McDonald’s Apologises After Chinese Store Bans & Harrasses Black People

Published: Friday 17th Apr 2020 by David

As the Western world learns more about the horrific abuse some black people are subjected to in the Middle East, McDonald‘s has been forced to condemn actions taken by leaders in the Chinese arm of its empire.

An upsetting story below…

Despite the fact that the Coronavirus was born and bred in China, large waves of black people living in the country have been attacked, harassed and evicted from their homes after being accused of spreading the illness.

Getting in on the action? Some McDonald’s stores in the market which banned black people from entering.

The organisation has now apologised via a statement given to NBC which reads “the sign is not representative of our inclusive values.”

The restaurant has since been temporarily shut down to further educate managers and employees on our values, which includes serving all members of the communities in which we operate.

Press play to learn more about what some black people are facing in foreign lands.

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  1. Onika The R***** Whisperer April 17, 2020

    It’s very simple. Boycott all chinese services and products

    • I love big black c** April 17, 2020

      Well said. F China. I’ll telling my friend to dump his $5 chinese girlfriend.

  2. 32222222222222222222222222222222225 April 17, 2020


  3. C******* UNBOTHERED April 17, 2020

    TGJ, pleas fix journalism. China bans AFRICANS not Black ppl. The difference in skin tone personality intelligence and culture cannot be overlooked.

    • Bruno Martian April 17, 2020

      So you think they’d be kinder to a black person if they noticed they had an American accent? You are a fool.

    • J April 17, 2020

      Because they stop and ask for their passports before they discriminate right? imbecile

    • Kaaat April 17, 2020

      Africans are original black people
      Africans are more educated than African Americans

      Africans= descendants of kings
      African Americans = descendants of slaves

      • Ugghh April 17, 2020

        Lmfao @ original black people. ????

        This site fûcking kills me with laughter everyday

      • I love big black c** April 17, 2020

        Are u kidding me? That’s big fat lie!!!!! At least American African are not starving to death….

    • I love big black c** April 17, 2020

      Oh no hunny. I’m pretty sure those evil chinese will treat u the same if u r over there. They scared u will eat up the whole McDonald’s and their rice burgers

    • Tyty April 17, 2020

      Africans are smarter that African Americans and more cultured. Africans who come to western countries generally outperform other blacks born in USA or Uk this a fact!!!

    • Tt April 18, 2020

      Shut up STOOOPID

    • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

      You mad I exploited you ???

    • Wendy Williams April 18, 2020

      Bosh that’s where Your fave Whomani performed ?

    • Bogus April 18, 2020

      Wow can’t believe that’s him

  4. Mr Odukoya April 17, 2020

    The reason why is because the infection rate and death toll is the highest in black people. They are misguided and are only choosing to do this to protect themselves, their employees and the community they live in. If the infection rate or death toll was higher in another race they would ban that race.

    • Tyty April 17, 2020

      The infection rate is higher yet Africa with a billion and half Black people and Caribbean countries with a high black population don’t seem to be dying off in high numbers?? You gullible fools will believe anything without rhyme or reason. The infection rate is higher because blacks with the symptoms are not being given the proper healthcare or advice in western countries.

  5. Clint April 17, 2020

    Blacks probably harassing chinese

  6. I love big black c** April 17, 2020

    3 things that make China famous: C*******, hookers & bootlegs of everything

  7. Jayvee April 18, 2020

    They have no business discriminating against any race when they’re the ones who spread C***** to the whole world. Who were the ones eating bats and all kinds of exotic animals that led to this pandemic? Not black people for sure. Besides, we wouldn’t be in this situation had they been transparent from the very beginning. And let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time a virus that affected the whole world came from them. McDonald’s shouldn’t just temporarily shut down the store. They should be closing all their stores in China for good.

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