Report: America’s Next Top Model’s Rob Evans Assaults Lady GaGa Model


Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge Rob Evans may have put his boxing chops to ‘good’ use outside of the ring recently, when he reportedly assaulted fellow model Landry Macedo at an event the pair had attended…in 2012.

Why Macedo is taking legal action against the catwalk stomping Brit now?

Full story below…

Starring in Lady GaGa‘s ‘FAME’ perfume campaign, the Gilette razors model claims Evans repeatedly struck him in the face for no reason while at a party together two years go, before he joined the ‘Top Model’ judging panel.

Now, after being hospitalised as a result of the alleged attack, Landry seeks unspecified damages as the criminal case continues, also blaming their mutual modelling agency, ‘NEXT Management’, for the incident- claiming that the company was well aware of the model’s “violent tendencies” but did nothing to stop him.

Shortly after the assault, Evans reportedly handed himself in at the Beverly Hills Police Department, only to be released twenty five minutes later after posting a $60,000 bail.

However, a warrant was later issued for the star’s arrest on March 14th, despite his claims that his the assault was anything but unprovoked.

The Daily Mail explains:

“Sources close to Mr Evans claimed that Mr Macedo – who was not named at the time – was ‘trash-talking Evans when he reared up as if to attack him, so Evans laid him out.’Mr Evans said the punch was in self-defence.”

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