Michael B. Jordan Eyed For ‘Blade’ Role

Published: Thursday 7th Apr 2016 by David

As DC Comics’ ‘Batman vs Superman‘ continues to pull in mixed reviews its rival Marvel has set it sights on a number of black actors as they begin work on the latest ‘Blade’ project.

One of the names on their list of possible stars?

Michael B. Jordan.

‘Blade’ is a Marvel superhero who protects humans from vampires and was portrayed by Wesley Snipes for the very first time on screen in 1998.

The actor’s big screen portrayal of the character in its first movie swept up $131.2 million at the box office and now, after being picked up Disney, Marvel is keen to replicate this success with a younger player.

Collider reports:

Marvel is gearing up an official reboot to their Vampire Action franchise, Blade. While there is no word on a director, the studio is reportedly looking at a very short-list of actors that includes Michael B. Jordan and Birth of a Nation’s Nate Parker; with relative unknowns Aml Ameen who had a small role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Elijah Kelley from Red Tails and Hairspray. Marvel aims to start filming the movie this summer and as of this report, no mention on whether or not the movie will get an R-rating. With Marvel owned, of course, by Disney, fans are expecting a friendlier PG-13 rating.

If Jordan bags the role it would follow his success in the movie ‘Creed‘ and the commercial bomb that was the latest ‘Fantastic Four’ release.

Unfamiliar with ‘Blade’?

Watch the clip below…

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  1. #JACKIE April 7, 2016

    He’s soooooo fine *bends over*

    • Slaynashe Grande April 7, 2016

      You dirty tense! You have no class and your Trashiness knows no bounds. Cheap dog!

      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        Worry about your ugly fav getting dragged by a crackhead sis.

    • Madame Mimi April 7, 2016

      Bend? Like your self esteem when you saw Jackie’s sales?

      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        Making numerous screen names to “attempt” to drag me? Goodbye AnnaLESSER

    • HistoRih April 7, 2016

      Just as loose and lowly as her credit score.

      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        SCREAMING. Coming from a fake Rihanna stan? You could’ve at least fake stanned for a classier artist sis.

      • Annalise April 7, 2016

        LMAO @JACK-0FF is such a try hard!!!! this HistoRih person has been commenting for months, but you just can’t handle the fact that multiple people are clocking your tea!!!! Keep that CØCKSUCKER shut sis!

      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        All of these corny ass screen names are the same person. Gtfoh it’s probably you like I said.

  2. Sanity Slain April 7, 2016

    What about Michael Jai White?

    • Lana Del Bae April 7, 2016

      He’d be so good but he doesn’t get the roles he should. It’s so sad.

  3. Danzou April 7, 2016

    He should get it

  4. Annalise April 7, 2016

    I’M GAGGING at the slaughtering @crackie is receiving for ‘his’ seemingly innocent comment. LMAO and we all know how good David is at exposing troll accounts, so if it’s really me then he’ll let you know! get over your obsession sis, cuz I have no problem dragging u under THIS name!

    • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

      Oh if that’s the case why hasn’t he exposed me/Molly? ? B**** drag yourself to the nearest clinic, A*** f**.

      • Annalise April 7, 2016

        Has he ‘exposed’ me yet? I’m waiting…. oh right, no! SO SHUT YO CØCKSUCKER UP HŒ!!! And I truly hope you are the same person. It would be frightening to think there are two psychotic body-dysmorphia-suffering hœs unleashed to society, instead of one!

      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        Drink bleach, fat ugly pressed b****.

      • Annalise April 7, 2016

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      • #JACKIE April 7, 2016

        Don’t flatter yourself bum b****.

      • Annalise April 7, 2016

        YAWWWNNNN! Is it the end of your scene yet B*TCH? Or are you still pretending to be other people on the internet to escape your harsh reality!

  5. MUSICHEAD April 7, 2016

    Is he the only young black actor in Hollywood? Is there no one else to hand a job to?

  6. Lake Erie April 7, 2016

    I can see him playing Blade. He did a great job in “Fantastic Four” so I see him showing no mercy in this too. #GoodSh!T Jordan!

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