Kevin Hart Claps Back at Critics Who Slammed Him For Supporting Jussie Smollett

Published: Thursday 31st Jan 2019 by Rashad

Much like fellow celebrities Janet Jackson, Kerry Washington, Ariana Grande, and countless others, Kevin Hart took to social media to share his support for actor/singer Jussie Smollett after reports surfaced he’d suffered a homophobic attack at the hands of two assailants.

Unlike his fellow celebs, Hart was hit with a swift and fiery response from Smollett’s supporters.  Damning the funnyman for his nearly decade old homophobic tweets that recently resurfaced (and cost him the Oscars hosting gig along the way), the 39-year-old got a harsh schooling on why language like what he used in those hate messages are harmful.

When the influx of criticism became too much, Kev took to Twitter to clap back.  See his response to the hoopla inside:


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  1. Ughhh January 31, 2019

    His first post is fine. Sometimes not admitting a rebuttal response is the best response. Like his PR and anyone with common sense knows based on the situation at hand him giving his support would have controversy. Don’t know why he’s is surprised. Give your supposed if it’s sincere and then be quiet.

  2. MoNiq Come Thru ALREADY & BUMP ALL DEM February 1, 2019

    insincere fk…. shut up hart, we aint got time for those chihuahua sized yaps anymore….

  3. XYZ February 1, 2019

    I don’t like him, but he‘s right with his tweets. And even if he would not be 100 behind it, it‘s important to have black straight men voicing their condolences on this matter.

  4. The Truth February 1, 2019

    Kevin is a PARASITE. Can we please END him already????



  5. SMH February 1, 2019

    He should’ve just sat there & ate his food lol.

    • iamdiego February 1, 2019

      i agree

  6. Fast_Persuader February 1, 2019

    Knowing how folks feel now given his past sentiments, a more sincere gesture would be to simply reach out and give support directly to Jussie, rather than for social media.

    I believe most people deserve a second chance (and sometimes more). We’re all evolving into our best selves. But social media is not the way to give a good faith gesture. It will be perceived as a stunt.

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