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Published: Friday 18th Oct 2013 by TGJ

TGJ:  3)  We know you started with 3LW, but what’s your relationship like now with Kiely and Naturi?

Adrienne:  I actually see nature often and we’re totally cool.  But, I actually don’t speak or have any communication with Kiely anymore.

TGJ:  4)  Would you ever be in another group?

Adrienne:  I think being in a group was so much fun. I’ve obviously been in more than one. I had an amazing time and think there’s nothing like being able to share your success with other people.

TGJ:  5)  Any other films we should expect soon?

Adrienne:  Hey you never know! I’m in L.A., taking meetings, reading scripts, and all that. I’d love to do more though.

TGJ:  Thanks for answering those!  Now, we saw that tearful goodbye on ‘The Real’ a few weeks ago.  Is it really the end?

Adrienne:  Don’t believe the rumors of us being cancelled!  It’s not true. We’re waiting to hear word and hopefully we’ll be back in 2014. I’m excited about it, I can’t wait. Same network.

TGJ:  How was your experience overall on the show?

Adrienne:  I had the best time doing ‘The Real’.  I love the perspective of the women I was doing it with. For me, I feel for the longest time I was misunderstood and there were so many misconceptions about who I am.  This allowed me to just be myself and be “real”.

Adrienne (continued):  I think I changed people’s perspective on me.  Working with those women was so much fun. I love all of them [co-stars]. I think I walked into it being nervous, but I left really proud of it.

TGJ:  Well, we look forward to seeing you guys back on the air.  Now, bringing it all home, give us one good reason we should go see ‘I’m In Love With a Church Girl’ on October 18th.

Adrienne:  It’s a feel good movie.  We go and support so many other films with violence and all that, but it’s important to let Hollywood know that people want to see movies with feel good messages and have a message of love, hope, and faith. This movie sends that message.

Interview by: Quinno Rashad (That Grape Juice US)



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