‘Black Panther’ Star Drops Sequel Plot Line?

Published: Monday 28th May 2018 by David

Did Letitia Wright, the stellar Guyanese actress who played Shuri in ‘Black Panther‘, just drop major details on the project’s sequel?

It seems so.

An exciting report below…

Wright attended an MCM Comic-con show in London hours ago and spoke to fans about her thoughts on ‘Panther’ and its ties to the latest ‘Avengers’ picture.

What she insinuated about Shuri’s future?

‘Deadline’ has the exclusive.

Wright was answering an audience member question on whether she was prepared to step up as ruler after Thanos’s actions in Avengers: Infinity War left the leadership position at least temporarily vacant. “To be comic-book accurate, yes,” she said.

Shuri’s fate was left unclear at the end of the Infinity War film. However, in the comic books, her genius-level intellect, martial arts skills, and transmorphic ability saw her tested and approved for the role of Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda.

Those who have seen ‘Infinity War’ will know why this news will excite anyone eager to score insight into ‘Panther’s sequel which is expected to see its production kick off by the end of next year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bravo!! May 28, 2018

    That wasn’t a big Reveal about the sequel. This article is just a waste of time..

    • G May 28, 2018

      She basically revealed shes going to be the queen of a Wakanda dummy.

      • Bravo!! May 28, 2018

        Without black panther there is no storyline. You really think she can carry the whole movie without black panther f*****!? If anything that going to be the ending of the movie she will become Queen.

      • Stars Are Blind 98 May 28, 2018

        Swine! You clearly haven’t seen Infinity War if you don’t see why this is a story.

      • Bravo!! May 28, 2018

        I seen the movie. She will become queen toward the ending of the movie. There is so much that can be explained before they attack Wakanda.

      • JET May 28, 2018

        exactly. She will probably be the ruler until you know who hopefully returns.

      • Bravo!! May 28, 2018

        The point am trying to make she will not carry the movie without black panther. So you think the whole movies going to surround around her. The movie called black panther. You think people will go to the movies and see sequel plot.

  2. Kate May 28, 2018

    Hy, I Really Like it.

  3. D*** Steele May 29, 2018

    I think she’s talking about Avengers 4 and NOT Black Panther 2.

    As for Shuri becoming the Black Panther herself, I think that will happen in Marvel Phase 5 or something when the lead heroes will be replaced by females i.e. Pepper Potts as Iron Man (woman..?), Jane Foster as Thor, etc.

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