Report: ‘White Chicks’ To Be Remade Into Hard-Hitting Drama

Published: Tuesday 5th Jul 2016 by David

The filmmaking duo of Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert are planning to remake the comedy ‘White Chicks’….into an R-Rated drama.

Report below…

The original movie tells the hilarious tale of two African-American FBI agents who go undercover as Caucasian women to destroy a kidnapping plot against the wealthy ladies they are impersonating.

This year, twelve years after its release, the movie’s journey has taken a shocking twist now that the aforementioned Scheinert and Kwan have revealed that they hope to recreate it.

Scheinert revealed in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter‘:

One of my dreams is to make ‘White Chicks’ as a hard-R, Oscar-worthy drama, starring the original cast. It would be about gender and race relations in the 21st century, starring the Wayans brothers. I don’t know if you have seen ‘White Chicks’ lately, but it has a lot of meat to it and explores everything, like class, gender, race, the handicapped, age.

Unfamiliar with their work?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ughhhh July 5, 2016

    Oscar worthy? No is is going to take the Wayans brothers serious as a hard hitting, Oscar worth drama. And btw if it’s going to be a TV show it would be the Emmy’s.

  2. Truth July 5, 2016

    Hollywood has run out of ideas…

  3. Bitchpleaseeee July 5, 2016

    Ok now they’re pushing it????

  4. KING-CALIO July 5, 2016

    FOR WHY?….

  5. OMG Logic!!! July 5, 2016

    Using White face to stereotype White women wasn’t enough once?

  6. FC/JC July 5, 2016

    Ummmm, Leave it alone while its still a classic comedy

  7. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi July 5, 2016

    They should do part2 that’s better

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