RHOA: Kandi Burruss Slams Kim Zolciak – With Receipts

Published: Monday 9th Apr 2018 by Sam

‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ favorite Kandi Burruss has long stood by the statement: “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.”

And though castmate Kim Zolciak is well aware of this – it seems she required a refresher.

The pair have clashed on season 10 of the Bravo hit and off-camera via social media.

Fed up with Zolciak’s alleged jabs, Burruss served the ultimate clap-back and brought her receipts with her.

See what we mean after the jump…


Word on the curb is that Zolciak won’t be returning to the show alongside bosom-buddy Sheree Whitfield – who was reportedly axed last week. And needless to say, Kandi more than hints at that too.

It’s little surprise either. Both Kim and Sheree came across horribly this season – not even in an entertaining way. So, we’re ready for fresh faces.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MariahTheOne April 9, 2018

    I love kandi and she really came through. I hate that white b****. Thank god she ain’t coming back

    • Jasmine April 9, 2018

      There really was no reason to bring Kim back in the 1st place. She refuses to film with the women unless her husband is there. That means she thinks of them as violent. She is not needed. I think the crazy factor was missing from the show so producers hired Kim instead of keeping cray cray Phaedra. I enjoyed Phaedra’s version of crazy better because she is similar to Karen Hugar on Potomac. Those type of women are crazy, lie a lot, and don’t even know the joke is on them.

  2. Casual April 9, 2018

    Kim and Sheree played too hard and lost. It’s almost unbelievable that Kim thought that roach video was a good idea. Nene obviously does not keep a nasty house, and something about that whole incident just seemed . . . off. Did Brielle stage that? Did anybody else who used the bathroom see any insects?

    Plus, Kim’s fights with Kenya were so contrived. Production obviously put the battery in her back.

    Tyrone didn’t make parole, which killed off Sheree’s storyline for next season — and being the “bone collector” isn’t enough. Bye!

    And Andy was shady af last night to ask Sheree about She by Sheree. He had Sheree lying and stammering and stuttering. Kiii . . .

    • Jasmine April 9, 2018

      I don’t think it was staged. Atlanta is notorious for cheap asss construction houses and idiots who buy them. Nene’s house is no exception. It is a wood framed house with questionable stucco on top of the wood frame so waterbugs are in her house just like they are in everyone’s house in Atlanta unless they get Orkin treatments 4 times a year.

      Sheree was fires because she is boring and adds no value. Andy told her for years that she needs She By Sheree to stay on the show and Sheree was too busy dropping every last dime into her wood framed house instead of taking his advice for a storyline.

      Kim came off as nasty this season with the entire remaining cast not wanting to work with her. If she had chilled out and went on the trip sans her husband and actually made up with then she would be back next season but her insecurities and racism got the best of her. Also that whole Roach video was a bad idea because common sense says the women would be defensive and take Nene’s side. After all, they have all have roaches in their homes, even if they have Orkin. Atlanta is humid, rains a lot, and the homes are all cheaply built so there is no possible way not to have roaches in Atlanta. For example google image search Sheree’s house and you will see that at 2 million she has nothing more than a wood framed house (no cinder blocks were used to build it even at the foundation).

      • Casual April 9, 2018

        I live in Atlanta and can attest to what you are saying, but Nene’s bathroom was an interior room in her house — no windows or cracks, plus it’s brand new. If there were bugs (plural) in that bathroom, they should have also been in the other living spaces of the house and should have been seen by other guests. Either way, it was super-tacky on Kim’s part. Just like when Kim told Sheree that Kandi was mad b/c she didn’t let Kandi eat her box — when Kandi never even asked.

        The problem with She by Sheree is her lack of common sense. It’s amazing that Sheree didn’t use her platform on this show to launch anything meaningful. There really isn’t money in books anymore unless you have a huge bestseller. She finally finished her inconic but ridiculously late house — pointless by now that her children are all grown — and her other project should have been to actually complete and market a She by Sheree line.

        Sheree should have learned from Nene. Sheree should have worked with a designer, produced the line, and marketed the line on HSN like Nene did. Sheree doesn’t have the experience or talent to compete with the heavyweights, but with great pieces, she could have made a pot of coins from selling her line directly just based on her name. And she could have done the line and had a fashion event on the show in advance of the line going on sale on HSN.

  3. China April 9, 2018

    We more interested in Kenya’s gay acting husband. Porsha’s rise to fame then the rest of those old hags and there old lady drama………..

    • Jasmine April 9, 2018

      He does not give off a gay vibe to me. The nose ring is questionable but other than that how is he gay. He had a teenage kid too so obviously he likes women. To say he is gay is a stretch. Maybe BI but many men have metrosexual ways and unless they actually had s** with a man they are straight in my book.

  4. Fancy BISH April 9, 2018

    Kandi clocked Wigesha real quick lol ?

  5. cocobutta April 10, 2018

    She BYE Sheree thought she chose the right side. She proper hates on Nene at any given opportunity and licked Kim a bit too much. He daughter even gathered her in one episode.
    Sheree couldn’t wait to jump ship from Porsha so she could try using hating on Porsha as a saving grace. BYE WIG AND LICK

  6. Tikklz April 10, 2018

    Hahaha… jah jah! i Don’t even like Kandi but that s*** was hilarious. dwl

  7. laquicka shontarka jackson April 10, 2018

    Well how bout dat. I was looking forward for a she by Sheree comeback. Atleast that would been a storyline for her. That whole prison bae story was wack.

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