Ahmaud Arbery Murder Suspects Arrested Following Successful Protests

Protests powered by social media have forced the authorities to arrest two of the three men involved in the murder of the 25-year-old man Ahmaud Arbery.

Full story below…

The individual who recorded the murder is a man whose legal representatives handed the video to law enforcement to support the claim that Gregory and Travis McMichael only shot Ahmaud in an act of self-defence.

Unfortunately for them, his plan backfired as video revealed that the father and son duo were the aggressors and were hunting the innocent man as he jogged through his neighbourhood.

Authorities chose not to arrest the suspects after seeing the video but have now been forced to after protests powered by social media users pushed the story into the global news cycle.


The news report below may feature the moment Ahmaud was murdered.

There are now calls for the man who recorded the lynching to be slapped with the heavy hand of justice.

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  1. Tyty May 8, 2020

    So it takes social media in order to get some people to be arrested for blatant murder? Seriously I don’t get how African Americans can stomach go live in the American system let alone alongside white people. What’s going to happen to the corrupt police department that basically attempted to cover up this crime or the corrupt district attorney who didn’t bother to file charges? Unless the system is completely demolished more black men will die and more hashtags will come smh!! This isn’t a win it’s a downright tragedy that will continue. What will it take for Black people to rise up it’s like as a collective we are all just in a state of placidity.

    • kiena May 8, 2020

      Its not just in America is all over the world. Police are corrupt they use their Power to downplay people exspecialy Black people.

    • 4U2SEE May 8, 2020

      They want to war with Black African Americans for some reasons. Out of jealousy, hate and malice which is a wicked spirit that’s been release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U45qzKcV-Vw&t=2342s . DEMON TIME!!!! Also, People licking, spitting doing foul things with the virus. The question that you ask is they’ve been wanting for years to build black Africans Americans up for war with them but all they want is peace because yt men like them are the thugs.

    • PinotNoir May 8, 2020

      While not ideal, at least that’s ONE constructive way social media is being utilized. May the martyr rest in heavenly peace.

  2. eric May 8, 2020

    The man recording had to have seen what was going on to be prompted to turn on his camera and follow Ahmaud. It’s sad to learn that his actions were done with the same malice as the two shooters, and it’s alarming to see that this lynch mob behavior still exists. People who teach hatred and racism need to be locked up and treated for mental disturbance – it should be a law.

    • Fancy BISH May 8, 2020

      This! Some white people are still being TAUGHT to hate and oppress/hurt/kill black people! The fact that a white trash father and his white trash son did this together is what’s so disturbing! That racism is being passed down like a family recipe 💯

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