Letitia Wright Earns $1.5 Billion In 2018 / Named Highest-Earning Actor Of The Year

Published: Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 by David


When an actor stars in a movie its success (box office figures, reviews and the like) is accredited to them and used by their agents to determine how valuable they are to Hollywood’s lucrative system.

Now, the delightful actress Letitia Wright has learned that her star power drew in $1.5 billion in 2018 placing her on top of a list filled by the likes of Meryl Streep, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Awesome news below…


Wright pulled in the mighty amount with well-received performances in ‘Black Panther’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, ‘The Commuter’ and ‘Ready Player One’ which saw her outrank her ‘Panther’ peers, Chris Pratt & Josh Brolin!


She took to Twitter to celebrate the news with humour…

Why do you think Wright is doing so well?

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  1. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 3, 2019

    Isn’t this article misleading? What it’s actually saying is this the total gross of the films listed (that she was not the only actor in) is $1.55bn. So she didn’t ‘earn‘ 1.55bn, everyone and and their dog needs to take a cut including the studio, her agent and all the other actors and production crew. What would have been more accurate would have been to say is: the popularity of films she was in saw the total of $1.55bn grossed in revenue in 2018 hence her comment on Twitter ??‍♂️

    • jam January 3, 2019

      Thank you. I was like, there is no way that all of these actors are taking home 1billion each for themselves lol

    • Bey Bey Sting January 3, 2019

      Thus making her the highest EARNER. Her movies made that 1.5 billion and the first line explained that clearly.

      • James January 3, 2019

        Some people clearly can’t read!!!

      • Meme January 3, 2019

        The article is clearly misleading. It has nothing to do with reading. The title states she’s the highest earner, not her films. Which gives the impression that she herself maid 1 billion. Instead it’s her films.

      • SMH January 3, 2019

        Exactly, this post is written to make it seem like she actually earned 1 billion. Clearly some other people are the ones who can’t read.

    • Meme January 3, 2019

      Very misleading. I’m like wait what?

      • XYZ January 3, 2019

        It’s a dumb statistic anyway. She was a side character and though I like her and enjoyed the character, I couldn‘t care less if her role was played by another girl. So being a side character in the marvel universe now makes you a high earner. As if she was the reason anyone went to those movies

  2. Sd January 3, 2019

    The films she featured in earned 1.55b…. no one went to themail movies to see her…lol this has nothing to do with her individual star power…. she’s pretty much irrelevant

    • Love January 3, 2019

      Just a coincidence all of the movies she’s in did well then. ?

  3. Ugggh January 3, 2019

    She wasn’t in Ready Player One

  4. Ropeburn January 3, 2019

    Y’all really need to stop lying in your headlines like this.

  5. im that B@#$* January 5, 2019

    Every single one of the actors mentioned above are in MARVEL films, DUH. But of course misleading article as usual.

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