Must- See: Oprah Winfrey’s Spiritual Advisor Announces Presidential Run

Published: Wednesday 6th Feb 2019 by David

Meet Marianne Williamson, the powerfully positive business woman hoping to lift the nation to higher ground by running for President.

A dear friend of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne is fast-becoming a favourite in the Democratic race for the throne thanks to her no-nonsense approach to politics, plans to support America’s most vulnerable and create life-changing programs designed to support the African-American community.

A community, she believes is yet to be paid for its contributions to this country.

Watch below…


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  1. Jayy February 6, 2019

    Wow.. I can say after sing some research I like her… She’s well spoken, articulate and very very knowledgeable. She doesn’t yet have my vote but she does have my interest and I would love to see more. I know this site is filled with idiots who are at times overly opinionated with very little facts but I ask any people genuinely watch the video and look into her before spotting nonsense.

  2. Casual February 6, 2019

    Reparations is a non-starter. All any of us currently living now were ever owed was life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. Black youth need to be more concerned about getting straight A’s in school, winning college scholarships, respecting their elders and ancestors, pulling their pants up, pursuing entrepreneurial goals, and researching the failure of socialism in African and the Caribbean than reparations.

    • Big A February 6, 2019

      Reparations would help with all of that. Some people dont have nothing to start with. Ye th US is giving a good start to Immigrants and other foreigners. But nothing to black people. We are only wrong in history that hasnt been made right. Everyone one else has recieved there reparations. So before being judgemental of African Americans judge America first. The rest of the world is doing just that!

      • Caleb February 6, 2019


    • Caleb February 6, 2019

      Omg you are so ignorant.

  3. Lanafan1 February 6, 2019

    We don’t want reparations. Just treat us fairly

    • A&R TV February 6, 2019

      Speak for yourself I want the reparations that my amcestors were owed white people have created century’s of generational wealth from slavery so give us the s*** my amcestors were owed and never got that is a start from the beginning of our time in this country for being treated “FAIR”

      • WakeUpBlackFolk February 6, 2019

        smh…. blacks like you give the rest of us a bad name, no one owes you anything…

  4. WakeUpBlackFolk February 6, 2019

    Pandering to the 10th power…. this is offensive to successful black folk like myself, who made a great life for myself by getting a good education, making responsible decisions, and working hard. We have the same opportunity to achieve the American dream as anyone else. It is 2019, none of us are slaves, stop making excuses for bad life decisions, dust yourself off and try again!

  5. Shontarka laquifa Jackson February 8, 2019

    Black people need to wake up and get off the Democratic plantation. They don’t give a damn about us.

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