‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Star Bobby Lytes Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Talks Being A Gay Rapper, Dispelling Stereotypes, & More

Published: Saturday 10th Feb 2018 by Sam


‘Love & Hip-Hop’s Miami branch has proven to be one of the most popular instalments of the franchise.

Launched this year, the show has put a fresh spin on the format with its diverse cast and culturally relevant storylines.

One of the narratives that has engaged viewers most is the love triangle between rapper Bobby Lytes, Jeffrey, and Malik. 

To illuminate the matter as well as his rising popularity, Lytes stopped by The Breakfast Club for a super candid interview.

Chopping it up with Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee, he spoke on being a gay MC, his love life, being celibate, countering stereotypes, and much more.

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An interesting watch.

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  1. TaylorDuh February 10, 2018

    He did a good interview, didnt like him on show but this interview changed my thoughts on him

  2. YouFatusankoh February 10, 2018

    I love him he is good

  3. China February 10, 2018

    HES OVER THE TOP AND PETTY ON THE SHOW. I know plenty of gay guys and they are annoyed at this type of flamboyant gay man who does NOT represent the new gay community

    • Dj February 10, 2018

      Dispelling stereotypes, how, huh, how.
      He is the epitome of the stereotype. Loud mouth, extremely flamboyant with a face full of makeup.
      Why is this the only representation of my community we get to see on TV.

    • Guest February 10, 2018

      He’s supposed to change who he is to others more comfortable?

      • ZughHefner February 12, 2018

        No he doesn’t have to change but he could’ve easily steered the conversation to more things concerning his music and brand, but then again when he started rapping it was all about s** and his a*** game, so i guess this is right on brand for his type of success.

  4. Justincredible February 10, 2018

    Y’all so shady with that suggestive pic. We all know Charlemagne sweet lol

    • Jahon February 11, 2018

      You can tell he really liked that interview

  5. Achooo! February 10, 2018

    Bobby Lytes is not the face of the community nor do he represent the community. He represent himself as the many faces of the people who choose to be gay. Each individual represent themselves not the group. Same for each race.

    • SdotB February 10, 2018

      No one chooses to be gay…point blank period.

  6. Kim.Kesha& Pam February 10, 2018


  7. Danyboo February 11, 2018

    I like him gay ppl really need confident ppl like him in the media. Every single person in life has that gay cousin or that gay uncle/auntie and our voices has always seemed second in life but we live and upgrade living just as or if more than the straights and were looked at as in-normal f***** up. Especially being black. When black ppl been so suppressed and they don’t see our struggle when we had it the hardest growing up. F***** up!

    • Jasmine February 11, 2018

      Is he black? I always thought he was hispanic.

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