Stacey Dash Readies Anti-Abortion Movie

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018 by David

Those who firmly believe that life begins at conception will be pleased to learn that Stacey Dash is readying a movie set to celebrate the pro-life movement and condemn those who terminate babies in the womb.

Full story below…

The pro-life story, ‘Roe v Wade’ is about the landmark Supreme Court case which changed the course of the abortion debate in the United States in 1973.

Keen to celebrate the pro-life movement and fight for the rights of the unborn child? Stacey Dash…the actress whose career took an harsh hit when she stepped up to endorse Donald Trump.

Our friends at ‘Shadow & Act report…

The film, which has been shrouded in secrecy, will be directed by Nick Loeb and Cathy Allan, both of whom also serve as writers and producers. Loeb has garnered news headlines in recent years for his well-documented custody battle over frozen embryos with Modern Family breakout star and former girlfriend Sofia Vergara.

Loeb and Allyn began shooting the secret project on June 15 in New Orleans, Louisiana. As for Dash’s role, the former Fox News commentator will portray Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and the former president of the National Right to Life Committee.

Dash is yet to announce a due date for her movie and is currently shooting scenes for it in New Orleans.

Quite interestingly, the project is currently on the hunt for a new batch of actors to fill roles after its pro-life stance scared some of its original players away.

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  1. Achooo! July 3, 2018

    Child Bye! Stacy is the worst kind. Self Hater

    • Bey Sting July 3, 2018

      I dislike her but abortion is evil.

      • Achooo! July 3, 2018

        Abortions should be a choice but more importantly a woman’s choice regardless of man made religion

      • Cbeylive July 3, 2018

        But u calling black women out they name for somebody u don’t know isn’t?

      • Overpaid Consumer July 4, 2018

        Coming from the very waste of life that should have been aborted to begin with…

  2. Caleb July 3, 2018

    Too bad she doesn’t give a s*** about babies once they are out of the womb though.

    • Bam Bam July 3, 2018

      That part…

    • JasmineIsTrash July 3, 2018

      Caleb is a moron….

      • Caleb July 4, 2018

        Said no one ever

    • Candy July 4, 2018

      This. The woman is miseducated and vile. Not to mention she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. This will be a travesty.

  3. JasmineIsTrash July 3, 2018

    Good for her! Abortion is MURDER!

    • DOnt M3$$ July 4, 2018

      if only your mother had aborted you

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