Michael B. Jordan Addresses Black Women Rumours

Published: Wednesday 29th Nov 2017 by David

Michael B. Jordan has revealed that he has caught one wind of a rumour claiming that he refuses to date black women.

Is there any truth to it?

Find out below…

The actor caught up with ‘Vogue’ recently as part of their 73 questions series and was asked to detail the wildest rumour he’d heard about himself.

Hit the 6 minute mark to catch his response.

Jordan’s dismissal of the nonsensical claim will come as sweet news to fans who’d learned of it when it surfaced.


Quite interestingly, his response came after a recently published study into marriage within the black community revealed that the majority of black women are married to black men.

So, with this mind, we ask…

Why do some people believe that black men like Michael aren’t attracted to black women?

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  1. SMH November 29, 2017

    Because people are idiots, that’s why.

    • MakeItKnown November 29, 2017


    • Vaughn November 29, 2017

      NO Your an idiot but anywhoo, i dont think Micheal is a Straight man, probably Bi

      • Julian November 29, 2017

        well if he ever wants to date white men, i’m ready!

  2. pat November 29, 2017

    absolutely no shade…, but didnt know he dated women at all.

    • ??? November 29, 2017

      lmao same here lol.

    • Bam November 29, 2017


    • wrk November 29, 2017

      Agreed! lol! This is something so fake about this guy! I cant put my finger on it but he doesnt seem to be comfortable in his own skin…. He just seems like a shell for the cameras chile

  3. Tori November 29, 2017

    Who business isn’t if he dates black women or not? And the b****** that had a problem were probably black women who have no chance Ann damn way or white men who feel threatened about the idea of a black man with a white women. If he’s down with the swirl, that’s even more beautiful.

    • ??? November 29, 2017

      lol oh shut up.

    • ?? November 29, 2017

      Honey…please proofread first. And proofread your comments before you post. Think. Outside. The. Box. Why do you think the article asked the question in the first place, if it doesn’t propose a philosophical thought? It matters HIS opinion of black women matters. Dumbazz.

      • Tori November 29, 2017

        Oh b**** you didn’t have to read NOR comment! If you p**** still works, go on with your day!

  4. Achooo! November 29, 2017

    Comment deleted.

    • SMH November 29, 2017

      That’s just stupid.

    • MakeItKnown November 29, 2017

      @Achooo, you are always leaving the most asinine comments. Just stfu.

      • Achooo! November 29, 2017

        I speak the truth hence my comment got deleted.

  5. The Wig Snatcher November 29, 2017

    I want Michael B. Jordan!!!

  6. Meme November 29, 2017

    I would say this, black women are often too aggressive. The strong, powerful, independent, always quick to cop an attitude black woman is simply not attractive to most men. THis is something I had to adjust myself. My guy knows that I am strong and I don’t need him, but I never show it. I’m always submissive and allow him to take control in every situation. That’s why these white women have y’all man, cuz they making these black men feel like kings. Not trying to compete with them and wear the pants.

    • D November 29, 2017

      So your man is intimidated by strong women? So sad. Men can’t have it both ways. The issue I’ve always had with my dad is that he wants my mother to be autonomous enough to make enough money to maintain the household along with his but docile enough not to want to control how that money is spent. A real man who has true confidence (not the vacuous hyper masc act most guys put on) would find a powerful and independent woman attractive. To tell you the truth I’m only attracted to girls who seem stand offish at first because I then know that they’ve thought long and hard about being with me when they do decide to let me take them out. If you want an obedient dog go to the pound.

      • Meme November 29, 2017

        No, my man doesn’t get intimidated by having a strong woman. He likes that I’m strong but at the same time I don’t compete with him. It has nothing to do with being hyper masculine. at the end of the day, weather the woman makes more money or not, he is still the man. Too often woman want to wear the pants and want to control everything from finances to other choices. Some men may not say anything but I can tell you it def does something to their menhood. I would never take that away from my guy.

    • Totally November 29, 2017

      Bye. Strong black women will submit ONLY to STRONG black men. And That’s the difference between black women and white women. White women aren’t privy to their bullshiitt. Why? Because they were raised by BLACK women. You can’t get away with the same mess when you’re with a black woman. She knows ALL the tricks. White women will take their shitt and they will make peasant nondeserving black men feel like Kings. Don’t make it seem like black women having higher expectations and requiring from black men than just having a d**** to respect and submit to him.

      • Whoops November 29, 2017

        Lmao, right. I’d want to be with white women too if I was a piece of trash and she still treated me like a king. You have to teach people how to treat you. Black women will make damn sure to teach you. You can’t talk to her any kind of way. You can’t treat her any kind of way. Those who see that as a bad thing are the problem.

        And strong black women rose out of pure necessity. If black men were handling their business the way they should have, black women would not have had to do their job for them. Black women don’t need to be more submissive. Black men need to be more dominant. And some black men believe that simply being a man is enough to be “dominant”. NO. Being in change requires responsibility and if you are not dependable, if she can’t trust you, you are not doing your job and you are not fit to lead. The blind leading the blind. What a black woman won’t do, is let you lead her off of a cliff.

    • D November 29, 2017

      And sorry, WW treat BM like kings? You know full well that some black men have been programmed into believing that marrying white is marrying “up” which is why they are willing to tolerate things from WW that they wouldn’t from BW. If we’re going to have a real conversation let’s talk about how black men ( I am one myself) fetishise white women and are more than happy to be complicit in anti BW rhetoric just as long as they think they’ll be rewarded with white ? or marriage. I know many biracial girls who tell me that their moms are deeply racist towards black women behind closed doors and that their fathers co-signed them. In fact one girl I know even told me that her father (who is a very melanated man) told her that she is prettier than his sister’s kids (who are full black) because she is lighter skinned. So please, coloniasm, slavery and self hatred has much to do with why some brothers prefer vanilla over chocolate.

      • Totally November 29, 2017

        @D ^^^^^that’s very true as well.

      • Whoops November 29, 2017

        This is so fvcking true!!!!!!! This man speaks the truth if I ever seen it. I’m biracial (and I do love my mother, she’s my mother) but she has some racist tendencies… I’ve heard her use the N word, she thinks my curly hair isn’t “done” if it’s not straight, she feels the need to go on about “why do black people always have to do blah blah blah”…. I told her one of my friends doesn’t tip at restaurants, her first question “Is she black?”. The bish was asian but that’s just where my mother’s mind goes.

        My father is very dark skinned and he just likes the fact that his daughters came out with “good hair”. Don’t assume black women are the problem. A lot of the time it’s these color-struck black men who hate themselves.

    • TRUTH SERUM November 29, 2017

      He obviously stated it to contradict ignorant statements like your. Contrary to what the media says or insecure women say… 90% of black men date/marry black women. Since slavery, Black women haven been forced to be submissive. They where nurturers for not only black babies and children, they also nurtured white. Now all of sudden you’ve watched ratchet tv and you’re tying to broad brush an entire race/gender as being of not being docile enough. GTFOH.. This narrative ain’t working !

    • Cbeylive November 29, 2017

      Damn MEME ??? they just read you

      • Meme November 29, 2017

        The READ the F out of me lol

    • Dev November 29, 2017

      You say this as if this is the case for all men.
      You say this with Rihanna as your picture.
      Mixed messages

    • Bam Bam November 29, 2017

      Kodak, is that you?

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      You are dumb af for this comment.

  7. D November 29, 2017

    Also did you not read the post? Why are you giving reasons as to why black men don’t date black women when censuses prove that the majority of BW are married to black men.

  8. D November 29, 2017

    But if a woman earns more than her man why shouldn’t she control where the household’s money goes. I definitely think it’s give and take but you can’t expect to enjoy all the benefits of a working woman while expecting her to think like a 1950s housewife.

  9. Jasmine November 29, 2017

    Everyone is entitled to fancy whoever they want, GET OVER IT!

  10. crookly November 29, 2017

    he no like black women because he a bottom i can smell and open b**** a mile aways.

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      You wish

  11. smhdee November 29, 2017

    I don’t know if anyone actually watched the video, but this was a horrible “interview”. All the interviewer did was ask rapid fire questions at him with no follow up. The question was literally “Whats the wildest rumor you’ve heard about yourself.” and he answered “That I don’t date black women.” Thats it.

    • just sayin November 29, 2017

      It’s meant to be that way. Vogue is known for their 73 questions video. They are all pre-planned out and scripted to a point.

  12. #JACKIE November 29, 2017

    Lets call a spade a spade here, most FAMOUS black men wouldn’t be caught dead with a black woman. They also tend to ditch the black women who held them down when they didn’t have s*** for an “exotic” woman. Personally idgaf but it is what it is….

  13. GurlWepa1989 November 29, 2017

    Love is love. If he wants to be with a different race that’s his perogative.

    • Totally November 29, 2017

      And hate is hate. People don’t really care THAT you don’t date black women. They care WHY you don’t date black women. Unfortunately we have to question their motives. Rarely do Gay people ever say they prefer a certain gender because they hate the other gender. Their preference isn’t based on hate. The truly do it out of love. You ask black men why they date white women and they won’t give you a list of things they like about white women, they’ll give you a list of things they don’t like about black women. If you are dating white women for one of the many trifling reasons that can be read above, that’s not love. And the black women who sadly have to suspect whether or not you support them want to know so they can decide whether or not they want to continue to support you.

      • eric November 29, 2017

        His career has nothing to do with who he does or does not date. Why don’t people understand that? It is very shallow to not support someone because they don’t satisfy your curiosity about their dating life. And these will be the same people complaining about systemic racism and discriminatory practices. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  14. eric November 29, 2017

    I met Michael in person before and he was a cool dude. It’s not okay to judge people in a negative way based on rumor and suspicion. What has he done that is so bad? He gives his professional life to men and women of all colors and that should be enough. He only wants to be the best actor he can be. His personal life should be nobody’s concern unless he is harming himself or someone else. Let this man live.

    • Thanos November 29, 2017

      He makes millions of dollars for basically doing nothing but remembering lines and pretending! Boi bye with that lame excuse, when he decided to go into acting his personal life was included in the contract! Nothing is sacred these days especially when your in the entertainment field. Im sure he knows the deal and if he cant take it then he should switch professions.

      • eric November 29, 2017

        Naturally, people will have questions and want to know things, but that should never hinder a person from appreciating and celebrating what someone accomplishes in his/her career. That goes for anybody, celebrity or not. Beyonce has never been forthcoming when rumors surface and people dismiss it and still ride for her. That’s her prerogative. Why is it different for Michael? This man is about to star in what will undoubtedly be one of the greatest wins for black actors (Black Panther) in cinema, and folks are preoccupied with who he’s dating. How stupid is that?

  15. Caleb December 2, 2017

    He is so cute!

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