Wendy Williams’ Husband To Lose Producer Position As Gay Allegations Emerge

Published: Tuesday 16th Apr 2019 by David

Despite playing a major part in its conception, Kevin Hunter is to lose his role as a producer on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ after the world learned that he had fathered a child outside of his marriage.

Bad news for him below…

After discovering that one of his male protegee’s had stepped forward to claim that he had been sleeping with him, Hunter learned that his time with and on ‘Wendy’ is coming to an end as a result of his alleged infidelity and, according to some, domestic abuse.

TMZ reports…

Our sources say the deal-breaker for Kevin is not about his duties on the show … it’s about Wendy’s mental and physical health. We’re told she’s doing great now, but our sources say it’s apparent Kevin’s presence on the set causes her stress.

Case in point … a week ago there was a major blowup on the set between Wendy and Kevin. We’re told security had to step in between them and Kevin was temporarily removed from the area.

The revelation comes hours after Hunter issued an open letter of regret about his actions.

Alas, his message was eclipsed by Charlamagne Tha God‘s response to claims Hunter was sleeping with another man:

Watch the full interview with singer Aveon Falstar below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Parisguy April 16, 2019

    ? I mean this chick was bitching on every.single.person.on.the.planet so…

    • NT April 16, 2019

      It’s a job though, y’all give her so much crap because she does the gossip thing but she uses her own face and isn’t hiding behind anyone… Wendy doesn’t break exclusives so if it’s already out there why not talk about it… there’s nothing to sow because she’s not creating controversy.

  2. UK April 16, 2019

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  3. Jasmine April 16, 2019

    What ‘victim’ of sexxual abuse says ‘he came over and practicly ra.ped me at 3 in the morning’ and starts smiling? You are BOTH grown ass men. Ain’t nobody ra.pe u. What u described is consensual. All these people need to get the A I Ds test, including Wendy Williams.

    • Paulo April 16, 2019

      I can’t believe I’m about to co-sign with the resident kookoo lol but you’re right I mean… no gay man would ever step up and say “ooh we did felatio and (this part is the worst) b*** s**” I dunno why on Earth would a straight guy fabricate a gay story but that is not how any real gay guy would talk about some trade. He could’ve said they had s** cause the b*** part is implied

      • GiGi April 17, 2019

        How are you gonna say how someone else would or wouldnt say something….even if youre a part of the LGBTQ community? All you can do is surmise about yourself…..ijs

  4. Diora Couture April 17, 2019

    Wow… only 4 comments???

  5. GiGi April 17, 2019

    What you do in the dark……need I say more

  6. Gurlbye April 17, 2019

    This is a gay owned website.
    Why would you say “gay allegations” as if being gay is a crime?
    Think more carefully about the homophobic messages you’re perpetuating instead of simply click baiting.

  7. Chandler April 17, 2019

    < ~~ to left, to the left Kevin! Took alot getting Wendy to make a move but she moving now girrl! ?

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