Wendy Williams Show To Go On Hiatus…Again

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2019 by Sam

Wendy Williams returned to her show three weeks ago after a three-month hiatus that she blamed on ill-health. However, the daytime talker is set to go on a break…again.

Details below…

In a statement to Us Weekly, a rep for the host said:

“The Wendy Williams Show is taking a previously scheduled spring break hiatus and airing repeat episodes during the week of April 1st. The show will return with original episodes on April 8th.” 

While such breaks are indeed not out of the ordinary, the timing is oh so apt.

Williams has been a headline magnet of late, after rumors of her husband Kevin Hunter‘s infidelity reached fever-pitch.

Initially cited as the cause of her substance relapse and consequential move to a sober home, this week added a dramatic twist when it was reported that Hunter had fathered a secret baby with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson.

Sources say that news caused for another relapse for Williams, this time with alcohol, and saw her rushed to hospital in a drunken state. Allegedly.

We wish her the best.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ayyye March 27, 2019

    they are basically britney-ing her at this point….she wasnt ready to come back in the first place

    • SMH March 27, 2019

      No dear, KARMA is riding her ass, nothing else.

      • pon_de March 27, 2019

        This isn’t karma. She’s in an abusive marriage and has a history of substance abuse. You’ve literally seen her have a seizure on live TV and appear with obvious physical injuries. That’s not equal karma just for exposing celebrities’ sloppy tea. It’s not like she’s making up ridiculous lies about people. She’s reporting what’s actually happening in their messy lives with a side of shade. That’s it. Save the karma talk for actual a**holes like priests abusing kids, government officials locking immigrants in cages, etc.

      • Royce March 27, 2019


        Quit using the word karma to justify this kind of crap… You don’t even know what it actually means, and, by extension, you (obviously) don’t know what karma is.


      • Jasmine March 27, 2019

        The headline is CLICK BAIT and a blatant lie. Why use the word ‘again’ when that is a lie! The show had guest hosts during her absence. Thus, it was not on hiatus

  2. Ughhh March 27, 2019

    Stop reaching. Check every year around this time. The show always goes a week hiatus during spring. It’s by contract because Wendy’s show doesn’t go on a season hiatus in June like most daytime shows. Like I told y’all before. You’re MediaTakeOuts cousin.

  3. Mbeachdude March 27, 2019

    So Wendy is really love her husband or what?

    • Mcitychap March 27, 2019

      So Mbeachdude is you really no English or what?

  4. ??? March 27, 2019

    lmaooo just shoot the thing and put it out of its misery already, nobody watches that show except unemployed ratchets anyway lmfaoooooo

  5. The Wig Snatcher March 27, 2019

    I wish Wendy all the help he can get to get rid of his husband Kelvin.

    • The Toupee Gifter March 27, 2019

      I wish The Wig Snatcher a lot of dictionaries he can get to get rid of his horrible English.

  6. Glazba March 27, 2019

    By now Wendy has so many fans that she should just use her TV platform to address everything. Entertain us, vent herself and shame her husband. But it must be very cleverly done. Short, precise and not pathetic. She needs to be a diva that she is!

    • Royce March 27, 2019

      That’s not possible, because:

      • Celebrities and people in the public eye should NOT be using their giving their platform publicly, just as many actors have used their “awards” nights. It’s asinine, pathetic, and downright stupid. It’s nothing short of not even being the correct place, and oh yeah, no one with a brain gives a ****.

      • “Entertain us…”?!? She isn’t entertaining in the slightest. Nor are tv programs of this nature.

      • “…vent herself…”?!? What exactly would she vent from her body, aside from the toxic hot air she normally spews?

      • “…shame her husband”?!? He may be guilty of some stuff, but [A] it’s really none of your business, [B] she’d be slandering him, which he could then sue her (and very likely win, and get a good portion of her money), and [C] she’d be stopping to his level (although she wouldn’t be stooping too far).

      • “…cleverly done”?!? The only reason to you thinking she’s ‘clever’ — she’s not, by the way — is because you didn’t think of the idea first, and she has producers behind her who make her show what it is, and therefore make it ‘clever’.

      • “Short, precise and not pathetic”?!? Seriously? She’s long winded with anything she does, she wouldn’t know how to be ‘short’. Same with ‘precise’. Someone gave her a job on a TALK show for this reason. She wouldn’t know when or how to shut up (like now), unless her producers shut her up. I’ve already brought up the pathetic quality; read it again, it’s the first bulleted item.

  7. Seth March 27, 2019

    Whitney Elizabeth Houston is smiling down from heaven at this mess

    • Bey Best March 27, 2019


    • Green March 27, 2019

      And we care because………?????

  8. MessyBoots March 27, 2019

    Regardless, the show has become unwatchable. How can you expect viewers to listen to you gossip about the latest celebrity Hot Topics but completely ignore your own public scandal? Chile, YOU are now THE hot topic smh.. It is beyond phon, its tragic. Although I dont feel sorry for her I can still empathize b/c the public humiliation must be brutal for someone like her.

    Sidenote: I wonder what they’re gonna name little Kevina JR ☕??

    • Charlie Babbit March 27, 2019

      Finally, a comment I can agree with. Thank you for taking the words outta my…well, fingertips, since I’m typing, not speaking. ??

    • Jasmine March 27, 2019

      The ‘public humiliation’ is due to her husband. Her husband disrespected her by not being discreet with his sideline ho. When you marry a guy he should have enough respect for you to at least be discreet with cheating. The same thing happened with Bey’s parents and the end result is divorce. I think the disrespect will cause Wendy to divorce her husband.

  9. Gee March 27, 2019

    This particular break was already planned before all of the other stuff happened and it is a standard break. But hopefully Wendy can find peace with everything going on surrounding her and hopefully she can make a clear conscience decision about what she needs to do to better herself and her life.

  10. A.B March 27, 2019

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  11. Bey Best March 27, 2019

    Justice for Whitney!!!

  12. Andrew March 27, 2019

    That Grape Juice STOP LYING ? this is a scheduled break! However, good “headline” for click bait ✍? must be a slow news day over there ??

  13. I HeATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT March 27, 2019

    It was a thunderstorms…. Last nite…WHITNEY HOUSTON WAS was laughing

  14. I HeATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT March 27, 2019

    Jealous of Whitney, Wendy realize she was not a star when Whitney came in the room, b**** you are not Whitney, Wendy was jealous of Houston.

    Love Whit

  15. #TheTruth March 28, 2019

    If everything being said about her husband is indeed true, then just leave him already Wendy… Do it for yourself, do it for your son to set a better example for him.

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