Idris Elba & Taraji P.Henson Top US Box Office With ‘No Good Deed’

Published: Monday 15th Sep 2014 by David


After generating $73 million at the Box Office with the Beyonce-led thriller ‘Obsessed’, movie maker Will Packer joins Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson in celebrating the success of their brand new movie ‘No Good Deed’ today.

What kind of success you ask? The kind that sits atop the US Box Office with 24 million dollars generated…in a matter of hours.

Good news below…

Outperforming every other movie being shown to audiences within the same period, ‘Deed’ now holds the Box Office crown after fighting off competition from ‘Dolphin Tale 2’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, sweeping up $24 million with the benefit of a budget that sang to the tune of $13.8 million.

Via ‘Deadline’:

1). No Good Deed (SONY), 2,175 theaters / $8.8M Fri. / $9.78M Sat. (+11%) / $5.38M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day est. cume: $24M+ / Wk 1

2). Dolphin Tale 2 (WB), 3,656 theaters / $4.2M Fri. / $7.4M Sat. (75%) / $4.8M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day est. cume: $16.5M / Wk 1

3). Guardians Of The Galaxy (DIS), 3,104 theaters (-117) / $2.1M Fri. / $3.9M Sat. (+85%) / $2.1M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $8M / Total cume: $305.8M / Wk 7

4). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PAR), 3,273 theaters (-270) / $1.1M Friday / $2.3M Sat. (+98%) / $1.2M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day est. cume: $4.7M / Total cume: $181M / Wk 6

5). Let’s Be Cops (FOX), 2,755 theaters (-177) / $1.27M Fri. / $2M Sat. (+57%) / $1M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $4.3M / Total cume: $72.95M /Wk 5

6). The Drop (FSL), 809 theaters / $1.46M Fri. / $1.7K Sat. (+21%) / $967K Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $4.2M / Per screen average: $5,191 / Wk 1

7). If I Stay (WB), 3,040 theaters (-117) / $1.1M Fri. / $1.8M Sat. (+60%) / $959K Sun. (-53%) / 3-day cume: $3.95M / Total cume: $44.8M/ Wk 4

8). The November Man (REL), 2,702 theaters (-74) / $837K Fri. / $1.26M (+51%) Sat. / $653K Sun. (-50%) / 3-day cume: $2.75M / Total cume: $22.5 / Wk 3

9). The Giver (TWC), 2,253 theaters (-323)/ $733K Fri. / $1.2M Sat. (+67%) / $672K Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $2.6M / Total cume: $41.3M / Wk 5

10). The Hundred-Foot Journey (DIS), 1,943 theaters (-224) / $687K Fri. / $1.1M Sat. (+71%) / $584K Sun. (-50%) / 3-day cume: $2.4M / Total cume: $49.4M

NOTEWORTHY: 20). The Identical (FREE), 1,274 theaters (-682) / $132K Fri. / $159K Sat. (+19%) / $119K (-25%) Sun. / 3-day cume: 410K (-73%) / Total cume: $2.6M / Wk 2

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  1. JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

    This is news because… It´s a pretty mediocre number and week at the box office in general, typical of September when almost never quality films are released (nor blockbusters either).

    • BeyWhoUWanna September 15, 2014

      Because every movie grosses 24 million in a few hours right?

      • JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

        The hours thing is another lack of profesional skills TGJ shows. It´s the weekend box office, as box office is always reflected, not just a few hours.

      • eric September 15, 2014

        72 hours to be exact. That’s very different from “a few.”

    • BeautifulDisaster89 September 15, 2014

      It might not be a summer blockbuster but considering the fact that made a profit off of a $13.3 million budget is pretty good

    • guest September 15, 2014

      It’s news because it doubled studio projections, was made on a $13 million dollar budget, and has the label of “black movie.”

  2. thetruth September 15, 2014

    Congrats, congrats!!! The movie was really good… Idris Elba is so fawkin fione lawwddd!

  3. JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

    Not to mention the score of the movie in Metacritic is 24 out of 100!!! Wow must be the worst score I´ve seen this year LOL

  4. Stephy. September 15, 2014

    Congrats BLACK man. The movie was good too. Nothing special. Just another cool suspense crazy type drmam filled movie. I enjoyed it eating my Popcorn & slurping up my SLURPY YUMMY!

    • Stephy. September 15, 2014


  5. LoveLife September 15, 2014

    Interesting that the person who is hating on African Americans performing well at the box office has a Janelle Monae icon. Sure she would not be bashing the success of the film, not matter how bad it is. Can we just be like positive?

    • JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

      Hmm I praise talent and quality. And I love cinema as much or almost as much as music. This movie is not quality. So I won´t defend it just cause the main actors are black? LOL Are you serious? And btw, I´m from Europe so miss me with all that black vs white thing. I adore Janelle Monae´s talent, just like I would adore it if she were white. I don´t have a problem with all your constant struggles in America (which I understand).

  6. TRUTH SERUM September 15, 2014

    Why are people so angry and bitter on TGJ???? Psh, I wish I had a film to grow 24 million on the opening week. Lol

  7. eric September 15, 2014

    First week sales compared to that of movies in their 6th and 7th week is not a measure of strong success. The fact that this movie pulled in almost twice its estimated budget is the real thing that makes No Good Deed a financial success, not to mention its box office run is just starting. I hope this shows Hollywood that they need to push for more minorities in lead roles.

  8. Ha! September 15, 2014

    Damn,can’t a person ever have a different opinion without people on the internet bashing them? He only said it wasn’t like it was record breaking or anything, which it wasn’t or isn’t! $24 Million may seem like a lot to an individual, but when you factor in the expenses and the fact that usually for tyler perry these numbers are peak and they tend to decline after the first weekend,it speaks volumes. Stop trying to make it about race.The person who made it could’ve been blue and it still would’ve been a horrible movie! 24/100 on Meta-critic speaks volumes!

    • guest September 15, 2014

      That wasn’t an opinion it was baseless negativity. Nobody said it was record breaking, only that it was a financial success in its first week when “black films” are deemed unprofitable by film studios. The film’s budget was only about $13 million so unless the marketing and etc. was also $13, then the film pretty much recouped its budget in one weekend. Furthermore, most if not all films decline after the first week. Unless you’ve seen the film in its entirety personally you have no reason to call it a horrible movie. I don’t think they’re still handing out seats in 2014 so you can just sit on the floor.

      • BeautifulDisaster89 September 15, 2014

        I ‘m happy that they did good numbers BUT I must say I saw it on saturday and it was just an ok film. I’m happy it did well because I would love for black films to have bigger budgets but I can’t say it’s the best movie ever lol

      • JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

        It wasn´t baseless negativity. I´m not like that. I just asked why this was news, because TGJ never reports about box office, but they did it with this mini-debut at the box office. I was confused. Now I see they did it because it is a “black” movie having some shine at the box office. Fine then. I didn´t even think of that.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

      Thank you! 24/100 says it all. I mean, I disagree with critics once in a while, but when it comes to movies which have mixed to positive reviews (40/60 out of 100) and I find them better than what critics think. But damn it, 24/100 means it´s obviously a bad movie.

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