‘Black Panther’ Bags $500 Million / Earns $65 Million In One Week

Published: Sunday 4th Mar 2018 by David

‘Black Panther‘ has earned a mind-blowing $65 million in the third week of its release!

What this means for the cinematic adventure’s run at the box office?

Find out below..

The Ryan Coogler project has now earned over $500 million via ticket sales within seventeen days extending its lead as the year’s highest-grossing movie!

How it stands as far as the record books are concerned? Firm.

For it has become the tenth biggest U.S. grosser of all time helping Disney to claim 15 of the top 30 highest-earning titles in cinematic history!


‘Forbes’ shares…

The picture has earned $897 million worldwide, meaning it should be past $900m worldwide tomorrow and over/under $1 billion by the end of next weekend. It is already the biggest comic book movie ever with no Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark to be found.

Data prised from behind the scenes reveals that the movie’s success is being powered by African-Americans.

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  1. Danzou is back! March 4, 2018

    Stan Lee is loving them cheques you all gave him LOOOOOOOL!

  2. S****** Blonde March 4, 2018

    I just love s*** black men. Just looking at them I get wet and start dreaming about being drilled out.

    • Its me Gowrl March 4, 2018

      Bigot. At least u are truthful

  3. trulyworthyqueen1 March 4, 2018

    man post another article how disrespectul REMY MAN CAREER CONTINUES TO FLOP HA

  4. Retribution March 4, 2018

    It earned $65 million in its 3rd weekend of release not week. Big difference.

    • Its me Gowrl March 4, 2018

      Shut up

    • Its me Gowrl March 4, 2018

      But u told no lies honey

  5. Ugh March 4, 2018

    Alright hang it up now. We know you’re not “S******.” All this trolling is too much.

  6. MusicLovah March 4, 2018

    “De Blahc Phan-tah leeves!”

    Clocking Black Panther’s success has been such a thrilling ride for me, as I presume the same for all. We know it would be all black leading cast, but would it be good? Would it live up to the hype? And my God it did!

    In my research of BP’s domestic performance against other MCU film, the 500 million is strong while putting #2 behind Avengers that did 623.4 million . When I compare BP’s international sales versus MCU film’s that have sold performed in same manner, BP’s international sales is a lot soft. International sales should be a lot higher considering…but hey it has not open in China, Japan and Russia as of yet. Let’s see what happens.

    Stats before weekend’s figures
    The Avengers: Domestic – 623.4mil; International- 895.5 mil
    Avengers: Age of Ultron: Domestic – 459mil; International-946.4 mil
    Black Panther: Domestic – 435.4mil; International – 334.6mil
    Iron Man 3: Domestic – 409mil; International-805.8 mil
    Captain America: Civil War: Domestic – 408.1mil; International-745.2mil

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