Phaedra Parks Revives ‘Real Housewives’ Ratings As Fans Urge Producers To Fire Claudia Jordan


Bravo‘s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ has hit a new ratings low this season, seeing its viewing figures take a worrying dip towards Love & Hip Hop‘s viewing territory.

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Opening with 3.8 million viewers to its name, the show’s seventh cycle spun into action on November 9th 2014 after fans learned cast member Porsha Williams had been demoted to “supporting” status to make way for friend to the stars Claudia Jordan.

Alas, subsequent episodes have seen its producer struggle to pull in figures close to the aforementioned number, receiving numbers that sit almost half as low as they did in its sixth season.

On January 11th, the episode named ‘Puerto Read-Co’ captured 3.53 million viewers only to see the showings that followed fall out of the 3 million range and end up at the 2.62 million mark by the time ‘The Countdown Begins’ aired on February 8th.

Things didn’t get much better in the week that followed, with ‘Hello Mr. Chocolate’ sweeping up 2.82 million, a number more akin to the likes of ‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Love & Hip Hop’ than its own.

However, all isn’t lost.

For, in a bittersweet turn of events, a rumour started about ‘Wife’ Phaedra Parks has seen her revive the show’s ailing ratings this week.

How so?

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That’s right, after a rocky number of weeks, the show has seen Parks- who joined its cast in its third season- lift its viewing figures to the 3.7 million mark, handing NBC & Bravo its highest-rated ‘Atlanta’ episode since its season seven premiere showing!

Alas, newbie Claudia Jordan may find herself unable to celebrate the show’s ratings revival this week, as fans have called for its producers to give her the boot.

Yes, even before her first run on the series comes to an end, the ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ contestant has found herself on the receiving end of firing calls because she’s yet to deliver her own storyline.

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  1. Dev March 3, 2015

    Queens on twitter instead of the sign of coins or notes

  2. Dev March 3, 2015


  3. Jane March 3, 2015

    bye Claudia.

  4. Lisa March 3, 2015

    Their plan to defame Aunty Phaedra backfired.

  5. Jay Jay March 3, 2015

    They honestly should fire Kenya than Claudia. I’m not a huge fan of Claudia but she doesn’t seem as Messy as Kenya.

    Get rid of Kenya and bring back Sheree!!!

  6. (Rihyonce) March 3, 2015

    well Phaedra has the best storyline !! AND SHE IS MY NEW FAVE AFTER NENE

  7. JAY March 3, 2015

    Yeah right, like they’re going to fire the ones that generate the strongest response from viewers.

    If anything all these tweets about them say they’re doing something right.

    Deshawn Snow was fired because she didn’t evoke any reaction one way or another with viewers.

    By their logic Nene needs to go as well.

    • Lisa March 3, 2015

      Strongest negative response sis. If Carlos can’t give bravo a good enough reason to keep Claudia she’ll be fired. They know they’d be better off giving Porsha her old job back.

  8. TheElusiveLamb March 3, 2015

    They need to promote Porsha back up and keep the rest as they are. I’m not a fan of Claudia, but Claudia reading Nene one of the two highlights of this season. Cynthia has borderline become unbearable with the robot reading, and with Nene, Porsha, and Kenya think bc they are getting a few thousand and have EXTREMELY LIMITED, LOCAL “relevance” that they own the world. I have a feeling they won’t make it past this or next season if they keep these boring storylines. With scripted shows like Empire, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and etc. coming back (with 10-20 million viewers and rising) who really is going to keep tuning in to see the Senior Citizen Bad Girls Club every Sunday?

    • Maxine March 3, 2015

      That’s the problem. All of her highlights feature an established character. What is her storyline outside of Nene and Rent A Porsha.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 3, 2015

        What is any of their storyline hun? They all seem to be a spinoff characters of the Phaedra show. Lol.

  9. Annette March 3, 2015

    They only demoted Porsha because she bashed gay people and they shouldn’t even try to deny it. Why else would she lose her peach but still be in every single episode.

  10. dydy972 March 3, 2015

    yes, fire the bad girls club : kenya has no husband and no business and no storyline
    what is claudia doing on this show?
    cynthia : bye girl

    The thirst for a paycheck is so reaaaal that they live through nene, kandi, porsha and phaedra to exist on rhoa.

    • RihHive March 4, 2015

      Lets say they Give Porsha her peach back… woot woot! now what would her story-line be? Her quest to figure out who driving the Underground Railroad? Porsha been boring! and since her drama with Kenya is over, her divorce is final and she refuse to acknowledge her African Prince how is she gonna pique our interest?

      • Gregg March 4, 2015

        But she is the most beautiful to me of them all and that alone would make me watch….but seriously, you didnt bring up the underground railroad did you????….that had to be the funniest moment ever.

  11. FutureCiara March 3, 2015

    I just watch the show out of habit now, as opposed to actually being interested in any of the characters and their drama. It’s all a bit recycled to me, yet I allow it to be recorded on my DVR every week, idk but I don’t get any enjoyment out of watching it anymore. I will be deleting it off of my scheduled shows to be recorded.

  12. Sherry March 3, 2015

    Honestly, the show has run it’s course. Reality is starting to die and sitcoms are making a grand return. I mean how many times can we watch women argue, drink wine, gossip and shop? It’s a bit tired now.

    • Meteorite March 3, 2015

      You said just what I was thinking!

    • #JACKIE March 3, 2015

      B**** your ugly haggard face has run it’s course sit tf down somewhere

      • Sherry March 3, 2015

        Haha! Girl bye! My face is CLICK CLACK SNATCHED hunty! Stop worrying about my flawless mug and focus that energy into your faves pathetic career and your pathetic LIFE! Now don’t come around these parts anymore hunty because the next read will be LETHAL. Mark my words. xoxo.

  13. Brian310 March 3, 2015

    The pretty people always get the most negative reaction, none of the girls when they 1st start off have a storyline unless they force 1…they need to get rid of Demetria and just bring in Marlo it’s long overdue.

    • Gregg March 4, 2015

      nah marlo is too negative….after that spectacle she pulled with nene she needs to stay where she is

  14. rosy March 3, 2015

    Kenya needs to go and Cynthia kandi is boring as hell

  15. Casual-T March 3, 2015

    Andy said Porsha was demoted b/c she refused to give more access into her personal life. I guess that means the African prince Claudia mentioned in Puerto Rico. In response, they gave Porsha’s peach to a woman with no storyline whatsoever (Claudia) and who’s so thirsty for drama, it comes across as pathetic. Claudia’s argument with Nene’s turned out to be really lucky for Claudia, b/c I think it’s the primary reason she got a peach. Claudia keeps trying to stir up mess with Porsha, but Porsha ignores her at every turn, which highlights Claudia’s desperation for a plotline. Claudia serves no purpose on this show. She needs to do more than try to pick fights with Porsha and Nene.

    • Black power March 3, 2015


  16. sarah March 3, 2015

    Phaedra Parks Esq. Is my favorite on the show..Sheree and Kim need to come back..bye Claudia..bye Kenya…I think Cynthia is on her last straw..i can deal with her one more season though


    Resort singer? No!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Drag much her weave got pulled out? They demolished Demetria, the 40-something wannabe pop star.

  18. preston March 3, 2015

    It’s a good season, sometimes shows just get old for some people. I like the cast, glad porsha has been demoted. I think they need to bring sheree and Marlo back!! that would be dope.

  19. John Doe March 3, 2015

    BYE Nene!!!!! Also, last I checked, Porsha doesn’t have a storyline and Apollo’s the only story Phaedra has. Let’s be honest, Kenya is running the show, so deal with it!

    • Gregg March 4, 2015

      if kenya left noone would care…..

  20. KingBday March 3, 2015

    Nene. Kim. Kandi. Porscha. Marlo. Sheree. Quad. #Rhoa would be on point again if they were all on.

  21. Gregg March 4, 2015

    I’m sorry, I just dont like Kenya, i took the show off of my DVR when Claudia showed up and the two of them just brought something to the show i didnt like….oh well let me know when they are gone and ill return to watching.

  22. justmeeeee March 4, 2015

    Kenya is annoying
    Claudia needs to go & take Cynthia with her

    Nene Phaedra & porsha ARE the show

    Kandi is just part of the scenery

  23. cocobutta March 4, 2015

    Claudia is as pointless as Demetria. They both had the same action

    Porsha his, Porsha that & licking Kenya’s ass more than her own p**** cat licking her.


    Nene checked out long time ago but she got Cynthia together & she’s an original.

  24. Me. I Am… Stephy Aka Queen Elizabeth Taylor March 4, 2015

    Please, get rid of Cynthia.

  25. Del March 4, 2015

    I don’t get all of the Claudia hate. She’s fiery, funny and strong-willed. She is probably the ONLY housewife to get Nene together, even getting an apology from ol’ Linnithia. It’s the producers fault if Claudia doesn’t have a story line, not hers. I think she is good for the show because she’s not trying to be the center of attention, like her homie Kenya or trying to assert herself like Cynthia. She is just a fun girl who will read you for filth if you step out of line. She’s been nothing but loyal to Kenya and Cynthia. Nene is trying to stay relevant by hating Kenya for reasons people struggle to remember, Phaedra wouldn’t have a story line without that jailbird husband of hers and Porsha still doesn’t have a brain. It’s funny she was cool with Claudia until she found out she was friends with Kenya and following Nene’s hatred of Kenya. Kandi is the only one who has an interesting storyline, the only one who tries to bring true peace to the group, and the only one who knows there is a difference in being someone’s friend without kissing their booty. If Claudia is fired, she shouldn’t be the only one.

  26. Mista Cee March 4, 2015

    Actually, they need to get rid of Porsche’s simple, ratchet, mess A**. The sound of her voice makes me cringe.

  27. DINO March 4, 2015

    What’s NENE’s storyline, outside of being a 2-faced disrespectful sickening B****???

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