Joe Biden Addresses Sexual Assault Allegation On MSNBC

Published: Friday 1st May 2020 by David

A woman named Tara Reade stepped forward to claim that Joe Biden violated her when she worked for him back in 1993.

This week,  months after the story surfaced, mainstream media outlets are covering the story putting pressure on the apparent Democratic Presidential nominee to address it head on.

Today, he did just that.

Watch his conversation with MSNBC below…

One news report claims that Tara’s mother called into The Larry King Show anonymously to tell the story back in the 90s.


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  1. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    Ugh. Can Obama come back? 🗣🗣🗣

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 1, 2020

      Dumb dumb , what did Obama do for u, or the black community, or the black race when he was in office?

      Educate ur self

      • Bogus May 1, 2020

        Plenty for me like doing away with don’t ask don’t tell as I was in the military when he took office. And many other things. What has trump done for me? A veteran now

  2. Bluebird May 1, 2020


  3. DeanD May 1, 2020

    America is really winning when we have the choice between 2 alleged sexual assaulters for president. I don’t care if it’s Trump’s 20+ accusers to Biden’s one, we need to be better, do better and fast.

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 1, 2020

      A smart comment

      Democrats are actually saying “but trump ràped more ”

      Can u imagine
      That’s their argument.
      That’s their defense

      we have all seen the videos of joe Biden inappropriately touching women and little girls.
      Its disgusting.

      atleast trump and the Republican are not pretending to be good people, they know they are trash , racist, bigots etc and they are not hiding it.

      Unlike the democratic party who behaves like they care about women and survivors and minorities etc but in reality they dont .

      The enemy u know is better than the enemy pretending to be ur friend.

      Republican party = trash
      Democratic party = trash but pretending to be treasure.

      • Urg May 1, 2020

        Hey Clark what’s good? I actually miss u and the aay u would drag that fraud Only Facts😂

      • Urg May 1, 2020


      • RacismIsDead May 1, 2020

        LOL @ Republican party is racist and bigots. Yawn…. the 90’s called and they want the lame, lying Democratic talking points back. Under president Trump, the Republican party has done more to benefit minority communities, specifically black Americans. If you deny this fact, you aren’t paying attention. Trump has held numerous events at the White House exclusively for black religious leaders, a young black leadership summit. He has funded HSBCU’s and championed the Black unemployment numbers repeatedly. He has signed legislation pouring funding into “Opportunity zones” that benefit areas that have been ignored for decades. If Trump was racist, his goal would be to hurt the black community, not consistently speak about progress being made in their communities. The media does not cover the above events, but they are easily available via youtube. Do yourself a favor and do some research before repeating b******* your TV is telling you.

      • Misty+Knight May 2, 2020

        I don’t care who you pretend to be, I care about how you vote. Republicans vote against blacks, LGBT and women. Dems don’t.

  4. Nicky May 1, 2020


    This topic, politics, isn’t for you. It requires an adequate IQ

    You don’t qualify. Stick to tracking MOM on the charts and the Additional remix she released with yet another rapper. Clown.

  5. Lanafan1 May 1, 2020


  6. RacismIsDead May 1, 2020

    He’s a liar. There have been numerous complaints from inappropriate touching to smelling of people’s hair, not to mention the mountain of videos available online showing his creepy and questionable behavior with women and children alike. There is also a new story from a 25 year old women who claims that he spoke vilely about her breast when she was 14 years old. Joe Biden claims he is a touchy, feely kind of guy; well it looks like his touching, feeling, and smelling have caught up to him now that he has been cast into the spotlight as a front runner for president of the United States. These allegations should be taken seriously, and it is disgusting to watch the leaders of the Democratic party and ME TOO champions attempt to discredit allegations, because it does not benefit them politically. You either believe women or you don’t. I don’t believe Joe Biden.

    • Misty+Knight May 2, 2020

      Racism is dead. Get out of here you clown’ RACIST fool.

      We see you. Get out.

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