New Rihanna & Jennifer Lopez Movie Pushed Back To Spring 2015

Published: Tuesday 20th May 2014 by Rashad

While one pushes the envelope with energetic stage shows, the other pushes her zipper with energetic p-patting on stage.  Be that as it may, that didn’t stop film directors from thinking the dynamic diva duo would make good cast mates for a new Dreamworks animated feature film.

Fans were delighted to hear reports that pop divas Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez were set to join forces with comedy legend Steve Martin for the new film ‘Home,’ originally set for a November 2014 release.

Now, however, if reports to are to be believed, JLovers and #Navy enlistees will have to wait a while longer for that ship to sail into theaters:


Newly surfaced reports indicate the family friendly film will temporarily take a back seat to the latest installment of the ‘Madagascar’ franchise. Originally scheduled for a November 2014 release, as of time reporting, it appears the Steve Martin-led film is due spring 2015.

Dawn Taubin, Chief Marketing Officer at DreamWorks Animation says:

“We will continue to be as flexible as necessary when it comes to our release dates.  We see a unique opportunity for our next two films by having the Penguins of Madagascar move onto November 26 of this year and Home move onto March 27, 2015.  We’re confident that this date switch gives both of our upcoming releases the largest opportunity for success.”



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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN May 21, 2014

    Oh well…

    • urimetzxzxvxz May 21, 2014

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  2. metzo May 21, 2014

    “While one pushes the envelope with energetic stage shows, the other’s pushes her zipper with energetic p(ussy)-patting on stage.” Lmao. I love Rashad!

    • metzo May 21, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez May 21, 2014

      P**** pat? Doesn’t Beyoncé open up her legs so you could see the inside of her aged vaginal canal and pops her p**** like a cat in heat?

      That wasn’t shade, it was a self drag. Bye

  3. BEYFLAWLESS May 21, 2014

    she want to have a bad girl style y in a kids movie ….that must be a good check #nohate

  4. Lovebird May 21, 2014

    Nice, that means R8 in RIHvember. I cannot wait for the slayage.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez May 21, 2014

      They are not ready for the slayage Rihanna is gonna put them through. Wigs will be snatched, thieves will seethe and copy, lessors bandwagon and cling to her lessors.. It’ll be chaos! I’m sensing at least 270-300 k first week and if promoted right 7 million worldwide

      • Commander Kelly May 21, 2014

        Let’s not exaggerate to much girl

  5. KING RIH May 21, 2014

    So they got some new kween working for flop juice trying to be funny.


    idc all i want is new music!!!!!

  6. FutureCIARA May 21, 2014


    I like this shady article…

    As for the movie, who was really checking though?
    I know people are more her for R8, Not that animated movie

    • metzo May 21, 2014

      LMFAO. Rashad is life huny!

  7. Hey boo’s May 21, 2014

    That mangled hot pocket, her walls clasp, Great wall of china forehead, That ups std package cairrier. Five-Six- Sevenheaed B!tich.

  8. OMG Logic! May 21, 2014

    With J.Lo’s track record, the movie will be a commercial and critical failure.

  9. Blue May 21, 2014

    Is “Extreme unjustified hate for rihanna” a requirement to join tgj staff? Like really, if you getting new blood let them at least bring something fresh to the table.
    this year has been packed blockbuster wise, hope the new date gives this film a fighting chance and the success it deserves for being the breakthrough that it is.

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) May 21, 2014

    Rihanna needs to hurry up and release that mess, she’s becoming very forgettable and if she doesn’t have something by september/november, no one will care by 2015…

    • HeadBarbInCharge May 21, 2014

      And you know this how?

    • RihIcon(Navy Comm) May 21, 2014

      Lies she hasn’t released an album since 2012 and people still care and she still gets nominated & wins awards

  11. RihIcon(Navy Comm) May 21, 2014

    I was looking foward to this but is rather have R8. AND THE ERA BEGINS

    • RihIcon(Navy Comm) May 21, 2014


  12. HeadBarbInCharge May 21, 2014

    I wanted the movie this fall with #R8 next spring! Her promo will suck once again because of the damn movie and soundtrack!

  13. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez May 21, 2014

    I think people were looking forward to the album more so I don’t hate that they rescheduled the movie.

    Rashad, is Sam promising to pay you double if you write a shady article? Well if Sam got enough money for that then could he hire some damn proof readers or ‘educated’ writers? I mean the basic grade 2 style of wording is so underwhelming…

    “Now take a gander at Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez”


  14. musiclover May 21, 2014

    thats because nobody was checking for this movie….the Madagascar movie is a big franchise movie that doesnt need big promotion it will still slay the box office…this home movie was not an anticipated film so they pushed it back in the spring of 2015 so jlo can promote it on next season of american idol. they knew this movie was gonna flop

  15. Rosie May 21, 2014

    Movies get pushed back all the time, this is nothing new.
    But not the Navi expecting 300K opening week. Have you guys even checked HDD/Billboard lately? Album sales are the pits and Rihanna only has one opening week over 200K. And her last few albums came out during the biggest release week of the year.

    • LOL May 21, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez May 21, 2014

      I’m expecting 270 -300 k, it’s not exaggeration. I’m not saying she’ll do 500 k or more. If promoted right and the lead single is banging then it could do 300k

    • RihIcon(Navy Comm) May 21, 2014

      I care more about longevity than first week sales tbh

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