Lee Daniels Disses Mo’Nique In New Interview: “She’s Disrespectful”

Published: Monday 2nd Jul 2018 by David

As Black Twitter continues to criticise his alleged business practices, Lee Daniels has found the time to respond to his old friend Mo’Nique…the Oscar winning star he is now feuding with.

What he had to say about her will enrage her supporters.

What it was? The suggestion that she is ungrateful and should be honoured that she was supported by Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and himself…and that she should shut up.”

Watch below…

Mo’Nique’s feud with Lee went public after he said this…

Mo’Nique is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tokyo Vanity fan July 2, 2018

    That interviewer is a disgrace. I’ve never seen anyone as bad as her. She is disgusting. Hope Mo’Nique gets her together real quick

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

      She was great. She got out of him what no other interviewer could. Stop being petty.

  2. whut July 2, 2018

    He has all this lip for Monique, but stood silent when Dame Dash was all in his face. Ok, Miss Daniels.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

      Because he feels Monique is wrong. He said he understands where Damon is coming from.

      • Keeping it real w/ u July 2, 2018

        Jasmine.. Lee is wrong.. much like w/ Monique.. he is not giving to people what they deserve.. just taking what he can get. USING them!. LEE is not right. he cheating the black ppl he claim to be helping

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

        How is he cheating black people? He is giving them an opportunity. His budgets are small so he can’t pay out much salary per gig but he is giving them an opportunity to act and become stars! Gabrey Sidabey was not doing anything before Precious. Now he has employed her on Empire and she has gotten other acting gigs since doing Precious. Monique was a low-pay actress and comedian before Precious. Her salary of 50K was spot on with the types of salaries she had been getting her whole career. She was supposed to take that opportunity and become a big star in hollywood instead of biting off the hand that set her up to be great. You are pretending like Lee is some big time hollywood film director with huge budges but he is the exact opposite. His projects are low budget because his investors only give him a low budget to work with. I don’t see people like you complaining about the big time studios (Paramout, Warner Brothers, etc low balling black actors or purposely not hiring them at all. Those are the studios with the major money not Lee). Don’t forget Lee’s net worth is only 20 mil. He is not cheating anybody but rather doing the exact opposite. The reason he is not liked is because he is gay and exudes a bad attitude. But if you put all that aside he doing good for the black community by hiring black actors. It is the actors’ to know their worth. If you are an A or B list black actor then you would not be reading Lee’s scripts in the first place. He makes movies for the low-pay actors (new actors or never-made-it-big-in-the-first-place actors).

  3. Section8DaGreat July 2, 2018

    So where was this energy when a man approached you face to face?

  4. Bravo!! July 2, 2018

    We continue to get f***** over by the white man in the entertainment business. It hard and always will be hard for me to understand why do we want to f*** over our own people.

  5. Yolanda July 2, 2018

    What man tells a female to shut up? Her husband should greet him.

  6. Yolanda July 2, 2018

    Lee and Damon have matching in-laws.

  7. Caleb July 2, 2018

    He’s so annoying.

  8. Bon Bon July 3, 2018

    They both are wrong and right. Lee Daniels roles for black women are disgusting they are drug addicted, alcoholics, abused, loud mouth or child abusers. He should be grateful that Damon invested in his career and give him credit or invite him to his premiere no he wants to kiss Oprah and Tyler’s ass. Why block Mo’nique from jobs by telling people she’s difficult she was quiet until it was confirmed you were stabbing her in the back BLACK MAN Brother but if she was so bad why you wanted her to star in EMPIRE?
    Mo’nique needs a new manager. Oprah was wrong for having Mo dysfunctional family on her show. She deceived her and said it was just going to be her convicted child m******* brother.

  9. Caleb July 3, 2018

    Did anyone peep in that last video where Daniels accused Monique of “reverse racism”? Smh. He is so full of it, and I hate that right after he discusses his sad story of struggling with his homosexuality and his father’s reaction to it he admits to being a sell-out because he wants to work and tell his story. An all-around mess.

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