Ahmaud Arbery Case Intensifies As Murderer’s Address Surfaces Online

Published: Wednesday 6th May 2020 by David

As Joe Biden calls for a swift, full and transparent investigation into the horrific murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Abery, the men accused of the crime are to discover that their home address and the names of their loved ones have surfaced online.

Full story below…

Abery was jogging in his neighbourhood when he was targeted and gunned down by Gregory J McMichael and his son.

Despite calls for the predators to be charged for the crime no arrests have been made prompting members of the general public to use their own resources to look into the McMichael family.

It wasn’t long before they discovered that Greg is a former police officer who worked for the organisation who worked with the characters now charged with investigating the murder.

His address appeared online hours later.

Joe Biden, saddened by the incident, released this statement calling for justice.

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  1. ERIC May 6, 2020

    I saw this story last week and there are many parallels with Trayvon: southern state crime, slow to arrest the killer, family member with law background, and the same bs excuse, ‘We got into a struggle and I shot him out of fear for my life.’

  2. “GG” May 6, 2020

    Protesting is not working ! It’s time to move to the next step!!!! We need to start really fighting back !!!

  3. J May 6, 2020

    They really are trying to get us to start a new civil war. Watch Trump dumb ass have something to say. This is just a sad situation. We can’t even go down the street without being hunted.

    • DIANE DEAS May 6, 2020

      I agree, these racists pigs have Karma coming to them, and I don’t just mean these two future r*** victims, but all racists. And let’s face it, we all know what they look like. Civil war has happened in this country, and sadly, it was because of the same s***! I’m white, and I am ready to take up arms for all people of color. I hate guns, but I will.

  4. Cody+s May 6, 2020

    peace be still and let justice reign.

  5. Ellen May 7, 2020

    IMPORTANT – to be clear the address above is NOT the address of Travis McMichael. He no longer lives on Blythe Island. That house is now inhabited by a old friend of mine from high school who is scared for her safety now.

  6. stupid Q May 11, 2020

    what is arrbery’s addres? i sow the map, strange place to take jogs, is he from near where he was shout?

    • Kat May 12, 2020

      My question exactly – I have been looking for his address/residence…. Why is it not released?

  7. Kat May 12, 2020

    What was his address? Did he live in the same area?

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