Kanye West Misses Important Presidential Deadlines

Published: Sunday 5th Jul 2020 by David

Kanye West‘s hopes to win the 2020 Presidential election may be stifled by the fact that he missed a number of important deadlines.

Learn more below…

After watching Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris bow out of the election, West announced that he intends to fly where they failed and beat Donald Trump to become the 46th President of the United States.

Unfortunately, he may be forced to defer his dreams to 2024.

Here’s why.



Hit this link to see the full list of deadlines West missed.

The visionary announced his plans to run as an independent candidate after endorsing Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ movement and condemned trafficked and enslaved Africans for not doing enough to free themselves from chattel slavery.



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  1. Drinkmybussyjuice July 5, 2020

    Why tf are yall entertaining this man?

    • You’ll Gag July 5, 2020

      People didn’t take trump serious

  2. Gee July 5, 2020

    I did not believe that Kanye was entering into the Presidential election. His announcement was to gain attention for his next endeavors. I definitely believe running for President is the last thing on his mind.

  3. tyty July 5, 2020

    He was just trying to see how gullible yall are thankfully people had enough sense to see the tactics of trying to divide the black vote.

  4. Kiss July 5, 2020

    That last video made me tear up. Slavery in the 60s? Those poor people didn’t even know it had ended.

    • Tori July 5, 2020

      As someone from the country/rual parts of Louisiana (where slavery thrived after the migration from North and South Dakota to La), I can tell you that is one of my favorite videos from my genealogy work and its not even breaking down the full extent of it all. Here slavery is still practiced in the jails. Alot of small areas never knew slavery ended well over 100 years after the fact and the areas that did know quickly transitioned into ‘share cropping which is basically legal slavery. Even in share cropping, racist what people contined to lie, cheat and steal from the people working from them to keep them down, poor and needing them. When that didnt work, they started to hang, hunt, kill, r*** and kidnap them (my aunt was kidnapped for my great, great grandfather wanting to pay off the house he was renting). It was really bad and still is.

      • Kiss July 5, 2020

        I’m so sorry that happened to your family.

  5. Junior June July 5, 2020

    These are are primary deadlines. West would not run to be either the Republican or Democratic nominee as each party already has a candidate with a majority of the delegates required to be the nominee. Trump and Biden will formally accept the nomination at their party’s (virtual?) convention later this summer.

    West would Have to run as an independent candidate. I think you want the deadlines to appear on the ballot for the general election in November, not the primaries.

  6. Misty Knight July 5, 2020

    After cooning for Trump, this idiot actually thinks anyone would vote for him. He can’t even get people to vote for him for the People’s Choice Awards.

  7. Dc July 5, 2020

    C*** sellout

  8. stormiscomimg July 6, 2020

    We all know since the Taylor Swift / VMA gate that this man is a lunatic.

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