Serena Williams Responds To John McEnroe Diss

Published: Tuesday 27th Jun 2017 by David


Serena Williams has stepped up and out to defend her talent after it was questioned by the 58-year-old tennis icon John McEnroe.

The heavily pregnant athlete took to Twitter to respond to an insult McEnroe threw her way when he said:

If she played the men’s circuit she’d be, like, 700 in the world.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think Serena is an incredible player, and I suppose anything’s possible; maybe at some point a women’s tennis player can be better than anybody.

I just haven’t seen that in any other sport, and I haven’t seen it in tennis. If she had to just play the men’s circuit, it would be an entirely different story.

How she responded?



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  1. Kennedy June 27, 2017

    Well said Serena. His misogynist comment was uncalled for, and reeks of jealously…

    This is why he’s mad though. Seeing as how you have by far eclipsed the top mens player

    >Serena Williams: 23 Grandslams, 14 GS doubles, 2 mixed GS doubles, 4 Olympic Golds, has won 4 Slams in a row TWICE, and the only player to have a “A career golden Slam & a career golden doubles slam”…

    >Roger Federer: 18 Grand slams and a doubles Gold.

    >Serena’s competition: Venus, Seles, Capriati, Davenport, Hingis, Maresmo, Clijsters, Henin, Kuznetsova, Sharapova, Azarenka, Kvitova, Kerber, etc..all of whom are multiple grand slam champions.

    >Federer’s competition: Roddick, Philoposos, Hewitt, Nalbandian, which is laughable,…now when Nadal and Novak came around, he hardly won any slams at all.

    With that said, it’s Serena Williams and the rest..Aka the greatest athlete of all time.

  2. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 27, 2017

    sounds to me the f*aggit is jealous of Serena Williams success

  3. truthteller June 27, 2017

    Love her response. She put him in his place but kept it classy

  4. Fancy BISH June 27, 2017

    This is what Queen Serena should have said….
    Dear John, look hoee keep my name out your mouth…you ain’t saying sh!t anyway with your stank geezer asss…respect a Queen when you see one. -— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) June 26, 2017

  5. @ASAPicon June 27, 2017

    Disgusting, Leave our black leaders and athletes alone and out your nasty mouth

  6. SMH June 27, 2017

    She should have left out the “adore & respect you” & “good day sir” when she responded. Those people never show us any respect or class when they’re spitting on our names & legacies, so she shouldn’t give them any respect when responding to their bullsh*t. Black folks needs to stop all that take-the-high-road nonsense. You can’t stay clean when you’re dealing with jealous dirt.

  7. SMH June 27, 2017

    But this isn’t surprising. John McEnroe has been a misogynist, racist piece of sh*t since his heyday, so this isnt shocking.

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