Clapback: Amber Rose Slams Kanye West

Published: Wednesday 27th Jan 2016 by Sam

It happened!

Amber Rose has replied to Kanye West‘s rant in rather graphic fashion.

Her words…here…

As reported, Ye took aim at the model during a heated exchange with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa – who fathered a child with Rose (West’s ex).

Said child was roped into the mix by ‘Waves’ MC Yeezy, as such it’s little wonder why Amber is on the attack.

Stay tuned.

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  1. AllHailMariah January 27, 2016

    Oop ??☕️…..Well if the shoe FITS!!! #TeamPetty

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 27, 2016

      Fingers daaawln…if the FINGERS fit.

  2. #justsayn January 27, 2016

    ??? Go innn on that entitled mf!

  3. Bey-Minaj January 27, 2016

    *Flatlines* Muva knows how to ETHER!

    • Pray for the Youth January 27, 2016

      Yasssss!!!!!! Muva always comes through with the last word. It ain’t over till it’s over. She better DRAG!!!!!

  4. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 27, 2016

    KIIII Kanye is one of the kidz hunni 😆 He BEEN serving fish

  5. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 27, 2016

    * 🙂

    • Rima’s Assistant January 27, 2016

      Hmmmmmm…about you having 2 different avi’s though…wottice?

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 27, 2016

        How r u @Rihnavy?

  6. Dev January 27, 2016


  7. Get on your Knees (Arianator Barb) January 27, 2016

    I Stan for Kanye but… Get him Amber!!!! Hahaha

    • FC/JC January 27, 2016

      RIGHT< Lol like im excited for his new album, but he was outta line, Im glad Amber clocked him

  8. blue January 27, 2016

    i dont get it? Lots of straight men enjoy ass play and as if its with a woman then i dont see her point…

    • Skyfall January 27, 2016

      She wasn’t implying he was gay.

  9. Shady81 January 27, 2016

    Yes Team Amber for the win, just waiting on Wiz to Respond! Kanye just need to come out the closet already because he spend more time with that one fashion designer he’s with then his own wife, I guess him and his secret beau are to busy finger popping in each other’s assholes to come out and say he’s more attracted to him then he is of Kim.

  10. RihannaNavy January 27, 2016

    ??? i love Amber Rose but ? is being SPILL’t today ???? …

  11. Joey January 27, 2016

    Omg HOT TOPICS!!!!!!
    Wendy Williams !!!!!!

    #so juicy

    • maurice January 27, 2016

      i was thinking the same thing. lmao
      Riccardo Ticci. MMMMH-HMMMMM

  12. RICHIE_RICH January 27, 2016

    Amber just Rick flair that A**!!!! I love Kanye down but all T all shade we already knew this Amber …….

    Amber said pipe it up !!!!!

  13. RICHIE_RICH January 27, 2016

    So Kanye is serving TUNA!!!!!

  14. rosy January 27, 2016

    Good for you amber stand up to his ass

  15. #JACKIE January 27, 2016

    Oopp READDDDDD Amber sis!!!

  16. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 27, 2016

    I mean, yeah he’s entitled and conceited as a mother f*****, but HE DID sell out a stadium in China (when they’re known for being obsessed with pale skin). I’ll give him his room to be big headed, but I’m here for Amber spilling his bedroom tea. I wonder if Kim forgot to mention that she has to put a finger up there, while she was too happy to say that his feet smell like cheese. Lol!

  17. JanStan January 27, 2016

    He done chose the wrong one lol. Shes all in with them FINGERS as in PLURAL. DRAG HA OMG HAHA!

  18. Poly January 27, 2016

    The real tea is Amber was really the one that had to take 30 showers after being with ‘Tickle Me Bootyhole Kanye’

    He looks like he can take a whole fist…

    • Coolness January 27, 2016

      Nooooooooo!!! ?????

    • What now January 27, 2016


  19. FC/JC January 27, 2016

    Kanye went on that huge obnoxious rant pretty much not saying shitt, and then mentioned their child talking about he “OWNED” that baby! Like how much more disrespectful can you get…… And I was just starting to like Kanye West, but his actions just put him in reverse, I thought he had changed and grown up a lil… He needs to humble himself.

    Im just here for the drama rehashing though…. I want the Kardashians to get DRAGGED!!!! And now Team Amber & Blac Chyna have got the perfect pawn in the game… Mr Rob Kardashian!

    Its about to be LIT!

  20. Pray for the Youth January 27, 2016

    I Liiiiivvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. WINTZ January 27, 2016

    Lol she is so feisty-fresh! Is Amber a Libra?

    I get so sick of society allowing men to get away with the level of disrespect they publicly display towards women who- at some point in life, had their back fully.

    COME through Amber!!!

  22. Ciah’s Turtle January 27, 2016

    #UrGettingBodiedByAStripperNigga *dies*

  23. Everyone’s A Critic January 27, 2016

    This classless nobody Amber Rose!
    Let’s be precise because I could go on for ages
    But a man sends for your CHILD and instead of being mature and ignoring this mess you decide to mention that you used to fiddle with his booty!
    Is he supposed to be offended that you got SHIIIIIIIT under your nails whilst pleasuring him???
    More fool her.

  24. Everyone’s A Critic January 27, 2016

    all this Twitter beef just makes these men look like bishes!
    What happened to the days when rappers actually FOUGHT?
    How’s Wiz gonna have someone call out HIS CHILD and not square up. I’d do a few push ups and tweet “WATCH AT THE GRAMMYS…” And pop off if I was Wiz!

    By Kanyes standards RAY J owns North

  25. How Many Drinks January 27, 2016

    Oops she better go IN

  26. Royalkev January 27, 2016

    Well … Kanye had no right bringing her up!

    • LoveOne January 27, 2016

      It had nothing to do with her. She clap back because put her son in it

      • Royalkev January 28, 2016

        ^ That too, but he did call her a stripper.

  27. Barb-wire January 28, 2016

    Yeeeeessssss Muva! Snatch and draag that deranged lunatic!!! I live for the shade hunny!

  28. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music January 28, 2016

    Lol hahahaha go amber rose

  29. SMH January 28, 2016

    I think I’m falling in love with Amber Rose LOL.

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