Brandy Bringing ‘Chicago’ To Los Angeles / Will Reprise Role Of Roxie Hart

Published: Saturday 12th Dec 2015 by Sam

Brandy is bringing Broadway to the west side.

After a wildly successful NYC run as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago: The Musical’, the singer/actress will reprise her role in a limited Los Angeles set of shows.

Details below…

B-Rocka will perform one-week’s worth of shows at the Hollywood Pantages Theater in April 2016 – it was announced today.

The brief run will kick off one year after she made her debut in the Broadway adaptation of the production.

Dates are as follows:

Tuesday , April  26 , 2016  8:00 PM
Wednesday , April  27 , 2016  8:00 PM
Thursday , April  28 , 2016  8:00 PM
Friday , April  29 , 2016  8:00 PM
Saturday , April  30 , 2016  2:00 PM
Saturday , April  30 , 2016  8:00 PM
Sunday , May  1 , 2016  1:00 PM
Sunday , May  1 , 2016  6:30 PM


2016 is shaping up to a be a busy year for Ms. Norwood. For, beyond ‘Chicago,’ her BET sitcom ‘Zoe Ever After’ debuts January 5th, while new music is also set for release.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CiCi December 12, 2015


    • Hi haters December 12, 2015

      The person who outsold your fav. N outperform them too. n will stay relevant past your prime anything else?

      • CiCi December 12, 2015

        Still don’t know who she is, sorry.

      • Cough Cough December 12, 2015

        If Ciara’s your fav, Brandys one of her fans. So….

    • Hi haters December 12, 2015

      Lol Google her then

      • CiCi December 12, 2015

        I did, and it said “Murdering Flop donkey voice has been 90’s artist”.

      • #JACKIE December 12, 2015


    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 12, 2015

      Did you just say WHO? lol!

      Fun facts:

      1) Brandy’s total WW Sales 24 million albums
      Ciara’s total WW Sales 6.87 million albums

      2) Never Say Never alone outsold Ciara’s ENTIRE discography DOUBLE and change.

      Just don’t do it. I like Cici but you’re practically begging people to drag her saying “who” on a Brandy post. It’s too easy. It’s not even fair.

      Go to a Tinashe post instead and say who? That’s more of her league.

  2. Royalkev December 12, 2015

    I caught her last show in New York in the summer. Brandy was amazing, I was so impressed with her versatility! I got the chance to meet her after the show and take a picture. That made my life! 🙂 I’m actually looking at those LA dates wondering what to do right now… My favs are busy and this s*** starting to add up! LOL. Anyway, I’m sooo proud of Brandy and all that’s she’s accomplished.

  3. Cough Cough December 12, 2015

    Brandy is definitely WINNING. She’s is music, in tv, she’s in film, she’s in theatre, she’s in the hair industry….. So versatile, she is!

  4. Him829 December 12, 2015

    Tv star, Movie star, Music star, Broadway star..#BRANDY

  5. Rich White Women December 12, 2015

    That Theater will be more empty than her south african tour and people will pay it more dust than her singing on that subway

  6. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare (The Tipping Point) December 12, 2015

    This would be really cool to see. Proud of Brandy!

  7. Barb-wire December 12, 2015

    Not the Z Squad coming for someone who’s hundred times and more better than their Future creeping ass manly looking fave. Ciara wishes she could have these jobs and stay booked like Legendary Norwood.

    • #JACKIE December 12, 2015

      Go start a gofundme for your favs r***** brothers legal fees sis.

  8. Tyler Makiavelli December 12, 2015

    Aww good for Brandy! Been a fan of her acting since Moesha. Come to think of it, Ima go watch it now lol.

  9. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 12, 2015

    Good for her! She’s such a hard working woman! It’s amazing how she STAYS with a job. It just proves how important and relevant she is. I can’t wait for the vocal Bible’s new album.

  10. Chante Moore December 12, 2015

    Go Brandy!

  11. MUSICHEAD December 12, 2015

    I will definitely be there!

  12. Navy Nick December 13, 2015


  13. Alia services June 29, 2017

    it made me laugh

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