‘Charmed’ Star Responds To Reboot Booing

Published: Sunday 27th May 2018 by David

‘Charmed’ original fanbase is in two minds about its reboot!

Some love the idea…others hate it.

Today, the ladies who make up its new members have shared their thoughts on the matter…

Sarah Jeffrey had this to say…

I fully understand how deal the OG Charmed is to many. We are so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to bring this reboot to life and bring current, timely themes to the forefront of a show that stars not one, not two, but THREE WOC!!!’

What she was responding to?


Your thoughts?

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  1. arjun May 27, 2018

    I was a charmed fan
    But after saw this trailer,i just want to kill the screen writee,and producer
    I was saw the reboot like the original cast with they grown child who try to live with their powers and legacy in student life .
    So sad they destroy everything

  2. T May 27, 2018

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! ? Over it

  3. FACT CHECKER May 29, 2018

    Bottom Line the Trailer SUCKED the acting looked TERRIBLE and the concept looked reductive (LOOK IT UP!) Taking a Beloved Show and recreating it without consulting and collaborating with the previous cast and writers is an INSULT to the fans and quality of the work on the original show. The Network is Tone Deaf in hoping to capitalize off the name recognition of a Hit Series without delivering anything authentic that made the first series so popular. Also as a Woman of Color I am not obligated to support a show just because you toss three women of color into the show which was another intentional tone deaf marketing plan to ride the diversity train into fan support. We don’t support diversity just for the sake of diversity we support QUALITY WORK. I highly doubt any people of color were involved in these horrible choices for the creation of this Train Wreck. Then to have the Actresses out promoting the show and saying they never saw the original and trying to redirect questions away from discussing the original show in which you’re riding the coattails of to even have a show was another bad decision somebody made in the marketing of this project. It is for all these reasons that I say undoubtedly this show will FAIL.

  4. StarXavi May 29, 2018

    Get over it and give it a chance.

  5. Nancy May 29, 2018

    Not going to watch it.

    I couldn’t decide until the “I’m only going to say it once” comment. Don’t all caps us, honey…..MOST of the original fans aren’t happy. Unlike other successful reboots (Will and Grace, for instance), this slaps the original fans in the face. The original show was set up for a SEQUAL….We were prepared for Holly, Alyssa and Paige to be mothers to the new generation. In fact, the finale showed us just that future. Don’t give us a show that slams the door in their faces. EPIC FAIL.

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