Retro Rewind: The Truth Behind Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Fiasco

Published: Saturday 10th Feb 2018 by David

Welcome to another edition of Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature launched to revisit some of entertainment’s biggest, brightest and darkest moments.

Today, we return to 2004 with fresh eyes to revisit the moment Janet Jackson’s career was ruined by a wardrobe malfunction unintentionally caused by Justin Timberlake.

Deeply unsettling.

Revisit the unforgettable moment below…

On February 1st 2004 Janet took to the Super Bowl stage to rock its halftime show built to support her new album ‘Damita Jo.’

Tagging along for the ride? Timberlake. For, the pair shared a manager who was keen to use Janet’s star power to elevate Justin’s as he sought to find success as a solo star.

Alas, Janet’s decision to support the young star’s career would only hurt her own when he used too much force to tear off the material covering one of her breasts.

Janet’s efforts to release chart-contending new music were derailed by the industry’s refusal to support her and creative missteps she made during her time with the producer Jermaine Dupri.

Interesting, as it was more than happy to push Timberlake’s career to enviable heights.

So, now we’d like to know…

How do you feel about the incident today?


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  1. Ughhh February 10, 2018

    Messy àss site. Super Bowl is over and just like the fûcking devils you are you bring turmoil and make sure that’s s*** still burns. Janet has moved the fûck on. Get your life! Possibly start loving your self or at least liking yourself.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2018

      lol I agree they are doing the most now.

  2. Suicide Blonde February 10, 2018

    Time to move on, they’re on par now as JT is getting dragged left and right, move on ??‍♂️

    • Suicide Blonde February 10, 2018

      Actually on second thought Justin needs to apologize publicly to Janet and Prince. He is disrespectful trash just like me but I am slowly learning the repercussions for my actions whereas Justin is too arrogant to see his wrongs. I would still let Justin hit though but he has to get in line because I’m currently chasing and thirsting after well endowed black men. I just love love me some chocolate. Yum.

      • Suicide Blonde February 10, 2018

        Ok mate, you won, it’s obvious this site don’t know how to deal with trolls like you.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        Trashmine I know it’s you leave Suicide alone you psycho, stop making up stories we all know that nothing would ever marry your broke ass

      • Suicide Blonde February 10, 2018

        Me and JT are getting dragged for being racist trash and we are too stubborn and dumb to realize it. If we could only change our ways people would like and support us more. Having prejudice against people of color is wrong and I am slowly seeing there are repercussions for being a racist.

      • Suicide Blonde February 10, 2018

        Oops I forgot to type my last comment under my name and typed it under my fake Latina chick account. These med they give us at the homeless shelter have me trippin. I better score some meth today so I can get right.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        I know you are ether Trashmine or that Hmmm thing.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        Suicide Blonde aka Latina chick aka Jasmine’s Drag Queen impersonator LEAVE ME ALONE YOU RACIST B|TCH. Do NOT run my name through your mouth. You just outed yourself Suicide as Latina chick and confirmed what I have been saying all along. You are a crazy racist troll who uses multiple fake accounts to spread your racism. Why on earth would this Latina chick be coming for me so hard, impersonating me, and so adomately defending you of all people unless that is you hiding behind a fake accounty you racist punk b|tch. I do not know or care to know who is imperonating you. I just know that you better stop impersonating me and keep my name out your mouth. I think you are impersonating yourself because deep down you are attracted to black men but you are conflicted with it because you are a racist.

  3. Michael February 10, 2018

    This was so staged – why would she have that weird nipple contraption on if she wasn’t going to flash her boob, Her career stalled because she can’t sing live and doesn’t write her own songs.

    • Xtina4life February 10, 2018

      See I agree with you it was a stunt they both new would happen. It hurt her more than justin. I love Janet but she should of known it wouls hurt her more. Janet chose the wrong people to work with for her last albums that why they didn’t work for her. She has had so much time for a big was comeback ans hasn’t. She’s happy right now with her baby. Leave this s*** in the last. Y’all crying Janet dont give 2 shits anymore.

      • Me again… February 10, 2018

        Both of y’all are wack and don’t know a d@mn thing about Janet. She’s been wearing nipple jewelry since the 90’s, she mentions and even shows some of it during the Velvet Rope era. Also as far as her not writing her songs, she’s been writing since she was a teenager, and has been credited on all her albums since Control. Know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth dummies!!

    • Ropeburn February 10, 2018

      You don’t just wear nipple rings when you want to show them off. You need to maintain the piercing otherwise the hole will close.

    • Caleb February 10, 2018

      She been had her nipple pierced tho, and it’s possibke she wanted the outline to show through the red lace?

  4. Thablkeagle February 10, 2018

    Mutha f*** justin timberFAKE!!! I can’t stand his punk ass!!!!

  5. Bravo!! February 10, 2018

    Well Janet Jackson played a part as well, she shouldn’t been D*** sprung, and she knew better!

  6. Mark111 February 10, 2018

    Y’all still missing the point. Let’s say it was planned, OK, then Justin agreed to it as well. So the question still stands, why was Janet Jackson blackballed and banned, but Justin wasn’t and was invited back a decade later? Since it was planned and both agreed to it, then how did Justin get away scott free?
    People only say it was planned because MTV was involved and this was 6 months after the Britney and Grandonna kiss. Again, Janet got blamed for what Justin, Britney, Granny and what MTV did yet all went on with careers. It wasn’t planned and Janet got blamed for what everyone else did. She wasn’t even the one that pulled the cloth. Her, well both reactions proves that it wasn’t planned.

    • Bravo!! February 10, 2018

      justin Timberlake issue a statement on the video jasmine posted, justin gave the reason why he wasn’t blackballed

  7. Martaevia La’wayne February 10, 2018

    It’s in the past. People can’t seem to love on. I’m a fan of them both and his new album is incredible.

    • Martaevia La’wayne February 10, 2018


  8. Jj February 10, 2018

    Janet been had the nipple ring and showed it and talked about it on oprah 8 years before so it was known she wears them but it still was a good idea to just expose the red bra underneath could Justin ripped it too hard and the look on his face was like oh I f***** up and she looked like imma f*** you up for getting it all wrong

  9. JOHNVIDAL February 10, 2018

    Of course it was planned for crying out loud! lol The thing is media and some people took it on her and not him. That´s the pucking point. Anyway it truly is time to move on now .

    TGJ should clarify the suicide/jasmine thing btw. One cannot possibly know who is who now and who is the one trolling (or both if both do it).

    • Amanda D. February 10, 2018

      I think that is Suicide doing all of it. He already admitted to impersonating Jasmine and too many people on here have said he is Latina chick for it not to be true. I think Suicide is trolling and pretending not to be himself. He has serious issues.

    • Jasmine February 10, 2018

      JOHNVIDAL I do NOT troll b|tch! I do not stoop that low! Nothing is stopping you from kissing your master Suicide’s asss so keep my name out your mouth b|tch. I put in check last time. You should know better by now. Are you slow? Besides, you claim to be here “only for the music” but I see you really are here just to kiss your master’s asss and start drama. Get a life you Uncle Tom yessa massa pigeon!

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        Trashmine you are so much pressed and obsessed by Suicide that you can’t stop talking about him and your made up sexless marriage.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        Where is a block button? LEAVE ME ALONE SUICIDE. Stop impersonating you racist TRASH! My life and marriage is very full b|tch so mind your business pathetic loser! Suicide you are beneath me. JOHNVIDAL is beneath me. It does not matter how many fake accounts you have to HIDE behind you will always be beneath me. You are not worthy to lick my boots. Now get lost. Back to the gutter your homeless asss goes. Poof Be gone B|tch!

    • Case February 10, 2018

      @ JohnVidal, did Massa Suicide tell you to do this for him lol.

  10. Stephy February 10, 2018

    It’s time to move THE f*** on! Next Case!

  11. Jasmine February 10, 2018

    Miss “I can’t sing live and whisper up the scales” Janet is just another black woman who knows how to play the victim very well.

    • Jasmine February 10, 2018

      Don’t say anything about Queen Janet you racist trash bag Suicide. You were the one telling me to say “Please” to you in another post when I requested that you stop impersonating me:

      Now you are on here everyday begging TGJ to stop some imaginary person from impersonating you when you are the one who is impersonating me and yourself you crazy drag queen. See how the tables turn b|tch? Keep on begging you loser racist trash! You are pathetic, worthless, beneath me, and homeless. Get lost trash!

  12. Retribution February 10, 2018

    Yes it was very upsetting and still is because Janet should have gone on to do more amazing things before her decline, but thanks to white men in power, they derailed her while she was still in her prime. It’s all good though. It all comes out in the wash at the end and the injustice about it is being talked about more now than ever. Now people are aware, will be watching in the future and will ready to set it off if they try this with another powerful artist of color.

  13. Chocolatebox777 February 10, 2018

    Janet has MOVED on. So should U!!

    • tyana February 10, 2018

      same goes to chris brown and rihanna thing move on as well so should U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dev February 11, 2018

    I was on the fence at the time because 1) i didn’t understand why she basically had that large nipple pastie on under the costume, and 2) i didn’t understand why he would need to pull on her clothes at all.

    Moving forward and seeing the “archive” video the intention of pulling something off was there, so accident or not she has to be responsible i guess.

    But in 2006, 2010 it shouldn’t have still been a thing and in 2018 we need to discuss and move forward

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