Empire: Jussie Smollett Role Reduced Following Violent Assault

Published: Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 by David

Jussie Smollett’s role in the TV series ‘Empire’ has been reduced by producers after he was attacked in the cold streets of Chicago weeks ago.

Full story below…

The actor was assaulted by two masked villains and has spent the last few weeks recovering from the attack and working with police to identify them.

Today, TMZ reports that he has learned that his camera time in the series he helped to popularise has been reduced by its production team.

Jussie was supposed to have 9 scenes and a big musical number in the second to the last episode — which is being shot now —  but, 5 of his scenes have been cut, and his musical number has been 86’d.

As for the remaining 4 scenes  … we’re told he’s no longer the focus. The scene features an ensemble, meaning he’s flanked by a number of cast members.

He has denied upsetting claims that he hired two Nigerian fitness experts to beat him up and continues to work with authorities as they uncover the truth.

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 19, 2019


    • CHINA February 19, 2019

      Mariah looking like a Bag of Money. As for Ms. Jussie — Your Stunt Honey will cost you your career girl. There is always GayPorn which I’m sure you and your TRAINER are aware of sweetie

  2. Culture Vulture Grande February 19, 2019

    I wonder what is David’s relation to Jussie and/or his crime. He is the only “media” outlet who keeps subscribing to Jussie’s lie of a homophobic and racist attack. He is also the one who leaked the story. I’ve been screenshooting his “reporting.” Now, it is time for me to submit them to the CPD and FBI just in case TGJ is involved in the hoax.

    • SMH February 19, 2019

      Please shut up, you have neither proof that he allegedly made this up, or any real connections to the FBI or any law enforcement agency. and the Chicago PD themselves denied that its a hoax & are still investigating, they would have called off the investigation if that was the case.

      • Culture Vulture Grande February 19, 2019

        I already submitted this post (with your response included) to the FBI and CPD. Thank you for giving me the motivation to do it.

      • Big Momma February 19, 2019

        @SMH — you’re so delusional…LOCK JUSSIE UP!!! LOCK LEE UP!!!

      • Brent Christopher February 19, 2019

        no no. they DENIED believing it was a hoax BEFORE interviewing the two nigerian brothers. the brothers SPECIFICALLY SAID that Jussie paid them $3500.00 and scouted a location for the “attack”, as well as rehearsed how the “attack” would be executed.

        THAT IS WHEN the police department began running additional statements regarding the whole situation actually BEING a hoax. STOP holding on to last weeks headlines. this story is moving quite rapidly.

      • ? February 19, 2019

        True……. But guess you missed the part where they said they are investigating to see if he played a role in all of this. I’m sorry something is off for anyone to recognize him covered up in negative temperatures. And at 2 am you wanted to go out for subway? Yeah okay……. Definitely not all the truth being told and if you can’t see that then you’re naive and programmed by society to believe bs. Not saying its all a lie either but it’s definitely not all truth coming from him.

  3. Ashley Scott February 19, 2019

    I love the show but right now I’m disappointed in Jussie although I’m a fan of his.

  4. Meme February 19, 2019

    I’m screaming at this post lololol. Too funny.

  5. Brent Christopher February 19, 2019

    you all are really playing STUPID! his role is being reduced so that he is easy to write out the series while he is in jail for five years. everyone knows whats going on here ASIDE FROM the blind & naive writers of this website. he has committed a CRIME & the series will start losing advertising revenue for as long as he remains a focal point of the FOX drama. dummies!

    • Culture Vulture Grande February 19, 2019

      My dad has been Jussie’s bottom (but Jussie will be some inmates’ bottom for the next couple years).

    • Caleb February 19, 2019

      At this point Jussie could come at and confess everything and TGJ will continue to call him the victim of a violent hate crime.

  6. Big Momma February 19, 2019

    Soooooooo…there is some black gay blogger on Facebook saying that he has been in touch with people who were working for Jussie that he staged the attack because he needed to file a police report for some borrowed jewelry he lost from Harry Winston and had insured. I guess he had to claim that he got robbed of his jewelry in order to get that insurance money. Dummy.

    • Caleb February 19, 2019

      That sounds very false. He never claimed the men stole his jewelry.

  7. Sincerely apologizing February 19, 2019

    I didn’t feel bad for Jussie in the beginning and I assumed he was lying. Now I feel bad for all the trouble he is getting in and the fact he ruined his career. I’m sorry Jussie I made fun of you because you lied but now I just feel really bad for everything you’re going to have put yourself through. I want to clarify that in no way is this a backhanded apology but I in fact really feel bad and am so so sorry. I wish you the best Jussie

    • Meme February 19, 2019

      Feel the exact same way. When everyone was praying for him and making all the sad post at the beginning, I was the one saying I dont think this is real and I don’t feel bad for him at all. Now, I really pity him. I am hurt for how is now being ridiculed and the future of his career. Very unfortunate

  8. Caleb February 19, 2019

    What violent assault? His friends gave him a scratch on his face.

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