Kevin Hunter Accused Of Poisoning Wendy Williams

Published: Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 by David

Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin Hunter has been accused of poisoning the talkshow host.

Allegations the police are now investigating below…

The police received a call in January from someone claiming to work in Wendy’s production camp and were stunned when they alleged that Kevin was trying to kill his wife by way of poison and begged them to visit Wendy at home to check on her.


The report says 2 officers went to Williams’ New Jersey residence and were greeted by Hunter, who was hesitant to let them in for the welfare check because he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem.

Cops say they explained to Hunter they were required to speak with Williams due to the anonymous call. When he allowed them to enter, they found Williams in bed “with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”


One of the officers claimed Kevin had to be forced to leave Wendy’s side when they asked to speak to her alone. When he left, she claimed she was recovering from a broken shoulder and, when quizzed on the anonymous poisoning tip, said..”well, I’m very popular.”

She then began to tear up.

The cops left after Wendy told them once more she was okay.


Kevin’s former friend Aveon claims he witnessed him assault Wendy violently on several occasions.


Watch his interview here.

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  1. Ty April 23, 2019

    Not surprising either that or he was hoping the booze and stress would kill her.. thankfully she is out of that toxic situation. Maybe kelvin isn’t going to walk away with massive amounts of money like initially thought for a guy without a prenup you would think he wouldn’t be too b*** hurt about a divorce. Then again abusers hate losing control.

    • P**** Galore April 23, 2019

      Poison is not the way to kill a snake…Kevin should’ve known better.
      Wendy’s body is 90% Poison, 5% Hate, 5%Envy…

  2. Jeans April 23, 2019


  3. The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019 the child support for the baby and seize that one moment in time. . Make it shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, like Whitney Houston singing for the champions of Olympic s

  4. JUST SAYING April 23, 2019

    Yet she was laughing at Ciara for moving on with Russell Wilson. You guys have to be careful who you take advice from. Alot of these women are making crazy compromises to stay married or to keep a man in their life! Its ok to be alone for while. Remember when the guy used to cheat on the woman and the woman would leave him? The difference between being raised on TLC vs DESTINY’S CHILD

    • Jasmine April 23, 2019

      Wendy is just reading whatever the teleprompter says. Blame the writer

  5. Chandler April 23, 2019

    That he would do something like that crossed my mind..that she’s worth more dead to him than alive. Insurance policies, all her money then to himself, etc. Glad she’s away from him, filed for divorce, hopefully a protection order in place..

  6. jacob April 23, 2019

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    • Laura Marino October 7, 2019

      That doesn’t surprise me.
      I’m sure he and his girlfriend discussed it in great length. He wants it all! He cares for nobody but himself….he should’ve been more careful. He didn’t want this new baby!
      His girlfriend trapped him the way do many woman do. She thought she would living the high life on Wendy’s money. What a fool!
      Now she has a cheating, brokester. He can’t earn a living…never could. Now Kevin will live the hard life with his chicky & baby. Have Fun! Wendy shouldn’t have to give him a dime. Wendy has to be very careful because He is going to get extremely desperate and capable of anything.
      McDonalds is hiring Kevin….You Loser!!!
      Unfortunately, you will do this again….making babies everywhere. Young girls beware.
      Good Luck My Wendy….You are a great, hard-working excellent Mom. Don’t help Him in any way. Let him sleep in his dirty diaper.
      What a Man!!!!!

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