‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Star Tokyo Vanity Claims Cartoons Are Trying To Turn Kids Gay

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2019 by David

‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ may have just launched its latest season, but the drama is already popping off for Tokyo Vanity. Off-screen.

The reality figure/aspiring actress is having a hard time on social media today after she insinuated that the powers that be are using children’s media to “turn kids gay.”

Full story below….

Tokyo took to Instagram Live to share her views on homosexuality and, despite saying that she believes that it isn’t a choice, she did say that acting on it by sleeping with someone of the same sex is.

Then, she and a friend discussed the ways in which homosexuality was snuck (as far as they see it) into shows like the Powerpuff Girls and why Vanity believes it’s the result of a “brainwashing” agenda.

She said:

“With children now, all their cartoons got this gay s*it and girl on girl, and guy on guy, and this and that.

It’s too persuasive now almost as if they’re trying to persuade children and brainwash children, like to be that. Like, gay is a sexuality. Like, it’s something that’s just in you. I believe you was born that way, you know what I’m saying? But TV really be brainwashing [children].”

Peep the footage:



Suffice to say, she’s being dragged all over the net.



Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: VH1]

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  1. C March 27, 2019

    Why is she relevant again!? Dumb ass

  2. IG: mixedboy March 27, 2019

    Such a dumb fatty!

  3. ??? March 27, 2019

    lmaoooo fatso needs to stfu, cartoons have been doing gay sh!t for decades lmfaoooooo

  4. Y’all just as brainwashed! March 27, 2019

    All of those coming for her are just as brainwashed. It’s facts you view these shows now and its ridiculous to see the amount of homosexual characters and deep love stories these characters have for children. Even when t*** mom came out there was a high increase in young parents. TV influences everything for them and we’re at a point in America mainly where our children aren’t making these choices on their own anymore. Parents need to be more involved however if they’re not as brainwashed or out trying to pay bills, you kinda lose control and influence in their lives. Dont mean to rant, but the chick has a point. I work with children and see/hear how shows impact what they say and do. And yes, I’m doing something about it for the children I work with.

    • KIKI March 27, 2019

      how is acartoon affecting your children!

      its simply open their minds to other thing in life that might not be tought at home.

      if the parent doesnt want them to wtach it simply do their job and parent and have them not watch it, dont blame it on programming meant to help

      parents that complain are lazy and want the world to raise their childer well no you suked dik and got fuccked nopw do what come with that

      dumb people think like this so i feel bad for your students!

      • Y’all just as brainwashed! March 27, 2019

        I feel bad that you’re soo brainwashed. It shows me how bad off this world has become. I will pray for you! If you can’t see the dangers in whats going on or how technology, tv programming is impacting lives….. Well you’re just as lost. My point is let our youth be youth and grow to make their own decisions not be programmed. So for you to be rude and clearly clueless to say you feel sorry for the kids I wish to protect from BS shows me you’re a person who I pray stays away from children. Your ignorance is clear.

    • C March 27, 2019

      It’s called representation. PS shall I quote maybelline… maybe she’s born with it… no one is made gay and it’s not a choice it’s simply genetic!

    • SMH March 28, 2019

      @Yall just as brainwashed Lol you’re an idiot. I pray for those kids you allegedly work with if this is your mindset. P.S. cartoons have been doing homoerotic things & crossdressing since Bugs Bunny when we were kids, so you’re whole essay is nonsense.

    • Sammy April 7, 2019

      They don’t want to believe it because most enjoy indulging instead. I could care less abt someone’s sexuality but I don’t think kids should be exposed to any sexuality at a young age. Kids are kids let them be young and enjoy life. Adults keep pushing their own insecurities on these babies way before it’s time that’s why all these kids try to act so grown. We talk teach and move like they are when in fact they are still children…..most don’t even know what it all means they are going with it because it’s trending ??‍♀️

  5. KIKI March 27, 2019

    a dumb fat b**** with a eating problem would say some dumb s***!

    girl focus on that heartattackl yuou might have instead of some danm cartoons

    cartoon actually fucled you life up thinking you can eat evenything and lookk at you

    dumb people are annoying

  6. ayyye March 27, 2019

    this drag is so easy im not even gon go for it

  7. Ughhh March 27, 2019

    If this is the case, which it is not. We can say the same about “straight” cartoons or gender specific cartoons

  8. Abel March 27, 2019

    “With children now, all their cartoons got this black s*it and black on white, and this and that.

    It’s too persuasive now almost as if they’re trying to persuade children and brainwash children, like to be that. Like, black is a color. Like, it’s something that’s just in you. I believe you was born that way, you know what I’m saying? But TV really be brainwashing [children].”

    That’s what people used to say back in 50s

  9. Seth March 27, 2019

    She looks like the female character from Gremlins the movie and should STFU

  10. SNF March 27, 2019

    Lawd folk so sensitive nowadays…

  11. XYZ March 27, 2019

    Coming from someone that looks like a drag queen

  12. Paulo March 27, 2019

    When will dumb straight people finally get that sexuality isn’t something you can manipulate people into and isn’t a choice but being ignorant is definitely a choice?

  13. #TheTruth March 27, 2019

    Who that ?

  14. Are you Kidding Me? March 27, 2019


    First of all, people are NICE to you not wanting to talk about your weight. Then you fix your laundry-bag shaped self to talk about cartoons turning kids gay because the only men who want you are on the DL?

    She must not have seen the dragging Kim Burrel got. She will LEARN today.

    We are already at the bottom of the barrel as Black people. What you WILL NOT do is start the “I don’t want my son to be gay”. GUESS WHAT? Your daughter could turn out to be a whole stud. Love your children no matter what. And start a vegan diet, Ms. Pilllsbury

    • Y’all just as brainwashed! March 27, 2019

      You’re whats wrong with the world! She wasn’t even attacking the gay community at all and your ignorance is clear. Sorry if you had a bad day to the point you needed to bash someone from behind a computer or phone to feel better but grow up and learn to read as well as comprehend the information before you comment.

  15. Truth March 27, 2019

    Omg.. no one turns gay.. either you gay or not.. I knew from when I was like 4 or 5.. I don’t remember any cartoons in the late 80’s early 90’s having any remotely gay characters ..#CaseClosed

    • Y’all just as brainwashed! March 27, 2019

      Genetic! Umm no try again! You’re born a man or woman. You’re born the race you are, hell you might even be born with a disability those things are based on genetics. What you like, the job you have as an adult, your sexual preference and all major life decisions you make are your own choice! Its a choice because you can change your mind about it. And how do we learn this? Oh lets try by the influencing factors around us parents, school, friends, television, social media etc. Please know what you’re talking about if you plan to comment. I have nothing against no one nor was the chick bashing the gay community. She simply stated there is heavy influence in our kid shows and if you choose to see it or not, its taking the ability of our youth to be innocent with the ability to live life without a show telling them. Most parents don’t see it and yes they need to monitor the situation better. Just 15 years ago we didnt have 5 yo talking about im gay or I want to be a different s**. Now that its everywhere it cant be escaped and kids are not thinking for themselves anymore to allow room to develop and ask the questions they need to without being told how to feel

      • Ssa March 28, 2019

        It’s not a choice. You can not choose what s** you’re attracted too. You can hide it or choose not to act on it, which is different from turning it off and on.

    • Y’all just as brainwashed! March 27, 2019

      Yes you are right none of this appeared im the cartoons of the 80’s or 90’s but its all over now. That is her point! And you knew how and based on what at age 4 or 5 that you were gay? I dought you knew as im sure like all kids, you knew nothing about sexuality. So for you to know, there had to be some umm whats the word…… Oh INFLUENCE!

      • SMH March 28, 2019

        You’re an idiot. Cartoons have been doing this for DECADES. LONG before the 80s and 90s. It did not just start recently. Clearly you are the only ignorant fool in this comment section.

  16. Lala March 27, 2019

    If you don’t get in the gym and do a side crunch

  17. Danny Bey March 27, 2019

    Between all the “i just feeliike” and “liiike” and “yuhknowhatimsayin” and all the ebonical ghetto uneducated verbiage, I kinda get where she’s coming from. HOWEVER COMMA, she is highly misinformed and ignorant to the fact that there’s a difference between persuasion and representation. There’s a lot more REPRESENTATION on television than there is persuasion and that’s where her hefty ass is confused. And just like her ghetto friend in the background said in the background, when we were kids didn’t nobodyknow that devil character in The powerpuff girls was gay. We just thought he was a weird ass flamboyant dude. Ain’t no kid thinking about sexuality like that. So anybody who uses Tokyo’s argument and agrees with it basically just has a oerverted mind PERIOD.

    • Camisha Mason April 8, 2019

      I think she is right if they are gonna put gay situations in cartoons then they outta put Jesus in there cartoons also stop only catering to gays it’s other topics oute here that matter as well.

  18. Kurtz March 28, 2019

    Sorry who is she? And was her hair a choice ?

  19. SMH March 28, 2019

    Straight people get dumber and more ignorant with each generation.

  20. Storm March 28, 2019

    You sound stupid and uneducated for saying something like that, thats like me saying the commercials watch made you fat , u big dummy !!! ???

    • Tony April 2, 2019


  21. #TeamTinashe Stan March 28, 2019

    Did she lie? No.

  22. Edward Norton March 28, 2019

    You can be very traditional value driven person and feel like this. I wish gay people all the best but , everyone should see it now that gay is being pushed and gay entertainers are getting preferential treatment as well as their movies which are terrible and nobody watches, yet are winning a ton of awards. I remember watching the superhero show flash and the head cop a macho sounding man is talking nonchalantly about marrying a man, nobody in the scene acted like this was weird. Then in Black Lightning what I thought was going to be a family show with a black cast started having these intense lesbian scenes interwoven in the show, so steamy i could not watch with my kids. These are superhero shows, this article seeks to ridicule Tokyo, because this site has a lot of gay writers, more power to you but some people don’t want their kids to be gay, me for one, you support abortion but not the right of a parent to not want their kid to be gay, strange.

  23. Tony April 2, 2019

    she is a ignorant b**** , girl worried about your weight before u end up getting a heart attack

  24. Alexandria April 5, 2019

    She’s absolutely correct! Sexuality can be taught we do it without even realizing it from birth! Just like you can grow to love someone

  25. Ontoneyo April 5, 2019

    She’s right. LBGT community is NOT the civil rights movement.

  26. Leo April 6, 2019

    Facts! Kids can’t fully make decisions for themselves and we all know they are easily persuaded so I definitely agree with her! That s*** is irresponsible as an adult to force an agenda like sexual selfishness on small children ????

  27. So what April 10, 2019

    She is absolutely right,their telling our children its OK to be gay,and its out more now than when we were children…god sent a WHOLE FIRE BALL TO A CITY FOR THESE ACTS!! Sodom & gamora.. Its in the bible and its a sin…but only god can judge

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