Wendy Williams Show Faced Sponsorship Losses Following R. Kelly Endorsement

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018 by David

R. Kelly, the R&B singer accused of molesting a number of African-American children (his own niece included), has learned that his alleged perversion may have seen Wendy Williams burn bridges with a number of her show’s sponsors.

Full story below…

As the world closed in Kelly and the prostitution ring he is said to be running in Atlanta, Wendy decided to support him by suggesting, on live television, that some of the girls who accused him of defiling their bodies either looked older than they are actually were at the time of the abuse or were pimped out by their own parents.

Worrying, when one remembers that Williams was behind Lifetime‘s ‘Aaliyah’ biopic which romanticised the singer’s troubling ties to the ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number‘ performer.

Now, The Daily Mail has reported…

An insider has told DailyMail.com that the show’s syndication company, Debmar-Mercury was shocked and dismayed at the direction Wendy took during the segment.


Company executives allegedly begged her to tone down her support for R. Kelly after advertisers began threatening to jump ship. 

‘It’s already been a tough season for Wendy. The revelations of her husband’s affair caused major drama at the show. Her illness cost the show to lose money during her three weeks off, which is why Jerry O’Connell had to come in and guest host one week,’ the source said.

‘Now, her supporting R. Kelly despite his history of questionable sexual misconduct in this day of reckoning for women is misguided and dangerous to the business of her show.’ 


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  1. tesha July 3, 2018

    WOW just lost a Viewer!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

      I totally get it. Wendy’s viewers are composed of mainly uneducated women and gay men (aka people who like to victimize themselves and the sponsors are dedicated to that core audience over Wendy’s personal views of R. Kelly).

      After hearing what Wendy said she played her opinion as neutral as she could without sounding biased. The parents of these young women living with him all took their young adult children to meet R. Kelly and moved their adult children into Kelly’s home. Everyone knows about Kelly’s annulled marriage to underage Aaliyah and the rumors around him dating teens for over two decades now so the’s parents are very wrong and motivated by greed for giving their young a fault children to live with Kelly. Wendy was right to speak on that and I agree with Wendy here but I wish she would have gone ahead with her original plan to do a sit down interview with Kelly. That interview would have been a ratings boost and would have shut the sponsors up! She has been slipping in ratings season after season so the sponsors are looking for any reason to can her.

      • Bye Bye Birdie July 3, 2018

        B**** stop messing with everybody Moaning Lisa…or should I say Moaning Jasmin

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

        I’m not messing with anyone. I’m stating my honest opinion. Do you have any opinions on this topic or did you just come here to unsuccessfully cyber bully me and get your troll on?

      • Bye Bye Birdie July 4, 2018

        Yes but who asked your opinion?
        Just answer the post instead of other people comments.
        And unsuccessfully? You answered me, so my troll or cyber bullying as who choose to call it just worked…

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 4, 2018

        I answered tesha. Why do u have two accounts troll?

  2. Fancy BISH July 3, 2018

    Wendell, take this L ?

  3. Ryan July 3, 2018

    No one knows the true story. Stop judging let her have her opinion. And some of those woman are damn adults and need to own responsibility for their own actions as well. Not saying what he “Allegedly “ did is right but take ownership of your an adult . Tired of the the poor me I’m a woman mentality lately get over it

    • SMH July 3, 2018

      If no one knows the true story then Wendell should have kept his mouth shut and kept his ignorant opinion to himself. The sponsors are right to kick that ratchet mess of a show to the curb.

      • Tori July 3, 2018

        But…didnt you give your opinion without knowing the truth too?

    • tish July 3, 2018

      the true story is the video of that old Man peeing on a under age girl! what more do you need dummy!!!!

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

        You are the dummy. The woman in the video adamantly denied it was her under oath and there is no proof she was underage or it was R. Kelly. The jury found him not guilty dummy.

      • Cbeylive July 3, 2018

        Jury also found O.J and George Zimmerman not guilty… your point?

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

        CBeylive you are grasping at straws. Those are totally unrelated murder trials. Murder allegations are not synonymous with child molestation and child porrn charges. Have several seats.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

      Ryan I agree. Women have to take accountability for their decisions as adults. You cannot go out with a guy with 20 years of sexual allegations about his sexual proclivities and then cry victim because he dumped you or pisssed on you. Like Ms. Jody says: “You knew what you were getting into before you got with him so that ain’t nobody’s fault but your own.”

      • Bye Bye Birdie July 3, 2018

        Yo! Forever Alone Jasmin Strikes Again!
        Bye Felicia ahahaha

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

        Stop whining. You can join my fan club too. Jasmine loves the queens.

      • Trisha Takanawa July 4, 2018

        Honey men who pay to have s** with you are not your friends. They’re your costumers understood…it’s like your body is a store and that huge hole you have for a v***** is a cookie. They eat the cookie and leave, just that.
        Business transaction not a fan club your mom should have taught you that!

      • Bye Bye Birdie July 4, 2018

        Wow lady you have to quit those meds. I’m flattered but sorry I don’t play on your championship. I’m not your Queen, I’m a gurl who likes boys and never experienced d*** s***, gurl on gurl or stuff like that.
        But it’s cool I respect you. As feminist we have to support lesbians like yourself.
        Just keep goin’ and you’ll find your Queen!

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 4, 2018

        Troll “who asked your opinion?
        Just answer the post instead of other people .” Practice your own comments.

  4. SMH July 3, 2018

    See, when you do clownery…..

  5. Faf July 3, 2018

    Ok r kelly married aaliyah in 92 I’ll forgive his ex and sparkles fam for not knowing -those the only ppl I’m givjng passes to

    Every body knows post 2002 r Kellys history

    SO why are parents letting their teens around him? Why are grown women entering “relationships “. MONEY

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 3, 2018

      Exactly. I agree 200 percent.

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan July 3, 2018

    Wendy is right

  7. Bravo!! July 3, 2018

    They say it been a stuff year for Wendy Williams with her husband and taking three weeks off due to her husband. But have the rating drop. I heard no news source mention her ratings have dropped. People will continue to watch Wendy Williams. Viewers are watching for her opinion. Btw new Episodes start airing this week.

  8. Black July 4, 2018

    Someone here just said the girl in the video swore under oath that she was of age in the video. That is a lie. Kelly’s own ex girlfriend said she knows the girl (who is now a woman) and that she was indeed 14 when he assaulted her. The only reason he didn’t go to jail is because the poor girl didn’t go to court to confirm it was her. Probably because she was so traumatised as is often the case with abuse victims. Notice that there haven’t been any legal ramifications for any of his exes who have exposed him on TV this year. That’s because R knows that if he sues them they’ll be forced to prove that they aren’t lying and expose even more about him in legal documents ALL OF US will be able to read.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 4, 2018

      Wait you are the one lying. That woman in the video certainly testified at his trial. Read the transcripts and watch the court footage. Why are u making up stuff or listening to money hungry people? The accuser wrote a book and sold the rights for a little lifetime movie. Why would u trust her opinion about the woman in the video instead of the woman herself? Makes no sense.

  9. Overpaid Consumer July 4, 2018

    Times up Wendy

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