Barcelona, and Barcelona isn’t going to take something like this lying down.


Your thoughts?

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  1. China October 24, 2018

    Poor Ladies…..racism is alive and well. BAD WIG CHOICES is also a crime. DA FUQ is going on with there dome?

  2. Ocean October 24, 2018

    Her daughter sat seats away before getting involved … let’s talk about that!

    • me October 24, 2018

      actually her daughter was on the way to the bathroom and came back after she heard the altercation..

  3. RihSlayedBey October 24, 2018

    I didn’t hear him use the N word or make racist comments to her. A nasty old white man being rude to a black woman doesn’t mean his attacks were fueled by racism.

    • China October 24, 2018

      bish you sound as stupid as your avatar name. STFU – the passengers informed staff that he was being a fool.

  4. madbrax October 24, 2018

    the irony of him calling her an ugly b******. why is it the nastiest looking people always call other people ugly?

  5. JOHNVIDAL October 24, 2018

    I feel like this man is a fool nobody puts up with.
    I love Barcelona´s mayor btw. A damnn real great woman called Colau. I hope she wins the election again.

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