‘Atlanta’ Remains Most Popular Show In ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Franchise After ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Fails To Match Ratings

Published: Wednesday 24th Sep 2014 by David


It may feature a line-up of Hip Hop and R&B’s more recognisable faces, but it would seem ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ has a long way to go before it can even think of competing with its Southern sister ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, after failing to match or better ratings scored by the series.

Who, what, where and why?

Facts and figures after the jump.


Green lit by VH1 following the continued success of David Wolfgang-directed ‘Atlanta’, ‘Hollywood’s opening episode pulled in an audience of 2.80 million views on September 15th, beating ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ first episode with the help of 870,000 views.

However, even with the benefit of five R&B/Hip Hop household names, ‘Hollywood’ suffered a ratings dip when its second episode on September 22nd, bringing in 2.37 million, failing to top Monday night’s Cable ratings tally.

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Thus, in what may surprise any who believed its cast would guarantee blockbuster opening figures, ‘Hollywood’ presently sits beneath ‘Atlanta’ on a popularity tip when ratings for both shows are compared to each other and the ailing ‘Love & Hip Hop’, based in New York.

Sure, while ‘Atlanta’ did open with 1.92 million and go onto enjoy a substantial ratings rise mid season, one has to wonder how much growing ‘Hollywood’ can be expected to do within an audience base more interested in the lives of characters they knew nothing of in ‘Atlanta’, than former A-listers whose names should have guaranteed ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘-sized numbers for its parent network.


If things don’t pick up this season, here’s hoping its arguably more interesting recurring cast (see Nikki Muddaris & Morgan Hardman) are awarded more camera time for story lines that hopefully do more for the show than the likes of Lil’ Fizz, Teairra Mari and Soulja Boy are capable of doing now.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Nika September 24, 2014

    I just have to admit; I LOVE this ratchett s***, I just do…. #Sinful

    • G92 September 24, 2014

      You’re not the only one.

    • sinsxueda September 24, 2014

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  2. Love & Taymar September 24, 2014

    So Teairra’s been acting like a fool for nothing? The shame of it all.

  3. DanitySlain September 24, 2014

    People know the cast is desperate which is why they’re not watching and that sucks because I think Omarion and Ray J are coming across really well.

  4. ~The Arcade~ September 24, 2014

    By now everybody knows, that Atlanta as a whole are known for their ‘ratchetness’ they come across authentic whereas those other cities are trying so desperately to exude that… instead of focusing on trying to get their so-called ‘careers’ back on track they care more about their 15 minutes of fame. SN: I think its funny how these proclaimed A-B listers are stooping real low to get people talking about them. Real sad!

  5. SMH September 24, 2014

    This post is premature and dumb. L&HHATL wasn’t a ratings slayer in the beginning either. You have to give it more time than just one or two episodes.

    • Lana Del Bae September 24, 2014

      That’s what they said but its kinda bad that it didn’t slay out the gate when it has so many celebrities in it.

    • HistoRih September 24, 2014

      But the reason they put all O, Ray and T in it is because they wanted it to get the ratings straight away though.

      • Brian310 September 24, 2014

        The only person on here that is somewhat relevant is Ray J and Soulja Boy which Isn’t saying much,so I don’t know how anyone feels the rest of the cast were “big” draws, if given sometime the show numbers will pick up since the unrecognizable names are more interesting so far.

  6. It’s Me, Jessie, & Ari September 24, 2014

    I knew L&HH Hollywood wouldn’t be no where near as successful as Atlanta. Even though the names are bigger they’re lives are dull and personalities no where near to one’s of Atlanta. GIVE US BACK CRAZY JOSELINE, NON-COMMITED STEVIE, NO NECK BENZINO, LOST KARLIE REDD, TRY ME ERICA, CONFUSED SCRAPPY, SHAKE UP IN THE PALACE MOMMA DEE, H**-THEA, AND OH MY LAWD K-F*****-MICHELLE.

  7. chanel September 24, 2014

    All I gotta say is that Nikki character looks very trannylicious!!! No shade but ALL TEA!

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) September 24, 2014

    Huh…a d*mn shame but to be expected. I didn’t watch the second episode either. Too desperate and who the f*ck is working on music?? These “actors” loose sight of the REAL meaning for the show. And Teairra…she actually had decent music back in the day but would now would rather beat a dead horse storyline that is Ray J…She’s so hyped on being Joseline number two ALL her post on twitter are retweets of people cosigning her dumb*ss behavior….Teairra, go find a ball player to trap already and STFU if you ain’t gonna sing…..

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