Rosie Perez Testifies Against Harvey Weinstein In Dramatic Trial

Published: Saturday 25th Jan 2020 by David

Rosie Perez is standing with the brave women determined to make the rapist Harvey Weinstein pay for his crimes by testifying against him in court.

The disgraced movie maker is accused of raping several women and is currently on trial for some of the crimes he is accused of committing.

One of them? A sickening attack launched one of the star’s friends.

Full story below…

Trigger warning.

Rosie was in court to corroborate the story of Anabella Sciorra, a woman who accused Weinstein of raping her in apartment twenty five years ago.

If convicted, he will spend life in prison so prosecutors hoped Perez’ testimony would fortify their case against him.

When questioned by Assistant D.A. Joan Illuzzi, Rosie told the court what happened on the night she called Sciorra to invite her to a nightclub.

She responded in a weird voice. She said, ‘I think something bad happened …. I think I was raped.”

Weinstein is accused of pinning her down, assaulting her and ejaculating on a nightgown which was a family heirloom.

She told me he [ejaculated] on her nightgown and I said, ‘All over the family heirloom’ and she was crying.

She told me never to tell anybody, but I told her to go to the police. She said she can’t because ‘he will destroy me. She was so upset.

Sources in the courtroom say Weinstein chewed gum as Perez shared the horrific story and showed little emotion as the entertainer explained why she didn’t head over to Sciorra’s apartment after learning that she had been attacked.

I was in a panic. When you have a girlfriend who tells you something like that, you don’t know what to do. She was my very good friend. I was in shock. I was in a panic. I remember I kept calling her, crying, but she wouldn’t pick up.


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  1. Gotcha January 25, 2020

    Did America expect God to reign over the world or was all of it just to make him happy by putting “In God We Trust “on all your currency? He is risen and won’t die. A Black God not snow lord or anything that would make you satisfied!

    • Nick January 25, 2020

      What the f*** are you talking about? How is this relevant to the story?

      • Gotcha January 25, 2020

        Nevermind me! I’m crazy but why do you care? You are using all these accounts to hate on God fearing Black people. You are a mess and are lonely a** B****! I told you Im crazy but that dont mean that what I speak isn’t truth Hag!

  2. ICANT’T January 25, 2020

    Oprah…any comments?

    • Fancy BISH January 26, 2020


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