Social Media Wages War On Casey Affleck In Nate Parker Racism Debate

Published: Wednesday 25th Jan 2017 by David

Is there a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to race and sexual assault?

The answer to that question is yes.

That is, if you ask the thousands who have risen on social media to question Hollywood and the media’s reluctance to slam the actor Casey Affleck for his alleged assaults on women after derailing Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ in 2016.

Why so many are outraged at the industry, media and “feminists”?

Find out below…

Parker’s efforts to promote his movie ‘Birth of a Nation’, which told the true story of the Nat Turner-led rebellion of enslaved Africans, were bled dry when several publications unearthed his once-overlooked sexual assault trial in which he was acquitted.

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Said unearthing went a long way to convince movie-goers not to support the movie when it premiered resulting in its box office bombing.

Alas, those who supported efforts to bring Parker’s alleged assault and his subsequent acquittal to the light now find themselves in a heated digital debate following the release of this year’s Oscar nominations.


Casey Affleck.

Why the outrage?

The actress Constance Wu explains:

Click here to find out what Affleck has been accused of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fifi January 25, 2017

    Where are all the white feminists who called for Nate’s head now? And why have they never come for homophobic Eminem?

    • John January 25, 2017

      You know they only care about black issues when they can use it them to help themselves. Don’t trust them.

    • Bey Sting January 25, 2017

      How many of them defended Bey after Formation? They are more than happy to turn a blind eye to prejudice and racism just as long as they aren’t hurt by it. Don’t forget how well Trump did with White women people. Nate was rightfully taken down because of his race and the uncomfortable nature of his movie not because they really cared about what he did.

    • Weezy Tha Goat January 25, 2017

      Well I’m Eminem defense they tried to bury him for the longest, but he’s too much of a big Artist to stop. His stans will support his music regardless. Which is why him and Beyoncé are the only artist from the 90’s that are still going Platinum.

      • Weezy Tha Goat January 25, 2017


    • Melanie January 25, 2017

      OOOOOMMMMGGGGG. WHY is this a race issue? Black people are making HISTORY with this year’s Oscar nominations (Viola, Denzel, Moonlight cast, Hidden Figures, and Bradford Young with Arrival) and all you backwards ASS people can do is still try and revive Nate Parker’s pompous, wrong ass? Newsflash, Nate Parker was WRONG, Birth of A Nation was factually INCORRECT, and the movie nor his performance was good enough for a nom. Pointing out a “racist double standard” does what exactly? Because if Nate Parker hadn’t gotten dragged this past year for his bad judgment and failure to address it properly, you guys would even care about dragging Casey Affleck. So if white men can get away with with, black men should too? Is that your logic? Some of you have tried so hard to save Nate Parker in the name of “blackness” but readily attack BLACK women (Chrisette Michele & Jennifer Holliday) for making personal decisions for their career. Focus your attention on the real racism taking place in this country starting with these new executive orders and laws that are starting to pass.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 25, 2017

        So just because we were nominated for a few damn awards we r supposed to overlook the unfairness ?

      • Melanie January 25, 2017

        Look Amerikka’s Most Wanted, I can smell a Hotep a mile away. There’s no “unfairness” because Nate rightfully received 0 nominations. Birth of a Nation was a mess and a disgrace to Nat Turner’s life. What happened to not seeking white people’s validation? On one hand everyone was mad about #OscarsSoWhite, now since that problem is fixed, some of you idiots want to resurrect Nate Parker to have an issue. Worry about who’s being appointed in these government positions because that’s going to have more of an effect on your life than Nate Parker or the Oscars.

      • Jasmine January 25, 2017

        Unfair is unfair. Period. You can’t bypass that with a bunch of BLAH words on assimilation

  2. Bey Sting January 25, 2017

    Real talk. The sooner black people realise that white liberal movements are users and abusers the better life will be for all of us. Notice that the most inspirational movie about an LGBT person came from a black man who came from modest beginnings. Those wealthy Starbucks drinking “allies” you love so much don’t care about you and never will. That is and how and why Roman Polanski is still working in Hollywood as Bill Cosby is excluded from it.

    • Melanie January 25, 2017

      What is your point in reference to “Moonlight?” Because black folks have traditionally been very homophobic and many tried to attack the release of “Moonlight” last year because they cited it as the “white man’s agenda to emasculate the black man.” Just Google ‘Nate Parker and why he’ll never play a gay character.’ Thank God for Barry Jenkins, Tarell McCraney, and the wonderful cast of the film. Black people need to do a better job of supporting black LGBTQ people instead of talking horribly about them like Nate Parker did.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 25, 2017

        This isn’t about the lgbtq community it’s about Hollywood and it’s racial bias

      • Jasmine January 25, 2017

        Black people can support whomever they want. Moonlight fits the gay agenda of feminizing black male youth. Moonlight was no where near the level of direction or cinematography that Brokeback Mountain had so have several seats with your assumption that black people “need to support” a film just because it is LGBT.

      • Melanie January 25, 2017

        Dear Jasmine,

        You’re either stupid, stubborn, or illiterate. Or all 3. Take your pick.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

      The jokes on you. Brad Pitt got Moonlight made. You just played yourself you clown.

      • ✌? January 25, 2017

        Fool!! Brad Pitt got Moonlight made? Whose story is it? Who are the actors? Does Brad appear in it? Will Brad receive an award for it? No. It is a black movie. It’s so amazing to see how the same people who reject the importance of black movies will reach to the heavens to find some way to downplay the impact black directors and writers had on it.

      • Melanie January 25, 2017

        And Fox Searchlight distributed “Birth of A Nation.” So what the hell is your point? No black film is created or distributed exclusively by black people. It doesn’t change the fact that “Moonlight” was the best film of the year next to “Hidden Figures” and will get its just due on Oscar night.

  3. MUSICHEAD January 25, 2017

    This has been my point all along. I refuse to join white people in destroying black men like Nate Parker and Bill Cosby because I know it only furthers their agenda. White men will never be held to the same standard as black men. Does that excuse the behavior of black men? No. But we should defend them publicly and punish them privately, just like white people do.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

      If you actually researched the story, you’d realize David is making false claims. Casey Affleck wasn’t even accused of assault against women. He was accused of workplace harassment. The women went on to sue him because they claimed he didn’t follow contractual promises (producer credits).

      Nate Parker and Casey Affleck aren’t even comparable. Different cases with different accusations.

      • MUSICHEAD January 25, 2017

        Thanks Nancy Drew but this isn’t about Casey Affleck in particular. If you do your research, you’ll know that white people continuously get a pass for doing the exact same things if not worse than their black counterparts. Wake up kiddo. The world is not as simple as you’d like to think.

      • Love January 26, 2017

        You clearly haven’t read the reports of you think Casey is simply being accused of “work place harassment.”

  4. Cough Cough January 25, 2017

    It is not one races job to get a person of a certain race together. ALL women of ALL races should ban together- no ALL GENDERS, actually. The sooner we stop trying to make one community be responsible for an individuals actions and work as a group to hold ppl accountable, the better. With that said this is messed up FOREAL!!!

  5. ya January 25, 2017

    This is what Black that sell their own out get because you helped in vilifying this man and thought those white feminist and media heads (men) were behind you for something that he was acquitted of but Mel and Casey and a host of many white actors accused and found guilty are paraded around without any scrutiny while yall played a hand in a brother’s destruction all under the guise of female empowerment and false sister-womanhood lol…. Reading that first tweet proves my point the poster really said rightfully so about Nate and then question Casey being nominated like yall still don’t get it they will not throw their own under the bus only black people do that. The jokes is on you.

  6. Um. January 25, 2017

    This is EXACTLY what I was talking about on the other Women’s March post. It didn’t even take a week for what I said to come to fruition. Where’s that fool, blue at with her, “why is everything about race?” Philosophy…

  7. SMH January 25, 2017

    Nate Parker was ACQUITTED of the charges. The fact that people still refer to him as a r***** and not Casey Affleck is already proof of the racist double standard this country was built on.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

      Didn’t the woman kill herself? Sounds like Nate got lucky like OJ.

  8. ✌? January 25, 2017

    I’d like a white person who rightfully helped to expose Nate to explain why the same hasn’t been done to Casey. I’m serious.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

      Casey’s was an accusation. Nothing more nothing less. The woman that accused Nate Parker actually killed herself. HMM what a tiny little difference that ya’ll like to conveniently ignore to promote White hatred.

      • Ya January 25, 2017

        Still doesnt confirm why she killed herself. She had mental issues and committing s****** doenst prove anything be logical

      • ✌? January 25, 2017

        So what makes The multiple accusations against Casey worth less than the one accusation against Nate (who I dislike by the way.)

      • PassiveWriter January 25, 2017

        Nate Parker was accused and aquitted in 1999 that lady committed s****** in 2009 a decade later…sorry she could not beat her demons but we have no substantial evidence that correlates her s****** with her alleged r***…..people are angry because Casey Affleck a white man was also accused an received no backlash or even the media mentioning the accusations on a heavy rotational basis #DontPlayDumb

      • OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

        What makes Casey’s accusations less severe is that none of them were over ra pe. His accusations were over harassment and contractual issues.

      • xedos January 25, 2017

        A decade after,how can you prove why she commit s****** ?
        Nate took his chance in court and win casey was a coward or he knew he was guilt so he settled out of court.

  9. OMG Logic!!! January 25, 2017

    I love how these twatters love to ignore the specifics of the both cases. Let me know when Casey’s accuser died. Oh wait she’s still alive. I wish the same could be said for Nate Parker’s.

  10. Stephy January 25, 2017

    This is why I go by the LAW. Accusations are just that accusations. Until the person is FOUND GUILTY, I will not vilify them. Nate Parker pleaded NOT GUILTY, still stands in his innocence and was ultimately acquitted of any wrong doings. I don’t care about OJ Simpson or any other case that YOU THINK someone “got away with it”. Blacks have been mistreated and jailed for NOTHING in the court of law, but ion hear white supremacists using them as examples for how the system being messed up or rigged. So I don’t wanna hear it. He was found NOT guilty and that’s good enough for me, period. That lady committing s****** got nothing to do with Nate. She was a grown ass woman that had depression problems before Nate even started dating her. Gooooodbye. And white always vilify black celebs but NEVER do the same with the white ones. It’s been shown throughout history.
    So if the LAW says, INNOCENT. Then HE IS INNOCENT, period. Bye

    • ✌? January 25, 2017

      So Paris Jackson is wrong to say her father was murdered because the “law” said it was an accident?

      • Stephy January 25, 2017

        She’s allowed to say & feel however she wants… But the fact is the court didn’t see it as murder. So that’s that.

  11. xedos January 25, 2017

    Lots of black people were quick to join the white media to kill Nate parker chances . When it comes to black people it doesn’t matter if you win in court. the media acts like you were convicted and lots of black follow right along. Casey Affleck settle out of court. He got a pass even though we never get to hear him under oath. Nate When through the justice system and was found not guilty, but still been treated like a convict.
    So Nate Parker got N!!g& er Justice

  12. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 27, 2017

    Who are they

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