Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Crowned “Icons” By Harper’s Bazaar

Published: Thursday 28th Jul 2016 by Sam

Self-obsessed couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrate their unique brand of indulgence on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

As well as poking fun at their image in the joint shoot, the pair wax honest about a number of topics including the Taylor Swift (who they infamously “exposed”) and how they want to be remembered.

Rapper ‘Ye also goes into depthy detail about his wife’s nude pictures, which he likens to a…wait for it…”renaissance painting.”

At this junction, we could go on about how much we miss the “old” Kanye; the Yeezy who’d lambast the farce that is this “duo.” But we won’t.

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Kanye On Kim’s Nudes:

“I love her nude selfies. Like, I love ones from the side, the back ones, and the front. I just love seeing her naked; I love nudity. And I love beautiful shapes. I feel like it’s almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.”


Kanye On His Favorite Taylor Swift Song

“I don’t have one”
Kim adds: “I was such a fan of hers.”


On How They’d Like To Be Remembered:

Kim: “I’d like to be remembered as someone who was smart in business, works hard, and can be sexy and a mom. A powerful but still sexy, nonconforming woman. And I would hope that Kanye would be remembered for being smart and sticking to what he believes.”

Kanye: “Determined. I would say my determination is way higher than my smartness.”

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  1. ?+✈=? July 28, 2016

    I wish they would just fall off the earth

    • RihNavy July 28, 2016


  2. RihNavy July 28, 2016


  3. Yeee July 28, 2016

    His finger looks like one of those thumb up the booty hole fingers

  4. LadyS July 28, 2016

    Kim and Kanye are so wack to me. Everyone doesn’t have to like them and I’m one.

  5. #JACKIE July 28, 2016


  6. Fancy BISH July 28, 2016

    “I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.” -Kanye
    I detect SHADE lol #HELLO

  7. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 28, 2016

    They’re funny to me…

  8. Ajax July 28, 2016

    Such delusional people these two are. Kim you will always be known as the girl who got ducked on video and made her family famous let’s be for real. You don’t come off to anyone as a intelligent successful smart minded woman. Do you have businesses of course you do. How you got there is a different story. Kanye, Blahahahahahaha poor thing that’s all I can say. You are a f****** circus act.

    • BOOBIE July 28, 2016

      That’s BS. She WAS known for that video but she’s made a name for herself. I forget sometimes that she even made that home video. She’s known for being everywhere and her TV show and overall fame, not for a personal home video anymore. Stop being a bitter ho.

  9. Ajax July 28, 2016

    Blahahaha no ones forgot . But you keep telling yourself that. Bitter LOL rrriiiiggghhhhttt. Sounds like my opinion hit a chord for you. ??? I find that and your name calling amusing

  10. KenyaInFormation July 28, 2016

    They are just so full of it. Real icons who have to always defend their icon status like Rihanna and Beyonce and these 2 … Never mind

  11. IloveD July 28, 2016

    They wish they jay n Bey

  12. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 30, 2016

    Nice couple and hope she stay marriage this time round

  13. cathy August 9, 2016

    Kim Kardashian is a slit, pox on society, a gross woman

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