African-American Horror Movie Earns $30 Million At The Box Office

Published: Monday 27th Feb 2017 by David

Shame and disgrace continues to befall industry insiders who have often argued that movies focused on characters of colour have little commercial value.

For, after watching ‘Hidden Figures’, ‘Moonlight‘ and ‘Fences‘ rock the box office, they have now learned that the African-American movie ‘Get Out’ has earned over $30 million…within two days.

Good news below…

The Jordan Peele project cast a black shadow over its rivals at the box office weekend when the general public swarmed theatres to catch it in thrilling action.

Their support saw the project bag $30.5 million and recoup its budget of $5 million within hours.

Elated, Universal domestic distribution president Nick Carpou shared:

We already knew how talented Jordan Peele is. Now, we’re witnessing a new chapter in his creativity. This movie speaks to a lot of truths. It isn’t really a horror film, it is very subversive and deals with issues of the day that are both frightening and funny.


1NGet OutUni.$30,524,4352,781$10,976$30,524,435$4.51
21The LEGO Batman MovieWB$19,000,000-41.8%4,057-31$4,683$133,006,578$803
34John Wick: Chapter TwoLG/S$9,000,000-44.5%2,954-159$3,047$74,412,7003
43The Great WallUni.$8,700,000-52.9%3,328+2$2,614$34,424,800$1502
52Fifty Shades DarkerUni.$7,700,400-62.0%3,216-498$2,394$103,635,615$553
65Fist FightWB (NL)$6,380,000-47.7%3,185$2,003$23,254,8272
76Hidden FiguresFox$5,875,000-18.6%2,022-195$2,906$152,815,804$2510
89La La LandLG/S$4,600,000+0.2%1,733+146$2,654$140,860,065$3012
11NRock DogLG/S$3,700,0002,077$1,781$3,700,0001
128A Dog’s PurposeUni.$3,561,730-37.7%2,089-311$1,705$57,570,335$225
1410A Cure for WellnessFox$1,375,000-68.4%2,704$509$7,470,250$402
1620Moonlight (2016)A24$765,908+41.6%585+130$1,309$22,286,23419
1931A United KingdomFoxS$548,000+105.1%145+100$3,779$1,027,5003
2021Manchester by the SeaRAtt.$487,500-7.3%442+49$1,103$46,881,91315
2217Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryBV$442,000-44.1%284-151$1,556$529,462,544$20011
2315Everybody Loves SomebodyPNT$410,000-55.6%333$1,231$1,676,9522
2424Passengers (2016)Sony$241,000-39.1%287-371$840$98,950,408$11010
26NBitter HarvestRAtt.$207,235127$1,632$207,2351
2732The SalesmanCohen$170,122-28.9%97+3$1,754$1,423,9025
2823The FounderWein.$166,000-59.7%161-92$1,031$12,331,7756
2933Toni ErdmannSPC$140,417-29.9%112+10$1,254$1,182,58910
3022xXx: The Return of Xander CagePar.$140,000-67.7%180-255$778$44,647,054$856
3144Why Him?Fox$135,000+85.8%368+245$367$59,530,638$3810
3247The Red TurtleSPC$120,437+87.0%115+79$1,047$595,5406
3428Patriots DayLGF$107,000-62.0%157-100$682$31,683,784$4510
3534Monster TrucksPar.$105,000-45.2%150-80$700$32,799,7587
3940Doctor StrangeBV$81,000-34.9%105-31$771$232,526,026$16517
4038Hacksaw RidgeLGF$75,000-46.4%60-27$1,250$66,954,88217
413920th Century WomenA24$67,072-51.4%64-51$1,048$5,452,8929
4454Un Padre No Tan PadrePNT$34,000-26.2%52+16$654$2,102,0675
45NMy Life as a ZucchiniGK$28,2062$14,103$28,2061
4757The Eagle HuntressSPC$15,223-38.3%22-6$692$3,058,86517
4858Land of MineSPC$15,167+10.2%8+3$1,896$68,2548
4956The ComedianSPC$10,509-62.1%30-11$350$1,648,41812
50Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and DanceAbr.$5,9292$2,965$111,9004
5160Chapter & VersePala.$3,022-72.3%1$3,022$73,9704
5275Saving BanksyPDF$1,300-23.5%2$650$44,5407

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  1. Jj February 27, 2017

    Africans are winning period allllll over the Diaspora!! No matter where the boat stopped or you got to stay put… we are winning!! Lets go!!!

  2. Bey Sting February 27, 2017

    Whoop!!! Never let anyone tell you that something can’t be done

  3. D February 27, 2017

    And the best part is that it tells the truth about liberals and their subtle racism. Come through brothers!

  4. Teflon Boy February 27, 2017

    This 4 x film knockout punch of Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Fences and now Get Out.., all high calibre, well crafted, well acted, successful movies either starring and crafted by black talent, is such a win for black artists around the globe. Low brow wins are not what resonates. The industry will continue to feel the reverberations of these projects for years to come.

  5. Boosie February 27, 2017

    Yes! It’s like the 90’s all over again without all the predominantly gangster movies. All I need is the revival of decent music and talented artists to go alongside it.

  6. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 27, 2017

    I was pissed off throughout the whole film but the ending was CLASSIC! Love this movie lol

  7. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 1, 2017


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