Did You Miss It? Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson Address Backlash For Their Perceived R. Kelly Support

Published: Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 by Rashad

Much like Kevin Hart (whose career was rocked by headlines around resurfaced homophobic tweets just a week ahead of the premiere of his latest film, ‘The Upside’), Taraji P. Henson and Erykah Badu – stars of the new film ‘What Men Want’ (in theaters February 8) – have been bombarded with negative press surrounding their perceived support of embattled R&B legend R. Kelly.

Kelly, whose 2019 has been dominated by heightened press after the Lifetime documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ ignited public damning and legal investigations, has become such a hot topic that even stars who suggest supporting him get burned.

Case in point?  Last week Badu and Henson (as we reported here and here respectively) were dragged on Twitter for the mere implication the ‘Bump N’ Grind’ star deserved less unfavorable attention.  Now, as they are in full swing of a promo blitz of the soon-to-be-released flick, the two have been quizzed on their thoughts about the backlash that ensued after their respective statements.

See what they said inside:


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  1. SMH January 30, 2019

    People are idiots. Neither one of these women ever said anything even close to supporting R. Kelly. It’s the mentally challenged people of this generation that live on twitter who think they were supporting him because they lack basic comprehension skills. They shouldn’t have had to explain themselves to a generation of morons.

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 30, 2019

      Exactly ! My sentiments all the way no where in both their comments came off that way. So much idiots on the internet for me. They should not call it black twitter but the format of idiots that are fake outraged without logical thoughts or sense whatsoever.

  2. Jasmine January 30, 2019

    I agree 100 percent with Taraji and Erykah and I can’t wait to see their new film ‘What Men Want.’

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine January 30, 2019

      Of course you agree TROLLmine. You’re the pïssy pédo prîncess (prince) of TGJ. When are you announcing your bid for whitehouse intern?

    • Shayla Queen January 30, 2019

      Sit down h**!! Go s*** your big cow turds that be falling out your loose old stank ass into a bucket for your king p*** r kelly old stank ass b****!!

      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        Remember Aaliyah adamantly denied she and Kelly were more than friends. Here is proof that all was well between her and Kelly by her dancing to his music years later:


      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        We all know that ugly ex-wife of Kelly is a LIAR. I already POSTED the videos of her dancing to R. Kelly’s music in 2018 but here is a video that shows just how VILE she really is. Remember this video is after the Aaliyah marriage and after the s.ex tape with a teen in the 90s:

        The REAL Andrea Kelly:


      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        Here is ‘s** slave’ Joycelyn Savage. She certainly does not look like a ‘s** slave’ as the haters have horribly labeled her. She is his girlfriend and by the looks of it she is about 4 months pregnant in this video and just enjoying being with her man like she should:


      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        The Real Kitti Jones. This is a woman was in her early 30s when she met R. Kelly and hopped on the accusation bandwagon saying she was so addicted to the d|ck that she just could not leave him in the documentary. She is selling a book and lifetime bought the book to make a new movie out of it. She is a lie. Here she is EXPOSING HERSELF to be the liar she really is:


      • Susana Pinto January 30, 2019

        Shanniqua Watermelondrea Jasmine gone mad again.
        Gurl what did mother Zolanski told you about those meds? Take that medication b****!
        Yell all you want about his innocence as you see you’re not changing anyone’s mind here.
        He’s a r***** and a p******** 😉

      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        In my 29 years on this planet I have enjoyed the freedom to express my opinions and thoughts and communicate the most. Enjoy my opinions or seethe about it. I don’t care. How about the haters express their opinions and the reasons why they are on #TEAM_HATERADE. There is no reason to argue or bicker about other people’s opinions. There is no reason to hide behind multiple TROLL accounts just to speak to somebody who honestly does not want to ever speak to you. I know ‘Susana Pinto’ is ‘Shayla Queen’ and ‘Jasmine Da Bi Asian’. I have love for the GAYs and I am a proud supporter of the LGBQ but trust and believe you guys will never be able to POLICE my thoughts or opinion so LET’S JUST GET ALONG. Period!


      • Jasmine January 31, 2019

        10:30 – End Proof R. Kelly is NOT controlling. Here is a video of Joycelin with her parents where she admits R. Kelly found out she was having s.ex with another guy.


    • Shayla Queen January 30, 2019

      S*** in a bucket for him old h**!!

  3. 2bad2bme January 30, 2019

    Like T-Boz said, social media gives too many people a voice that shouldn’t have one.

    • Kurtz January 30, 2019

      Yes it does

  4. eric January 30, 2019

    Taraji suggested that Kelly is being treated unfairly when she compared hashtags and questioned why Kelly was getting so much more attention than Weinstein. That was a show of support.

    Erykah showed support when she paused during her show to “send up a prayer for R” in hopes that he sees the light of day if he did what he’s accused of. That, again, is a show of support.

    • MimixRirixCardi January 30, 2019

      I don’t care about badu, but taraji was talking about the double standard, r kelly hasn’t even done 2% of what Harvey did.
      She never supported him so if you took it that way then your brain cells are obv non existing.
      You and twitter need a reading lesson ?

      • Jasmine January 30, 2019

        I agree Taraji was simply calling out the BIASED agenda. R. Kelly has had ZERO criminal charges in 20 years! Weinsten has multiple CRIMINAL CHARGES and he gets a media pass because he is white. Kevin Spacey’s attorney had the NERVE to ask the judge if Spacey could stay at home for court procedings because they concluded the case will get tossed out anyway. Those are the real monsters! Now Kelly is no saint. He has done his horrible deeds and was even on a couple 1990s videos with teens but until someone can bring me an underrage accuser from the past 20 years people need to back off of Kelly cause there is NO EVIDENCE to justify the hatred towards that man! He already went to court for his bad deeds in the 90s and he learned his lesson not to do it again with underrage girls!

    • Jasmine January 30, 2019

      “Unprosecutable due to a lack of Criminality”

      Eric I usually ALWAYS agree with ALL of your comments except for when it pertains to Robert Kelly. Simply put, you want people to co-sign your HATRED towards him without seeing one shred of evidence that alludes to him committing a crime in the past 20 years! You watched a 6 hour documentary with NO EVIDENCE from the past 20 years and concluded you have to HATE Mr. Kelly. I watched a 6 hour documentary with NO EVIDENCE and concluded there is a BIASED agenda to destroy another black legend’s career because EVERY WOMAN I saw speaking in that video were adults before they met Kelly and they knew what he was about. There were ZERO psychiatrists or psychologists interviewed for the documentary and that alone tells me the producer Dream was only looking to shed Kelly in a negative light. The allegations of ‘Stockholm Syndrom’ are complete RUBBISH unless they came from a real psychiatrist who spent time interviewing the possible victims. That did not take place so ALL of the allegations and accusations the documentary is derived from is complete NONSENSE MOTIVATED BY MONEY to fool gullible people into HATING R. Kelly.

      It is okay to ‘support’ R. Kelly and feel empathy for the accusers at the same time. I had a cookout this past Saturday and my husband was the DJ for the party and one of the songs he played was R. Kelly’s ‘Home Alone’. Everybody was dancing to the song. That does not mean we don’t have empathy for the accusers. The truth of the matter is that these accusers have to PROVE their allegations and accusations in a court of law. Otherwise they are just mere allegations and accusations. If I call a man ‘Jack the Ripper’ because I feel he hurt me that DOES NOT MEAN he is ‘Jack the Ripper’ because I have to file criminal charges, wait until the police investigation is completed, and upon the police contacting the District Attorney on my behalf then I can cooperate with the District Attorney and await the outcome from the judge or jury. Anyone that feels like they know more than our legal justice system without going to law school and obtaining a juris doctorate, and practicing law for 25 plus years is simply a fool. Let things play out in court! So far EVERY SINGLE accuser has been PROVEN to be a LIAR!

      Latest Updates:

      Faith Rogers ~ Faith Rogers already lost in Dallas, TX courts so tried to get money out of him in NY (which required her to file criminal charges and not just civil). Well two days ago, she lost her case! Police concluded her case is ‘unprosecutable due to a lack of criminality’ which means SHE HAS NO EVIDENCE!

      Real victims file criminal charges, not just civil. When you file criminal charges the police investigate and if you are lying that sh|t come back to bite u just like it did Faith Rogers and Sparkle. Them are lying low down heffers who were PROVEN to be liars by the POLICE!

  5. Journey Israel January 30, 2019

    Straight to video

  6. Paulo January 30, 2019

    Man I wish I wasn’t such a fan of Taraji cause I’d love to boycott this movie because of Erykah’s punk ass. I can’t stand Pisces when they get on their fake ass spiritual high horse after they’re caught saying s***.

    But the lead star aka Taraji handled it well IMO and I plan on seeing this movie if it hits theaters over here.

    • Jasmine January 30, 2019

      Hey now Paula I’m a Pisces. Me and Erykah see eye to eye on this matter so back off!

  7. tashmaxx@gmail.com January 31, 2019

    It would be a real disservice to black women/men if we choose not to support our sisters & go see this movie. Taraji is a role model for many woman of all colors. I hope we don’t let her choosing to point out the hypocrisy in this world when it comes to black vs white crimes prevent us from supporting US(meaning black people). Come on ladies & gents. Think.

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